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Harvin Passes His Exit Physical

Percy Harvin was recently at Winter Park for his exit physical and Leslie Frazier, as usual, calmly assessed the situation.

“It went well. He’s fine. He’s cleared,” Frazier said. “All the medical was good.”

This indicates that Harvin’s ankle sprain should be a non-issue moving forward, but the more pressing question surrounding Harvin is whether or not he’ll be playing as a member of the Minnesota Vikings or some other team in 2013.

Frazier said that his star receiver was in a “good frame of mind” during his time at winter park.  “We’ll see where it goes from there,” he added.

It was also recently reported that Harvin hit escalators in his contract that will nearly double his currently scheduled salary for 2013.  He is now scheduled to earn $2.9 million under his current deal, but there is no reason to expect him to step foot on a football field during the upcoming season unless he is under the terms and conditions of a brand new deal.

As far as Harvin goes, I will still direct you to this article that I penned quite some time ago.  Nothing has really changed since then, other than Harvin’s salary.

Harvin isn’t the only player that got a boost next year from unlocking incentives.  Chris Cook, Joe Webb, Everson Griffen, and Toby Gerhart are all members of the 2010 Draft class and each unlocked a salary increase that will bring them each to $650,000.  Cook also unlocked a $1 million roster bonus and will carry a cap hit of $2.305 in 2013.

Meanwhile, with Harvin getting healthy again, two of his teammates recently went under the knife.  Punter Chris Kluwe had his knee cleaned up because of some loose cartilage.  The Vikings signed punter T.J. Conley to a reserve/future contract, but it is unlikely that Kluwe’s surgery cuts into any of his offseason practice time.

Jared Allen also had surgery, the first of his football career, due to a torn labrum that he played with through the entire 2012 season.  Allen delayed the surgery so that he could participate in the Pro Bowl, but he is still expected to be ready to go by the time training camp rolls around.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. “We’ll see where it goes from there,” not great confidence in that statement. could just be coach-speak. sure hope we keep him

  2. It’s been awhile since we talked Percy trades. I have an eye on Philly now that Chip is in charge there. I know Desean Jackson said Kelly told him he would have the D-Anthony Thomas role, but if the Vikes do put Percy on the block it would sure make a lot of since for Phily to enter the chase. The thing that could put Phily over the top is the presence of some young talent that Philly could include to go with their high draft picks in the middle rounds. A trade that sent the Vikes Jeremy Maclin and a high 2nd or 3rd round draft pick would give the team a solid young outside threat that has atleast shown some ability at the NFL level and hasn’t hit his ceiling yet. Maclin also doesn’t seem to have the diva attitude.

  3. If Frazier wanted him back, he would have used better words than “he is cleared” or “We’ll see where it goes from there”.

    I think a deal has aready be done! If the Vikings were still trying to get a great trade offer, don’t you think Frazier would be selling the idea that he appreciates and likes Harvin?

    Because of Harvins past run ins with coaches, I think it would be smart for Frazier to say positive things about Harvin right now if the Vikings want to get a great deal for him.

    If the Vikings wish Harvin to return… again I think a more positive approach is needed.

    The “hush hush every thing is good” approach leads me to believe a deal may already be reached with another team and we are just waiting till March 13th to sign and seal the deal.

  4. Frazier is good about hiding his feelings, I wouldnt put much stock either way.
    Good news with Jared and Chris.
    Cook and Griffen need to stay on the Defense.

  5. Carl,

    Hasn’t Coach Denzel always taken the approach that “hush hush everything is good”? Our guy isn’t one to be communicating anything worth listening to really. Though he is the anti Belicheck in attitude, he communicates virtually the same amount of information, he just does it with a big toe in the sand and an ah shucks attitude.

    Frazier has a very positive attitude toward life one has to appreciate that, but he can still communicate nothing while being positive about it.

    Come to think of it your old pal Fragile is one of the very few people who can actually translate Leslie’s coach speak into real life language normal people can understand. For example :

    “We’ll see where it goes from there,” really means…..”I hope Percy gets hit by a school bus on his way back to Florida.”

    “All the medical was good.” really means ….. ” for the love of Pete, would you look at that Xray, Percy’s got Ganja lung.”

    “good frame of mind” really means… “if the bastard is in Kindergarten, he’s pretty sharp”

    Well, you get the picture. Leslie is a positive dude, put your old Pal Fragile can see though the purple colored smoke screen Denzel’s putting out there.

    1. May I take a shot at this, Freds? (not really a question)

      “We’ll see where it goes from there,” really means…..”You’ll know when you read it on the internet like everyone else.”

      “All the medical was good.” really means …..”there was nothing that would prevent a deal being made.”

      “good frame of mind” really means… “He’s learning to watch his tongue.”

      1. Bud,
        Your version makes more sense, Freds and Tombs have aways been good at Blowing ones mind.
        They are very good at that!

  6. our window is opening. ponder is the key. we need WRs to see if ponder can take us to the SB. keep percy and get some more WRs!

    AND GET A GD TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!