Free Agent Quarterback Rankings

Hello, everyone.  Sorry for the absence, right after my latest comments/arguments in the previous thread karma came a knocking and a little something called influenza decided to have its way with me.

The plus side is that my Nyquil induced episode of Fear and Loathing provided ample thinking time about the upcoming free agency period and the Draft.  With the Draft still 100 days away (exactly) I decided I would spend the next few days taking a look at some of the names we can ready ourselves to see on the free agent market.

Up first are the quarterbacks and the rankings, while specific towards the Vikings, are my own and are certainly up for debate.  With both Leslie Frazier and Rick Spielman singing Christian Ponder’s praises following this season, it seems unlikely that we can expect any huge moves towards a new starter, but the Wild Card round certainly proved we could use some competition at the backup spots.


The top tier of the quarterback free agency class includes only one name, and is sure to include zero by the time free agency actually rolls around.  Joe Flacco gets the top spot here, but his stock has never been higher after an improbable Divisional Round victory, and he will surely warrant the franchise tag at the very least.


My second tier are guys I think could provide us with a quality backup in a player that is either a somewhat reliable veteran or a relatively young guy that perhaps has some untapped potential.

2.  Matt Moore, MIA

3.  Josh Johnson, CLE

4.  Rex Grossman, WAS

5.  Jason Campbell, CHI


These guys represent guys that in no way should be expected to win a starting job, but could still be of some value as competition for a roster spot at the bottom of the depth chart, or at least as a somewhat decent camp arm.

6.  Tarvaris Jackson, BUF

7.  Tyler Thigpen, BUF

8.  Bruce Gradkowski, CIN

9.  Byron Leftwich, PIT

10.  Derek Anderson, CAR

11.  Chase Daniel, NO


These guys are guys that I couldn’t even begin to justify the Vikings signing, as they really represent no value to a rebuilding team and I simply believe are the true bottom of the barrel.

12.  Luke McCown, ATL

13.  Josh McCown, CHI

14.  Matt Leinart, OAK

15.  Brady Quinn, KC

16.  Jordan Palmer, JAC

17.  Drew Stanton, IND

18.  Kellen Clemens, STL

19.  Brian Hoyer, ARI

20.  David Carr, NYG

21.  Charlie Batch, PIT

What do you guys have to say?  Do any of these guys have a spot where they fit on the Minnesota Vikings moving forward?