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Greg Childs Returns To Practice

Last year, when the Vikings thought they had a fourth round steal when the selected Greg Childs, the talented receiver out of Arkansas that slipped in the Draft due to injury concerns.  So far, almost two full seasons into his career, only the concerns have been realized and the talent level remains to be seen.

Childs tore both patellar tendons on August 4th of the team’s 2012 training camp and has been in rehabilitation mode ever since.  He has been a fixture in the locker room and his determination has been the subject of hundreds of Vikings-focused articles ever since he sustained the injury.  Monday marked the NFL deadline for the Vikings to either let Childs practice, put him on injured reserve again, or release him outright.  They decided to let him practice and that is a huge milestone for his comeback campaign.

He practiced for the first time in 15 months on Wednesday.

The Vikings now have three weeks to decide what to do with him next.  A 21-day deadline is now going to be imposed, per NFL rules, and the Vikings will either have to activate him or put him on injured reserve… or release him.  Considering the time invested into their young wide out, it would be surprising if they gave up on him at this point, as they would surely like to get him into training camp next year to see what he can do.

Childs was once thought of as a possible answer for the Vikings at the receiver position, but they were forced to move forward without him, and he will be joining a crowded group with decent talent.  Since his injury the Vikings have invested heavily into first rounder Cordarrelle Patterson, paid handsomely to obtain Greg Jennings, and converted Joe Webb back to receiver.  They have also allowed youngsters Rodney Smith and Adam Theilen to hang around and Jerome Simpson is the team’s leading pass catcher.

Still, Childs is determined to make it back to the field of play, and when he does I doubt he’ll be any less determined when it comes to making an impact.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Hey guys, sorry I’ve been gone. Just before Sunday’s game, as I was literally getting set up for live chat (i.e. grabbing the scotch) we had a pretty nasty storm hit. I’d like to thank DirecTV for the awful reception, and Time Warner Cable for the 3 days of no internet… that was awesome.

    Anyways… I’m back.

    1. adam, what we really need here now is a good hater article on the honyaks we can bury by winning our last game this year

      1. may we smite them mightily with our dark as a nightmare stygian swords, with dark sparks spread over their lifeless morbid forms

  2. Fran, I saw a certain famous Alaskan out-acting both Nick Cage and John Cusack in a film the other day. If you see him, please give him my best… it was fun to see a familiar face from back home, even if I had to rent a movie to do it.

    1. Ha! I’ll pass on that you thought he out-acted both Cage and Cusack, he’ll get a kick out of that. They actually cut his best scenes tho.

  3. Why does J Wright get zero attention? He seemed ready to at least allow the offense to run Harvin-like pkgs last year, and was productive. I’m amazed, given how uninvolved Patterson has been with the regular offense, how little we’ve seen Wright. He seemed ok in the girst half last week.

    1. I didn’t mention Wright simply because his presence isn’t an addition to the roster since Childs’ injury. I know Simpson isn’t new, either, but he has emerged as the top receiver which is new. Agreed, Wright deserves some respect 🙂

    2. inaccurate QBs prefer to target slower TEs for easier short passes over speedy WRs who get farther down field faster and magnify the QBs deficiencies

      1. Spot on Cal. No vertical passing game for that reason. Need to give Freeman one more shot to see if he can fix his accuracy problem.

        1. yeah johnny, freeman should be pushed into starting, no matter what his progress is, but the coaches want a chance to save their reputations by winning, and maybe they even think they can save their current jobs, too, however delusional that thought might be. our HC, OC, and DC will all take a lesser role in future nfl jobs, if any, like tice and childo

          1. That’s gotta be what they are thinking.
            I could see Frazier in a less role, The other two
            Not seeing it.
            I’m Glad to see the Greg Childs news, Been routing for him …
            Been a crazy year to say the least.

  4. word has it that vikes coaches told childs to run ten yards, turn around, and play like a DB, for a better chance to catch a ball thrown by our QBs

    childs will be something else to watch for now. kinda like escaping a burning house. hope he can contribute

  5. Omg I was surfing the net and see that Ponder will start again this week? They must really want the 1st pick in the draft.

    1. Johnny…..pretty sure he gets the start because at his last pressor he said all his problems were correctable… with all those problems now corrected, frazier decided to start him…..then I’m sure after the loss to GB, ponder will tell us that all the new problems that surfaced during that game are correctable,and then during next week’s practice ponder will……………………………..well, you get the picture

      part of me believes the “live” press isn’t even allowed in the room for post loss pressors….the team just re runs the same clip from frazier and ponder…..

    1. 1. The state of being insane; mental illness or derangement: a term used formally in law but not in psychiatry. 2. great folly: extreme senselessness.

      1. Johnny, that’s right! This coaching staff, Denzel in particular, is deranged for starting Ponder again. It’s senseless and is great folly.
        Not to mention what Einstein said about banging your head against a brick wall…or something like that. Maybe it wasn’t Einstein…

        1. No cart, I know of no reference to walls on the part of Einstein. He probably knew better than to bang his head against a wall, what with him being so smart and all.

  6. But just think, guys, the Vikes might actually have the better of the QB’s in the game this week.

    1. That’s sad Coach, really sad. That maybe we do…because their guy is only starting his 3rd game…and Ponder…
      Never mind.

  7. Ok, somebody HAS to be able to explain why we are not starting Freeman. Is he hurt? Have the coaches decided he’s not the future?
    How in the world can you justify starting Ponder when you have Freeman sitting there?
    Something is fishy here.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for competeing for that first pick in next years draft but Fraizer too?

    1. shh, don’t tell him. this is our last best chance for a win this year, then we can play freeman in losses to see what he’s got and still get a top pick

  9. yayyy!!!!!

    Linebacker Audie Cole will get his first career start, with Mauti likely rotating in, per coach Leslie Frazier. Henderson will not make the trip.

  10. so, Clay Matthews sacks Ponder for soup? could be a homeless guy sign

    in related news, matthews has agreed to be in the next hell raiser movie, taking the role of pinhead. he’s a natural for something, i guess

  11. how far we have fallen – last week, today’s game was scheduled to be on fox regular tv here in the san diego market, but it was replaced. it’s a good rivalry, but with the vikes at two wins, AR out, and the phackers having lost three in a row, i guess i can’t blame them for dropping it. the vikes have also been scheduled to be on next week here against the bear cubs, so we’ll see on that one, but i’m not real hopeful. should be interesting to see cole and mauti today, and i’d love to see our D get two or three INTs, one of them by cook. sacrificing draft positioning for a win today would be worth it to beat cheezbay, but i wouldn’t bet on it with AD hurting and ponder being ponder

  12. CONGRATULATIONS to Greg Childs’ on his return to practice! A high school and college teammate of Jarius Wright, Childs had shown some promise in camp before his injury. Anybody who’s willing to work that hard, sweat that much, wants it that bad– deserves a look.