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The Bears Want To Talk To Not One Vikings Coach, But Two

The Chicago Bears are going through head coaching candidates like there is no tomorrow now that they have finally decided to end the Lovie Smith era.

Two of the guys they want to take a look at, according to reports, are currently employed by the Minnesota Vikings.  Assistant Head Linebackers Consultant (or something) Mike Singletary and Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer are now on the list to be interviewed in their exhaustive search.

While Singletary possesses a storied history in Chicago and some actually head coaching experience, Priefer is the intriguing name to take note of.  He is certainly a top notch coach and has turned the Vikings special teams into a premier unit during his stay in Minnesota, with reports that he hand-picked kicker Blair Walsh prior to April’s Draft, and Chicago certainly places a high value on special teams.

I was starting to feel offended, although pleasantly at peace, with the fact that no Vikings assistants were being considered for any of the current vacancies throughout the league.

Now we have a little bit of drama to monitor as other teams decide whether or not to scavenge ours.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Nooo. Was Rly looking forward to our coaches all being back. Minus maybe musgrave. Was a hater but he seemed to step it up. Don’t care either way on him.

    1. I’d be shocked if the bears select either of these two given that their list of candidates has more names than Chicagos phone book.

  2. Singletary, Shmingletary, but losing Priefer would suck.

    Not too worried though. Isn’t that the 146th candidate they’ve interviewed now?

  3. I think both Adam and Brett have interviews next week, it just hasn’t been leaked yet.

    1. If Adam and Brett leave…
      Bud will have to take over, Of course he will look to Tombs and Freds for alot of imput…

        1. Perhaps, Skol, but very significantly lacking in facts and useful information. Make no mistake, we all need VT. If necessary, I say show Adam and Brett the money!! (anybody got any?)

          1. yup, they’ve done a good job, so click on their ads here and visit often, that’s usually how sites make a few bucks

            1. Thanks guys… as always your encouragement means a lot and keeps us going. I will say that we do NOT do this for money. If we did that would be pretty sad because I think it comes out to something like $0.000000001 per hour wage. And that’s before the expenses.

              We do it because we enjoy it… and enjoy “hanging out” with you all.

              If you wanted to throw these two dogs a bone, however, here are the best ways:

              1. Most important, help spread the word and get more Vikings fans here on a regular basis.
              2. Once new people do show up, make sure they are welcomed and encouraged to speak their minds.
              3. If you are planning on ordering something from Amazon, click one of our Amazon ads to get you there… we get a small commission for anything you buy and you pay the same price as normal so nothing lost.
              4. Click that top ad from time to time and let the new page fully load. I really hate encouraging that one because it feels so much like begging… so don’t worry about it.

              You guys are the best… and honestly, our hope is some day to earn a little bit of cash here and give some goodies away from time to time (man cave type stuff).

            1. Oh I think it’d turn into an unmitigated disaster in short time, but thank you.

              It is weird, though, that there’s already a Viking site call Grant’s Tomb, and neither Bud nor myself have anything to do with it.

              1. Wow… This turned into quite the conversation! Don’t worry though, if I get the Chicago gig I will trade all of my picks to Minny for Kluwe.

  4. What? No one wants to talk with Musgrave?
    I had forgotten that Singletary was still on our coaching staff, so I guess I won’t miss him much but sure would miss Priefer.

      1. Absolutely! You too, Charlie, and cart, and Cal, and Skol, and wtf, and Malte, and Norse, and…

        Tomb and Freds… not so much. (as though I would have any say over that any way – ha)

        1. well, ok, as long as buds doesn’t include the crop report or start posting pics of his favorite barn animals

            1. …and before anyone tries to correct “herd” of sheep to a “flock” of sheep, I’ll have you know that either of the 2 are acceptable…as well as the 3rd option of “mob.”

              The more you know.

                1. If you just relax and let the information enter you without fighting, it’ll go a lot easier and be over sooner.

            1. Wow. I don’t ever remember such a feisty group after a season ended. Not on of you has come even close to renouncing your fanhood and now… Sheep?!?!

      2. IDK, crew cuts have always sort of freaked me out ever since my old HS football coach.
        “High and Tight,” that’s what he called it. . . .MEAN dude.

