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Final Injury Report Offers Encouragement

After an offseason that saw Minnesota’s expectations for 2013 go up and down numerous times, observers seem to have the lowest amount of faith in them since Donovan McNabb was quarterback following an ugly opener in Detroit.  However, a key to almost any team’s season-long success is their ability to stay healthy, and Friday’s final injury report offers some hope for Week Two’s matchup in Chicago.

The Vikings have seven players listed as “probable” and defensive tackle Kevin Williams (knee), who didn’t play in Detroit, is one of them.  Williams practiced on Wednesday and Thursday, missed Friday for a personal reason, and is expected to suit up against the Bears.  Williams may not be the full-time player we are used to him being, but a defensive line rotation was a part of the plan for this season anyways, and his return certainly can’t hurt.

Also “probable” are:  Linebackers Larry Dean (shoulder) and Erin Henderson (heel), right tackle Phil Loadholt (knee), safety Mistral Raymond (shoulder), cornerback Josh Robinson (quadriceps), and center John Sullivan (knee).  Each of these guys was able to participate in full during Friday’s practice.

The Bears have listed both Julius Peppers (illness) and Charles Tillman (knee) as “probable” for Sunday’s divisional showdown.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. it’s still early, but i hope ponder no longer gets a free pass with the team and is in prove-it mode now. as for pusgrave, he’s way past it. same old song and dance from these two

  2. Good gracious Cals. Chin up old Pal. It’s been one game!! We still have 15 more games to enjoy.

    1. well, freds, i did say that it’s still early, and i’d hate to see ponder turn out to be great after we had let him go, so i’ve got a little more patience, but it’s time to fish or cut bait, as you know. i’d take a new OC right now

  3. I’m with you Cals. Where in Cal? I’m in Long Beach. Many a Viking game at Legends and Yankee Doodles. Looks like it may be Peterson from.2011. the way he got absolutely shut down. If thats their only plan, I don’t know. Ponder won’t be on a short leash and that’s what is increasingly bothering me about this team.Like Troy Wlliams, a WR who couldn’t catch, we have a QB that can’t throw. Screw this showing leadership crap, he can’t f ing throw!They’re going to have to cut their losses eventually.Until they do, they’re torturing the fans. And Pusgrave, don’t let Squander throw it on 2 and 1.We’re going to need more than our fair share of luck. I love Speilmans drafts, but this QB thing is too much.

    1. northern san diego county. used to live in HB, been to LB plenty, the grand prix, had friends there, partied on 2nd st.

  4. For all of you who enjoy fishing, watch the below link.

    Dang watch old Sullivan, this dude is lost on the lake. It gets so bad he hits the guide in the face with his lure.

    Captain Fred has rule in his boat that if this ever happens, the individual who takes a lure to the face has permission to immediately push the errant caster overboard without apology, notification or explanation. It would have been great to see the guide give Sullivan a push huh?

    1. Finally a good link from Freds. Hey Freds isn’t that the same lake where you had your little party?

  5. I keep trying to picture Ponder or Frazier giving a “motivation” speech to a group of athletes in grade school or jr high or high school or college or a any level of sport………………………………………………….and I just can’t picture them having much to offer……………………………………..what’s your point, krugs?……….
    I think it’s called leadership……..