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And The Comedy Continues

The decision to sign quarterback Josh Freeman to an affordable, one-year contract was a no-brainer for the Vikings.  If he fails to establish himself as an answer at the position, then little is lost, and they can let him factor into the their compensatory pick equation following this season.  If he does succeed then they get first dibs on him moving forward.  Another possible result of the acquisition is added pressure on Christian Ponder to step up his game and it looks like Sunday we will see if that theory holds any water at all.

Only a few weeks after Ponder’s injury that sidelined him seemed to magically appear out of nowhere mid-week, the Vikings announced Wednesday that Josh Freeman has a concussion and it sounds like Ponder will regain his starting job because of it, as this team prepares to play Green Bay on Sunday Night Football.

“[Freeman] obviously won’t be able to practice today, so he loses a day,” Leslie Frazier said on Wednesday. “And when you consider the amount of time that he’s missed, it probably is going to be difficult. And also, looking at the history of guys who have concussions on the short week that are able to get cleared for Sundays, we’ll have to proceed as if he’s not going to make it.”

“There was nothing on the sidelines or during the game that made us ask him, ‘Are you all right?'” Frazier said (confirming that he wasn’t, you know, watching the game being played). “He didn’t say anything about it during the game or even postgame.”

Ponder vows to be more relaxed during his latest opportunity to lead the Vikings.

“I already got benched,” he said, “so it can’t get worse than that.”

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. This is a great opportunity for Ponder and I really hope he takes advantage of it.
    But on the other hand, he could really screw us out of a high draft pick in the up-coming QB rich draft. . .

    1. Me too Fran. But damn, this is nuts…back to Ponder? I hope he does well, I do. A win over Green Bay would make everything better for a week.
      Still say Freeman has a better chance at being a good long term QB than Ponder. But that might just be wishful thinking.

      1. And then a victory over those Cowboys next week would be glorious…
        If Ponder can pull that off? He’s got my vote for man of the year!

  2. freeman has a concussion. frazier was seen with a baseball bat, walking away from freeman

    won’t matter, ponder has shown us what he is. if he relaxes more, will his throws have any more zip on them?

  3. The bigger question for me is whether we have any chance against the Packer passing game. I don’t see how, frankly.

    1. they’re so banged up, they’ll probably only score 49 on us, HA!

      and to think, we could’ve ruined andrew luck’s career if it wasn’t for that one win…

  4. thought the same thing yesterday, Adam…..after announcing concussion only two choices 1 there is no concussion and the lying continues 2 there is a concussion and the team had no clue during or after the game……and either way, like you said, the comedy continues…..more reasons the Wilfs have to rid themselves of this embarrassment…..

  5. After 23 rushing attempts over the last 2 weeks, AD was asked how many would be ideal….he said, 100

  6. Denny Green, Mike Tice, Brad Childress, Leslie Frazier.

    Not too many ring of fame candidates there.

  7. Denny Green – Paranoia hall of fame
    Mike Tice – Ticket scalping hall of fame
    Brad Childress – Hair club for men hall of fame
    Leslie Frazier – Nicest guy who ever coached but should never be a head coach hall of fame

  8. As is normally the case, your old pal Fragile is terribly confused. We haven’t hear that Josh Freedman actually has a concussion, but we’ve heard he has concussion “like” symptoms. What in the hell does concussion “like” symptoms actually mean? Being the resourceful type that Freds is , he went to and found the following symptoms of a concussion.

    1) Confusion that does not go away
    2) Unequal pupils
    3) Have a hard time with tasks that require remembering or concentrating
    4) Impaired vision. Individuals 10 yards away look like they are 15 feet tall.
    5) Timing impairment
    6) Pants pooping
    7) Throwing the ball excessively instead of handing it off to a guy who knows the damn playbook.
    8) Asking and receiving their employer for a boat load of cash for no particular skill set.

    The first three kind of makes sense to Freds, the last 5 are confusing, but it’s and it’s the internets and we all know, if it on the net….it must be true!

