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Peterson Active, Henderson Out, Live Chat A Go

For the first time this season the Vikings will face an opponent without much-criticized middle linebacker Erin Henderson.  This means reserve linebacker Audie Cole will get the nod, despite having been released and re-signed within the last few weeks.  It is also expected that rookie Michael Mauti will see some time at the spot with the first team.

The Vikings won’t have to be without Adrian Peterson as they face the Green Bay Packers.  Despite a nagging groin injury, Peterson is expected to play, as will receiver Greg Jennings who returns to face the Packers for the first time since leaving in free agency.

The Vikings inactives today:  QB Josh Freeman, LB Erin Henderson, CB Josh Robinson, TE Kyle Rudolph, G Jeff Baca, DT Chase Baker, and WR Rodney Smith.  This marks Freeman’s fifth inactive game since joining the Vikings and the team’s unwillingness to give him another crack at the starting job continues to puzzle many fans.

With the Packers missing Aaron rodgers today, however, Christian Ponder has a chance to finally be the best quarterback on the field.

We will be hosting our live chat for those interest.  If you want to join us:  CLICK HERE.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. A tie? Damn…had that game. The holding on Blanton (I think) in overtime was complete BS.

  2. yeah, not great, not a win, but…
    the jags won, yayy! we kept garbage bay from being in first place, we kept ourselves from adding a W against our draft order, but now we lose any of our tie breakers, however, that won’t matter if we’re the only two-win team

    the phackers suck without sharon, and we didn’t beat them. we suck. even if it was in cheezbay, we should’ve won this game

  3. 75 yards to go and Musgrave calls a 3 yard pass for the last play of the game? What a way to end the game.
    I guess that’s the only play you got, when you have a QB that can’t throw the ball past 40 yards.
    A tie is as good as a loss tho, we now have the worst record in the NFL and the first pick in the draft next year and at the same time, screwed the Packers.
    Have to say that Ponder had a decent game.
    He better knock that crap off, he could really screw up our draft as we need a Quarterback! (And a new coaching staff and new owner)

    1. Fran, I must point out that three teams are 2-9, which is actually worse than 2-8-1, unless this league has some special rule about ties being worse than losses, which could very well be. I must say that if you lead 23-7 going into the fourth quarter, a tie is very similar to a loss.

      1. Damn, you’re right Coach. Don’t know how I missed that. . .wishful thinking I guess.
        And before everyone starts cutting me to pieces for rooting for a losing season, our season was doomed after 6 games and I just can’t see the logic in continuing to start our starters, especially Ponder. Especially after acquiring Freeman. Why the hell are we not playing him? Do we not need to know what the guys’ got?
        I am so sick of this whole team, from the owners on down to the freaking waterboy.
        I’m left thinking that our only hope to start rebuilding this mess is a complete changeover and that will start with the #1 pick in the draft.

          1. Yeah but how do we know that? (Ponder VS Freeman)
            I’ve only seen Freeman play one game in Purple.
            No question that Freeman has a much better arm and just for that, I’d like to see him in a few games.

        1. That’s where I strongly disagree, Fran. Our waterboy is as good as any in the league.

          Fran, what do you think of trading AD? (I think he is somewhere between the Wilfs and the waterboy.) If some AFC team wants an instant running game, and would part with some major draft picks, we could live with Gerhart and some newcomers couldn’t we? My dream is to be on the other end of a Hershel Walker trade.

          1. When I mentioned trading AD LAST year, you guys just about cut me to pieces. . I’m still for it though. Two reasons; We could get some mighty fine draft picks and send AD off to a team that has a snowballs chance to see a Super Bowl. He richly deserves that.
            With his contract though, it’s pretty unlikely.

  4. I thought Patterson came real close to busting that thing open. They wanted to do the free kick with Blair, but the frick’n clock stopped with one second on the fair catch, so that went out the window. I don’t know when or if Henderson will be coming back to the team this year, but I don’t see any reason why Audie Cole should not finish this season out as the starting middle linebacker. He played much better than I was expecting him too, seemed more assignment sound than Henderson has been. Also very glad to see that Xavier Rhodes can still be an effective corner, I was getting really worried they had coached his talent away.

  5. As far as the effects on our draft position, that was probably the worst possible outcome for the game. We didn’t get the satisfaction of a win, and our tie now puts the other three 2 win teams above us in the draft order because their win percentage is now worse than ours. It’s way to early to project things, but my view has been any of the top three guys IMO (Barr, Clowney, Bridgewater, and yes, that’s how I would rank them) would be instant impact players for the Vikes. We currently are picking 4th. I personally don’t think Mariotta will come out this year and I’m not a huge fan of Manziel right now. The Jacksonville/Houston rematch in a couple weeks is now an important game as the loser very well may get the first pick. I’m more worried about losing one of those top two defenders than a QB, and with Atlanta being a nice fit for Clowney and Houston a perfect match for Barr, that very well could happen. Hopefully the Falcons will be looking to upgrade their O-line to protect Ryan and pass on the defenders, and sense Keenum has fallen back to Earth, Houston may opt for a passer, but as a Viking fan I’m already asking myself what the worst possible scenario is and that’s what it currently looks like for me.

    1. A loss would have been worse, we could have ended up with teddy bridgewater aka bust city. Like him or not Johnny football can play, i see an upgraded Russell Wilson there. Better faster stronger.

      1. Johnny Football! He didn’t look to good Saturday….but of all of em’ he’d be my choice at this time.

        1. Yeah he didn’t look good last week. Honestly when I watch him play its like watching AD; he’s fun to watch and I constantly find myself saying “Wow that guy is good” That’s what we need.

          1. My problems with Johnny Football at the moment have more to do with his turnovers and reckless running style that is likely to get someone of his stature killed at the NFL level. He doesn’t have a body like Tebow and I think there is a good chance he will miss a lot of time in the NFL. There’s a lot to like about him but I need to watch a lot more of all these guys before saying who I think is the best. I’ve got a solid gut feeling about Fales.

    1. The team obviously has no time for defensive backs accused of domestic assault…oh…except for that other guy.

    1. Cassel is really bad. And there is no way you will see Freeman the rest of the year. The Vikings don’t want anybody to see Freeman. I think if the was a emergency, Webb would play before Freeman. I wish the Vikes would bring back JBT and let him play for the rest of the season.

        1. I have no idea if he is S.F.. Sorry hit the wrong key, hit J instead of M, my bad. Not perfect.

      1. ” there is no way you will see Freeman the rest of the year. The Vikings don’t want anybody to see Freeman.”

        why and why?

        1. If you read the Daily Norseman they have covered this topic several times. If the Vikings have found out Freeman is as bad as he played against the Giants, you won’t see him. If the Vikings have found out Freeman can actually play QB, you won’t see either. If the Vikings think Freeman can play QB, they don’t want the rest of the league to find out. Freeman is a free agent after this season. If the Vikings like Freeman there is no way he plays, they will want to sign him back if they like him. And sign him cheap. Also Frazier is very loyal to his veterans. I think Freeman was shoved on Frazier, and he didn’t like it.