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New Uniform Glimpse

The Vikings have been handing out clues to registered fans regarding their new on-field look leading up to their Draft Party unveiling scheduled for Thursday.  The website UniWatch, decided not to make fans wait and leaked a picture of new NFL uniforms a couple of days early.

I’m in full blown Draft mode, and certainly no fashion designer, so I won’t get into this much at all and instead just link to the leaked photo and let you discuss the changes as you please.

The Vikings still plan a more ceremonious unveiling on Thursday.


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Adam Warwas

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  1. Those look pretty darn good….Not as good as the throwbacks, but nice. The numbers seem to have points on them. And the purple pants? Hmmm… Can;t tell for sure but the horn looks pushed back a bit.
    100% better than those outfits we’ve been wearing the last few years.

    1. jersey is good, way better than last year’s. purple pants we can do without, and the matte finish helmet sucks

      1. I love the matte helmets, but I wish we’d just gone to the throwback uniforms these seem to have the stupid “Nike collar” with all the stripes that I hate.

  2. Purple pants! We’re talking old school….don’t know about the matte helmets either…but glad to get rid of the uniforms we had! Let’s hope these are winning unis!! DRAFT! Go Vikes!

  3. Am I the only one who didn’t hate the 07-12 uniforms? Were they my favorite, heck no, but they weren’t bad and I still liked them. The 90’s ones were a lot better but I liked both.