  9. Thanks for the research, Freds. That pretty well confirms that he has a concussion. Did it say anything about throwing footballs to cheerleaders?

  10. Reports coming out that Rick Spielman broke his foot kicking a pop machine. Said he was trying to get a quarter back. (Sorry if that’s old, I just heard it.)

  11. Guys I have a dilemma and would like some friendly advice. My cousin bought me 4 tickets to the Lions/Vikings game on December 29th and I don’t know if I’ll regret it if I don’t go?

    1. Johnny…..sell them to me, problem solved…..I’ve never seen a Vikings’ game…thinking bout last one in old stadium and one of the first games in the new stadium for me and kids…..

      yes, you’ll regret it…ya gotta go!

    2. Thanks guys that’s the way I was leaning. Could be damn painful watching this mess in person tho.

      1. Here’s the real question, johnny: Who will be the quarterback for that game?

        What’s everyone’s prediction of who will QB the Vikes in game 16?

        1. Sadly I’m not sure it matters at this point Coach. I don’t think next years starter is on the roster right now.

        2. Coach…I’ll say Ponder. I’m pulling for the kid to do it. Hoping the bench did him good.

    3. you got to go, johnny. i went to the last game at the met, people behind me brought a saw to cut a piece of the seat off to take with them, i have the pennant from that game up on the wall in the garage right now and i’ll always have memories of it (until alzheimers gets me). you will regret it if you don’t go

  12. Bjizzle –

    Just go to the game man. Cal’s right. There should be plenty of good times to be had at the last game. There will plenty of videos on the jumbotron of times gone by at the dome. Great memories for sure. Please don’t bring a saw to the game as Freds pal Cal suggests. Times have changed.

    If you’ve never been to a year end Viking game at the Dome when the team is completely out of it, you will really enjoy the crap load of paper airplanes that are made from programs that idiots make to reach the field from the upper deck. The key BJohnny is to try to get your airplane caught in the air conditioning “jet stream”. Freds actually saw one moron reach the 40 yard line (Freds was very proud of himself). By the 4th quarter, the 1500 people left in the dome actually cheer more for the flying airplanes than the dog as Vikings.

    When the time comes you can tell your Grandchildren you saw the last game at the dome as well as the last day for Les Fraizer, Jerry Allen, Pat William, Tony Gehart, etc.

    As for Freds, he will be staying in his bark-o-lounger flying paper airplanes at the wide screen TV, with rabbit ears, keeping warms and having a cold Colt 45.

    Enjoy the game Johnny.

  13. How ’bout them Gophers!! Congrats to the players and coaches – keep it going’ boys!

  14. last week Zygi said in an interview”this is our team…I’m sticking with our team”……any chance the reporter missed the “for now” part?

  15. Well that was ugly (again). Anybody have any favorites for QB’s that the Vikes are gonna have to draft next year?

    1. I don’t think this class is as good as some are projecting it to be. I think Bridgewater is the real deal but he isn’t at the level RG3 or Luck was. I could see this being a good year to take one of the defensive studs that will be available with our likely top 5 pick and grab a QB at the top of the 2nd round (think San Fran taking Aldon Smith in the 1st and Kaepernick at the top of the 2nd). I think this team gets further quicker with Clowney on our D-line next year and either Freeman or some other vet trying to stabilize the QB situation. Freeman is going to need to show a heck of a lot to earn a 2nd contract though, and with a whole new staff likely coming in even if he starts to play well at some point this year he may not be brought back. I want a franchise passer more than anything, but I don’t want to see them reach like they did with Ponder if a defensive franchise guy like Clowney is available.

      1. Expanding a bit on this, Walterfootball actually has us taking Barr at 4th overall and going AJ McCaron in the 2nd round. That’s more or less the type of picks I’m leaning towards right now, get yourself a true defensive terror that will help that secondary reach it’s potential first and see how these QB’s end up falling. Good chance this years class has the same Dalton/Kaepernick 2nd rounders that outperform the Gabbert/Ponder first rounders.

