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Ponder Aims To Return In Seattle

Christian Ponder dove for the endzone during Thursday night’s victory against Washington and came up just shy of the touchdown and with a dislocated shoulder.  Luckily for him the injury was sustained on his non-throwing arm, he now has a long week to recover, and Adrian Peterson scored the touchdown for him one play later.

Ponder’s durability problems has again become a long-term concern since he has had to miss time twice now this season, but the short-term outlook may not be too shabby.  On Monday, Leslie Frazier said Ponder could start Sunday, but that they don’t want to put him in a position where he can’t protect himself and where he could do more damage.

Ponder described himself as “day to day” and said his range of motion was much better on Monday than it was on Friday.

Already missing tight end Kyle Rudolph, whichever quarterback starts on Sunday may have to be without the team’s leading receiver, as Jerome Simpson’s apology for his DWI may not be enough for the NFL or the Vikings to let him suit up.  One receiver that is looking healthy and ready to go is Percy Harvin, however, this time he is suiting up for the opponent.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Boy, I guess a 2-7 record has an impact on blogs, huh? It really is an interesting year with all that is happening, although it is hard to say what a “normal” year is. I wish we could find out if Ponder just had one more random good game, or whether he was actually starting to make some progress. We all have opinions on that, but in order to settle the issue, we need him on the field. I’m sure the coaches feel the same way. Because one of his positives is running with the ball, he is going to need to be careful about staying healthy. Going for that score was probably not the best decision he’s made, but when the juices flow…

    One of my “enlightened” sons says the best three QB’s in Minnesota are Joe Mauer, Kevin Love and Phillip Nelson.

    1. the bandwagon has a few open seats lately. we know ponder and his limits, he could still be a late bloomer, but the longer it takes him to blossom, the less likely that he will. freeman should get some more starts, he wasn’t ready before. i saw a couple of naive posters on the strib asking if the vikes have a shot at the playoffs after the second win, but i think most are resigned to taking a QB in the draft and starting over, just a matter of where we get positioned. i noticed TB plays ATL next, so that will help no matter who loses that one. your son would fit right in here, coach

  2. Well at least maybe we can count on Harvin to make us all feel better. 3-4 TD’s, couple hundred yards could go a long way to making us a better team;
    High draft pick, new coaching staff, owner running scared because sales are down. . .
    or maybe Ponder DOES actually show some progress Coach, and lights it up. If that’s the case, I’ll be rooting for a Wild Card and damn the draft. (However that unlikely that sounds.)
    TB @ Atlanta Cal? Good input, didn’t know that. Now the Jags have done the impossible and TB kicking in, the lottery is still in our reach!