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Peterson Active, Asiata Not

Matt Asiata did an admirable job last week, filling in for hobbled running backs Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart, but the position is seeing a return to normalcy this week in Cincinnati.

Peterson and Gerhart are both active for today’s matchup with the Bengals, and Asiata is inactive after struggling with an ankle injury of his own.

Today’s Vikings inactives are:  QB Josh Freeman, DE Justin Trattou, RB Matt Asiata, OT Mike Remmers, WR Rodney Smith, DT Chase Baker, and CB Xavier Rhodes.

While injury continues to keep Rhodes out of action, Chris Cook should return to the field, and now has only two games left to “ball out” and prove to all 32 teams that he is not an NFL bust before he potentially enters free agency.  Starting guard Brandon Fusco is also active today after missing last week’s game.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I picked Wash, Jac and Cleve to win today so we could move up three spots in the draft……..looks like they all lost close ones……..but I really don’t care about which pick, as long as this staff gets fired, I’m cool……

  2. Yup, all the four-win teams lost so we didn’t move anywhere in the draft order, and of the games next week, I would say the Vikes are the only one with decent chance of picking up a W. The Lions are done for the year with their loss today, so they may just mail it in like they typically do. Both Schwartz and Frazier are in trouble as far as their jobs go, so maybe there will be some incentive to at least have a decent game plan in place. I think today probably puts the nail in the coffin for Frazier. Spielman shouldn’t sleep easy after watching Dalton tear up the defense while Ponder rode the pine either, but the good will Leslie had bought over the last month likely vanished today.

      1. Phenomenal is a bit strong a word, but he has done a good job. Most the teams in the league keep their current draftpicks on the roster, so you can’t just look at the last couple classes to gauge how he’s done. We don’t have much left from his original Ponder class. Fusco is a nice feather in his cap from that year as a late rounder that worked out. Those late round picks are where the talent evaluators really separate themselves and that’s where I’m looking for Spielman to continue to get better.

        1. The ponder class was the last of the triangle wasn’t it? And Raymond, Cole, Blanton, Walsh maybe more 6th and 7th rounders who have started, that’s pretty dang good in my book. Just ticked he passed on Herzlich and Burfict in the 7th.

  3. today was the day to move up in the draft and like you said it didn’t happen….so, unless I’m missing something, it looks like we can’t drop any further even with a win,,,there are no five win teams… we stay at #8, win or lose, unless one of those 4 win teams pulls an upset…..crazy, couple weeks ago we were in the hunt for the #1 over all pick….

    1. I agree Krug, looks like #8 unless something strange happens. It will be nice to go into next week not worried about a win dropping them down though. That GB tie pretty much screwed us. We didn’t get the satisfaction of a victory and it will cost us a few spots in the draft.