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We Might Need Two Hands To Count On

The Vikings now have five players headed for Hawaii to play in the Pro Bowl.

We have already mentioned that Adrian Peterson, Jerome Felton, Blair Walsh and Jared Allen are already making their Pro Bowl plans and now we can add linebacker Chad Greenway to that list.

Greenway was originally voted as an alternate player for the annual honor, and will be replacing the injured Cowboy linebacker DeMarcus Ware.  This is the second time Greenway has attended the Pro Bowl, and it is his fifth straight season of leading the Vikings in tackles.

He has been credited with 148 total tackles this season in addition to three sacks, an interception, and two fumble recoveries.

We may need two hands to count the number of Viking Pro Bowlers this way as more could still be added to the roster.  Center John Sullivan and left tackle Matt Kalil are both reported to be alternates and Blair Walsh is campaigning to get Cullen Loeffler in as the NFC’s long snapper.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Not sure how this works, Adam. Once the two Super Bowl teams are determined, do they fill the spots those teams leave open with alternates, too?

    1. Essentially, yes. However, the last few years has I think shown that anyone playing in the conference championships are not enthusiastic about suiting up the next week for a meaningless scrimmage.

  2. a guy runs nine yards short of the all time record, and was pretty much on that pace when voting ended, with a passing game near last in the league, and no O-lineman get in the pro bowl??? rodney dangerfield syndrome comes to mind

  3. Another story line…. Kevin Williams may not be back. Vikings have a two year option on him, but at a huge payday. Will the Vikings want pay the huge contract? I doubt it. May try redoing contract. But K.Will maybe gone.