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Freeman Once Again Inactive

Quarterback Josh Freeman will continue to ride out the 2013 season as the third-string quarterback for at least another week.  Freeman is inactive for today’s game against Chicago.

The rest of the Vikings inactive players are:  CB Josh Robinson, DT Chase Baker, G Jeff Baca, T Mike Remmers, WR Rodney Smith, and TE Kyle Rudolph.

Linebacker Erin Henderson is active this week, but Audie Cole had a nice debut in his absence last week and is again expected to get the start.

The Bears will be without S Major Wright, QB Jay Cutler, and LB Lance Briggs today.

Join us in our VT Chat Room during today’s actions.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. if they think that freeman is a hidden gem and don’t draft a QB, ima gonna crap the bed

  2. last bears game ever at ditka’s favorite place

    i hate this. i’m afraid we’re gonna win this game, but i won’t be able to not be cheering when we make a big play

  3. Your fears have been confirmed Cal, I know this knocks us down in the draft…but that was cool. Crazy end…Went from celebrating a win to being pissed, then got the win anyway.
    Cassel should be the starter from here on out. Ponder…he sucks. Plain and simple.
    Draft a QB, hope he works out. Keep Cassel, ditch Ponder and Freeman.

  4. I think Audie Cole and Matt Cassel have both played well enough to win the starting jobs.

    1. You are correct Carl but who knows what’s going on in Fraziers mind. I’m going to puke if Denzel comes out in his next presser and says Ponder gives them the best chance to win.

    1. He did start Cole even after Erin came back and he’s already backing off the Ponder is our starter crap.

  5. today we ALMOST had the #1 pick in the draft……we were soooo close…then right at the end, Houston lost and ….well, you know what we did…..but even the half empty guy from MT was OK with that…..most of the guys in Purple deserved a W………and come April, what will be will be!

  6. Ten observations come to mind:
    1. Adrian Peterson is amazing, truly the best Viking RB in history (and that’s not easy for me to say)
    2. I don’t ever want to see Chris Cook on the field in a Viking uniform again. He is an embarrassment to the Viking number 20 (sorry Bobby). I don’t care how “depleted” our secondary is, I want him to have an endless number of days off.
    3. I like this Rhodes kid, and Audi Cole is intriguing as well.
    4. Felt bad for the Ellison kid. Hope he learns from all of this.
    5. The Bears were even less deserving of a win than the Vikes.
    6. Matt Cassell performed very well. It is becoming very hard to stay in Christian Ponder’s corner.
    7. So now what’s with Blair Walsh missing from over 50 yards?
    8. Really have to wonder about kicking to Hester with 30 seconds left in regulation.
    9. The Bear play calling was significantly suspect, to say the least.
    10. The O-line had a better than usual day. Opened some real holes and protected fairly well after the first quarter.

    1. Very good observations Coach. I believe Cassel had a lot to do with how well the O-Line protected, there are quite a few times the QB is to blame for a sack. That ball has to come out! Ponder is still to scared to throw it…I’m with Johnny, Ponder starts another game in purple…I puke.
      Also agree that Cook should be gone. When he got the boot…I said good! Be gone. That was a hell of a catch by Jeffrey…Cook looked lost, get your head around…try to locate the ball! Yep, the rook Rhodes is much better than Cook.
      A good win, even tho it was a bit lucky. But as the old saying goes…

    2. Agree CC, all good points Coach. On 8 I said in the live-chat not to kick to Hester. Damn that’s getting old.

  7. cassel played well in relief today, but we’ve seen this movie before, both he and ponder are inconsistent. it’s kinda like the girl you date, but don’t marry, just not good enough

    i think cole is playing himself into the starting job

    the contrast between cook and rhodes is stark. cook plays it safe, to stay close to his man and not lose his job, but not in a position to make an impact play or to change the game. rhodes is confident, looks for the ball and wants to make the play, he just needs to get some INTs. cook is risk-adverse and passive, rhodes is agressive, but under control, and so far as i can tell, not reckless

    AD should have a ring. they go together like blue and sky. it should have come from the 2009 season. he is so good, the pinnacle of RBs, so far above the already high level of talent that is in the NFL, it is a travesty of deserved justice for him to not have a ring. there has never been anyone who should win a championship more than AD. there are a few athletes in history who have been equally elite, but none higher, he is at the very top level of all, and not just in football. please get him a title

    1. AD’s heart and will are like I’ve never seen before. He deserves a ring on every finger, hope they find the right pieces to get him his due.

      1. Indeed Johnny. We see glimpses of the talent they have (Cordarrelle? WOW), but the lack of offensive and defensive QB is glaring. I loved seeing Audie in good position more in one game than Henderson has been all year. Kid might be an upgrade. Not sure if Leslie needs to go….but obvious that O and D coaches find themselves outsmarted nearly every game.

    2. Wow Cal, I could never put it that succ…, suc…, suscint…detailed. All I know is Rhodes is good and Cook isn’t.

    3. Cal,

      Let’s not forget that if AP doesn’t win a Superbowl ring, he stands in large part at fault for fumbling away his best chance against the Saints. In Freds mind, AP would have a ring if AP didn’t soil himself against the Saint. 3 Fumbles? or Was it 4?

      Let it never be said the Vikings never game him a chance to win one!

      1. freds, i agree. if AD does or doesn’t get a ring, he’ll regret those fumbles more than anyone else. we were so much better than the aints

  8. One more observation… I have never seen a ref give a five to a player. Cordarelle must be pretty influential. I laughed out loud at that one.

  9. Cassel and Ponder may both be inconsistant, but Cassels A game is miles above Ponders. That F’ing Frazier. I’m starting to downright HATE this person over this QB situation. Today showed that the Vikings can win with a better QB. Ponder 1) takes too long to throw it, 2) can’t see the open receivers, and 3) can’t get the F’ing ball there! How can he do this to the fans? This Ponder thing has been the biggest Viking nightmare EVER. Worse than a Superbowl loss, because it just continues.. I knew it, too. I could see this coming, it did and it’s still happening. The team knows it!! It’s maddening. It was a great win, and all I can think of is this LOSER coach is going to go back to this LOSER NON QB.

  10. there is no doubt in my mind that frazier will go down with ponder……he’s got this man-crush on his drafted QB and he just can’t let go…… yeah, I see them going down together…..