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Vikings Could Be Suddenly Thin At Defensive Tackle

Kevin Williams took a cheap, low block from Niners guard Joe Looney on Sunday evening and things looked really bad for him as he laid on the turf.  Then they looked a lot better as he left the field under his own power and reportedly told teammates he was fine.

On Monday, after an MRI, the news was somewhere in the middle.

Williams hyperextended and bruised his right knee during the game, or more accurately Joe Looney hyperextended his knee on a cheap shot, and his availability for the season opener is now in question.  The good news, however, is that the injury will not require surgery and Williams should not be out of action for long.

Still, following a minor knee surgery to Sharrif Floyd and Christian Ballard’s bizarre departure from the team, the team cannot afford to take many more hits to the middle of their defensive line.  This will certainly be a situation to monitor as the season opener in Detroit draws nearer.

By the way, the injury occurred on what was really a B.S. cheap shot from Niners guard Joe Looney.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I saw that B.S. cheap shot by a Niner’s guard named Joe Looney as well. That’s a lot of tonnage for a hinge joint, given how much that fat ass must weigh, let alone K-Wills own weight and force. I guess he plays on opener. Also, what stupid play for that Niner’s gaurd named Joe Looney to perform such a B.S. cheap shot, they were way away from the action.

  2. It’s the one spot they have some depth…..if Floyd is ready to go, they should be fine. That said, if the ‘jackwagon’ doesn’t get fined, it is criminal indeed.

  3. The Vikings should never be considered “thin in the middle” with Fred Evans on the roster. He proved it to me personally that lustful night in the front seat of my tow truck last summer.

  4. I’m absolutely certain Joe Looney will get fined for that incredibly cheap shot.
    And what the hell is up with Ballard? How can a guy just leave the team “For Personal reasons” and over a week later, still no explanation? Very strange.

  5. hopefully this won’t matter too much, we go 2-1 in the first three games, be healthy, get felton back, and see ponder play some good games

  6. I thought teams could get roster exemptions for situations like Ballard. Isn’t there still a reserve left team list a guy can be put on? If there is we potentially could enter the regular season with 4 freebies….2 for suspension (Felton, Love), one for PUP (Childs) and one for Ballard. I hope Floyd’s procedure was as minor as they made it sound and he doesn’t end up having issues all year long.

    1. I got clarification on that. The Vikings currently have two roster exemptions (Ballard and Childs) which allowed them to cut only 13 yesterday. Starting Saturday they will have two more exemptions (Love and Felton) allowing them to keep a couple extra guys around until they return from their suspensions. Love may not return, we’ll see.

      1. Thanks Adam. I don’t really expect them to keep Love with Murphy and Keith looking like just as good or better options, but it wouldn’t hurt to leave him on the roster in case we have a couple tackles go down in the first month of the season. They can always cut him right after the suspension is done.

  7. I might be wrong on this, but I think if they wait to cut Love after the suspension, then the Vikings might be obligated to pay him for the full year.

    1. My understanding is that Love is not a vested veteran so that would not be the case. He would go through the waiver process.

      1. You might be right Dan,
        And the Vikings probably don’t owe him any guaranteed money at this point in his contract.

        If the Vikings aren’t out anything… they should hold onto him as long as they can.

  8. Just read something that will piss off a lot of Vikings fans. The NFL has said that the low block in K Will was legal and he will not be punished in any way. So much for making the game safer.

    1. You are correct Norse, that sure pisses me off. These so called “legal” hits get fines all the time.

      1. I think someone should block Goodell like that and see what he thinks after that. This is total BS.

        1. It sure seems to me that Goodell does a lot of picking and choosing on these matters?

    2. That was legal? It shouldn’t be. It was cheap & dirty…could’ve ended his career.
      There are unwritten rules football…

  9. The rules of the NFL, and their interpretation, are beyond reason and logic. They are subject to the subjectivity of subjects who seemingly know less than we might expect about their subject. They subject innocent subjects to subjective interpretations, as in this case. I defy anyone to fully describe the parameters under which a block below the waist is or is not legal. I know Freds will try.

  10. Childs put on regular season PUP list. Can’t practice or play until after the 6 th game of the season. I hope he is ready then.

  11. yeah, yeah, I know, here comes krugs and the glass is half empty and all that……early prediction: Frazier will not get a new contract! you all can fill in the reasons why…..if I start listing them Freds will have to pull me out of my purple depression, and he has better things to do…..