    1. Of course they wanted to talk to Musgrave. Leslie just laughed and said, “No way!”

    2. Im with you, Priefer has done wonders for our special teams he is a great special teams coach; and thats coming from me, I am very hard on coaches.

  5. Singletary whatever… Mike Priefer, Think Special teams has come quite aways.
    Really wouldn’t want to see him go.

  6. when do ya ever hear about singletary? oh, forgot, he’s in the dictionary, under ‘nepotism’

    like to keep priefer, tho

        1. I’m not sure why that would of have brought up thoughts of Farve, perhaps a question for your Psychologist? 🙂

  7. “Zulgad: Vikings’ success means expectations will be raised for 2013 season.”

    Ya think? Wow, these people get paid to tell us this stuff? Let me try it…

    “Grant: Viking players disappointed with season-ending playoff loss to Packers.”

    1. That’s pretty good Coach. Here’s one that should really be a shocker:

      “Norseman: Adrian Peterson is pretty good.”

    2. Bud,
      Everytime Zulgad makes a comment, All can remember is he is a packers fan…

      1. Aw, don’t be too tough on Zulgad. Remember, if it wasn’t for his rudeness to a lot of us here at VT, we probably would have stayed on at his evil site. But instead, it gave Adam the start he needed to establish first, VG and now, VT! So, Zulgads arrogance costs him at least 40-50 fans.
        And plus, like you say the guys a Packer fan. YUCK!
        By the way, who’s rooting for the ‘Niners next Saturday?? I am!

        1. Gooooo Niners!!! Send the Cheese back to the frozen tundra with their tails between their legs.

          Great to see you back Norse, hope all is well?

          1. My sons chastise me for this, as likely you all will, but I will pull for… or at least not root against.. the Packers. My belief is that the better your division/playoff foe does, the more it does for your confidence as it heightens the quality of your competition.

            If you lose to the team who loses to the team who loses… well, how does that make you look? I know, maybe its a generational thing, but I find value in the teams in my own division doing well.

            Dang it, I’m gonna be in the minority again. Here it comes…

            1. So in other words, Bud, you are looking for some…

              …. wait for it….

              ….wait a little longer….

              Style points?

            2. Coach, you can never root for the Packers under any circumstances, the Lions maybe but not the Pack. Me rooting for the Pack would be like you rooting for the Cowboys, it aint gonna happen end of story. I would think your division rival getting their asses kicked might just hurt their confidence more than the quality of competition thing.

              1. Lol Coach! You did seem to know you would be in the minority and I suspect you’re right on that.

              2. No question, it will go down in history as your very WORST post Coach.
                Root for the Packers? Did you REALLY say that?
                Say it ain’t so Coach!

              3. Bud,
                Your logic makes sense,But my heart can’t root for the scabby packers.
                Or the cowgirls as Johnny has said…
                Boy you messed with the hornet’s nest!!!

              1. Blasphemy? Out right Sacrilege I say!
                Root for the Packers??!! Holymoly, he didn’t say that, did he?

            3. Do we need to change your name? V. Lombardi is open i believe.
              I could never root for the packers, even if it got the Vikings into the playoffs I’m not sure i could do it, I’m not a traitor like all those bear fans. If it were the lions or even bears i agree with your comment but not the pack, never the pack.

              1. REPOST: Hoping for an outcome of this game is complicated. On the one hand, I certainly don’t hope for any degree of success for the team I utterly despise only so very slightly less than the Cowgirls, and seeing them fail would bring a certain amount of delight to my day. On the other hand, should they prove victorious, I could take consolation in the fact that the team that knocked us out of the playoffs, and won our division, is moving on in the Super Bowl tournament, thus giving us some measure of added credibility. Obviously, my greatest desire is that they would lose.

                (I wish to thank all my friends at VT for noting the error of my ways and directing me back to the straight and narrow path of being a Viking fan.)

                1. with backpeddling like that, coach, you could still play cornerback on a lot of teams

                2. I’m glad you have progressed but there can be no consolation or benefit of the packers winning a superbowl ever!

  8. I read on that the Vikings have the most cap space in our division at approx. $16.1 million. The Lioness’ are actually over. Just hope Ricky Steamboat spends some this year.