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Vikings to face Browns’ third-string quarterback in Week 3

The Vikings’ Week 3 match against the Browns on Sunday isn’t necessarily a “must win,” but another loss would be devastating.

Especially now, with news that Cleveland will be without starting quarterback Brandon Weeden, who has been ruled out with a sprained right thumb.

The Browns announced via twitter that head coach Rob Chudzinski has informed third-string quarterback Brian Hoyer that he will start against Minnesota.

Chudzinski’s decision to go with Hoyer over the veteran and supposed second-string quarterback Jason Campbell is quite interesting. Hoyer is a fifth-year player and has one career start. Campbell is a eighth-year player and has 71 career starts.

Update: Later in the day, the Browns traded running back Trent Richardson to the Colts for a first round pick. The Vikings will be facing a third-string quarterback and a backup running back Sunday.

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  1. It would be nice if our defense makes him look like a 3rd string QB instead of a hall of famer likely they normally do against relatively unknown guys.

    1. browns have packed it in already. we’d better guard against a let-down, because this game looks like a gimme

  2. Bizarre trade. Browns gave up the farm for him, now this, so soon?

    The factory of sadness is inexplicable in its dealings.

  3. None of the current Browns staff has any ties to those recent draft picks. It sucks for the fan base that wasted money on those 33 jerseys, but for Lombardi and crew getting another first round pick next year is a good get. I sure wouldn’t have given up a first for him. He’s been banged up since his first training camp. Crazy trade for the Colts in my opinion.

  4. If they can’t truck the Browns this weekend, at least we’ll know it’s time to focus on 2014.

  5. Opportunity arrives in many forms. Richardson gets traded. The Vikes come to their collective senses, resign Dugan, then run the table and finish the season 17-2. AP winds up tossing 7 more td passes than Ponder, Cassell and MBT, combined. Also, Big Johnny has #1 single from Death Row records and then marries and tours with Ciley Myruths.

  6. Smart move by the Brown. Taking a running back in the first round is not a wise move in today’s NFL. The Brown have no QB and look to rebuild with multiple 1st rounders, 2nd rounders etc… Until a team is able to land a quality QB. Even the best running back in the NFL, or for that matter the history of the NFL gets you to 10-6 and a loss in the first round of the playoffs. We can see how being a run oriented team with a low level QB keeps a team very limited.

    If the Vike were 0-4 this year, your old pal Fragile would gladly give AP away for a high first rounder. Freds loves AP, but a running back is one of the easier positions in the draft to fill.

    But oh the marketing money the Vike would lose by not having AP. Hell, Freds gets no piece of that. Just win a Superbowl.

  7. thanks, cleveland, for the trade last year in the draft so you could get this guy. that helped us get harry smith and you got…boned