  16. I have been checking online about every hour or so to see if somebody (coaching staff) has gotten fired yet. No such luck so far but the day is still young.

    1. Sounds like if Denver gives Vikings a second round pick Jarred Allen is gone. I’m wondering if even a third and 6th or 7th will get this trade done.

      1. Any of those combo’s should get a deal done from any team in the league. I doubt anything happens, Jared would need to do something with his contract. No contenders have the cap space to absorb his deal without tweaking it.

  17. As long as frazier remains in control might as well trade AD because the rest of his career will be wasted ….packers had rookies everywhere (OL) and just blew us apart….receivers too, catch a pass and no defender within three yards…..I’LL scream it til the day I die, it’s 80% coaching and 20% players…my hope will return when frazier and company are gonei…

    1. I’ve been of the same mind for 2 seasons now. I’m sure Frazier is gone (And hopefully his entire coaching staff) but it probably won’t happen until the end of the season.
      I hope Wilf is working behind the scenes now to find us a Coach and maybe even a new GM.

  18. How can a head coach, that was former DB, have such an atrocious pass defense year in, year out. Given the struggles the Vikings pass defense has each year and in a division with Rogers, Stafford, Marshall, Megatron and Nelson how can they possibly ignore elite CB talent when it becomes available! In the last few years we have seen Cromartie, Revis, Talib, DRC, J Joseph all land with new teams with great effect. Some stay they might not fit the scheme, but the scheme clearly isn’t working! After seeing Aaron Rogers’ career numbers against the Vikings, it’s clear something needs to change.

  19. Anybody on here live in Ohio?

    Could that person do a wellness check on Adam?

    yo, Big Johnny, check your basement, some dude in a #28 Jersey might be sleeping in your bunk beds

  20. Gang, as much as I certainly agree that our QB situation is far from ideal, that our O-line needs to improve, and our coaching decisions sometimes leaves us scratching our heads, the absolute most glaring issue, by far, for the Minnesota Vikings right now is defense. Consider Sunday night: Down by 7 at halftime. Ok, that’s not anything to fear, especially coming off a nice drive before the half. And then our offense is given one possession in the third quarter. ONE. Game over. What did our defensive players and coaches adjust at halftime? Apparently nothing, or they made some wrong ones. I just cannot envision us getting enough offense to have a playoff record when the points allowed in our first 7 games are 34, 31, 31,27, 35, 23, 44. Yes, a better offense could help a defense some, OK, I get that. But the fact is that sometimes offenses break down and you have to punt. When we punt a few times, and the other team NEVER punts, it…is…not…going…to…work. The Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Mannings, and Drew Brees’s of the world are few and far between, but a defense can be built and schemed.

    I am hereby calling for a change in the defensive coordinator for this team (and send Mike Singletary with him)… the sooner the better.

  21. The defense…is it coaching? Just bad players? As is the case most of the time with those questions, it’s both. And the worst part is, there is no quick fix. Firing Williams is not going to change things soon, but maybe it’s a start.
    I agree with SB, Frazier played in this league…on one of the best D’s of all time. Apparently, he can’t teach it. When it’s 3rd and 5 ya have to stick to those guys! The DB’s and LB’s are not getting it done. Maybe they aren’t good enough. I would say Henderson and Mitchell, Sanford, Raymond…Cook and Robinson are back-ups at best. Fixing this D is gonna take time.
    Fixing the offense is fairly simple…a good QB should do. Maybe a tweak at the OG position.

    1. You know me, cart. I come to the defense of a coach as quick and long as anyone on here. And I know the personnel on defense is young and lacking in some positions. Even so, this is not the talent level of a defense ranked around 30 in most statistical categories. Rodgers made a mockery of us Sunday night, and it was apparent that at least some of that was scheme. I have never seen a QB look more confident and sure that what he was about to run would work. I think Williams is truly in over his head. I can even sympathize that he is without Harris, but this level of performance was going on before he got hurt.

      I think we can improve our defense with a change in scheme and philosophy even quicker than we can hope to have a game-changing QB. We cannot win with this level of defensive play. No way.