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M-V-Peterson Cleans House In New Orleans

What a great day Saturday turned out to be for Vikings fans.

Cris Carter getting elected into the Hall of Fame was just the beginning.

The NFL hosted their second annual awards show on Saturday night, and oddly chose to air it after everyone knew who won what, but it was still well worth watching for those of us wanting to see Adrian Peterson get what he deserved.

Peterson took home the Fantasy Player of the Year Award, the Fed Ex Ground Player of the Year Award, and the Offensive Player of the Year Award.

The big question, however, was whether or not Peterson would win the Most Valuable Player Award with considerable competition coming out of Denver in the form of Peyton Manning.  By a tally of 30.5 to 19.5 votes, Peterson indeed won the prestigious award for the first time in his decorated career.

Peterson put doubters in the corner by rehabbing his knee and then rushing for 2,097 yards and 12 touchdowns.  As we all know, he fell only nine yards shy of having the greatest season of any running back in history.

Peterson did lose out to Manning in the voting for the much debated Comeback Player of the Year Award.

This may not be the last time Peterson wins this award, however, as he has recently stated that his goal for next season is to rush for 2,500 yards.  At this point, it is hard to doubt the man.

Leslie Frazier also managed to get three votes in the Coach of the Year category, which ended up going to Bruce Arians for his work as an interim coach in Indianapolis.

Congratulations to Peterson on his final achievement of the 2012 season!

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Adam Warwas

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  1. we are so lucky to be able to see AD play live, and even more fortunate to have him play for our vikings

    congrats to AD!

  2. Way to go AD!!!!!!!! Offensive player of the year and MVP!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how many times that has happened!

  3. I was watching the CBS NFL today guys, earlier today. And every one of them picked Peyton Manning. They said a running back can’t win the MVP, because he doesn’t touch the ball on every play. And Peyton Manning is a coach on the field. Peyton even made Bronco’s defense better according to them. I am so glad AD won the MVP award!!! Maybe these talking heads will think before they speak in the future.

    1. “Maybe these talking heads will think before they speak in the future.”

      Yeah…, and maybe we’ll have world peace before the end of next week.

  4. Great day for Vikings fans. Imagine how bonkers this place will be when Jeff Dugan is eventually admitted to the NFL Hall of Fame. Just gotta hope Dugan doesn’t win the Nobel Prize for economics that year. Those goofy swedes would prolly hold their ceremony on the same weekend purely outtta spite.

    Holy crap, as I type this, Leslie Frazier was nominated for coach of the year?!? Cruel jokers that nominating committee, gotta see how this turns out …………….. Bruce Arians …… whew, that was close

  5. i’m sure ponder watched the show tonight. took his lumps. sam files for divorce, on grounds that she ain’t carrying hiz azz for the whole marriage

  6. WOW Frazier top 4 Coaches of the year!!! That needs it own article ADAM or Brett. Love Coach Frazier.

  7. The grin on AD’s face when Peyton go comeback player of the year was priceless!!!!!!!!!!

  8. WOW!! Love AD’s speech. He won’t be able to accept this award next year, because he will be playing for the superbowl!!!

  9. okay WTFvikesfan, slow down 😉
    – Congratulation AD – He nearly brought home every award there was. Some good and humble, yet hopefull speeches as well. Looking forward to see him doing damage on every team next year..
    Can the draft come sooner?

  10. So glad Adrian got the MVP award!
    Was so tired of hearing about how Peyton was going to get it…

  11. OK, obviously happy for AP and the Viking nation, but…

    Most Valuable Player…. means, I assume, that if you were starting an NFL team, and you got to pick the very first player from any in the league, you would pick… Adrian Peterson? Not Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Eli Manning or Andrew Luck or RG III or …? Seems like a lot of talk here is that teams have to have a premiere QB to win and we don’t. Yet a RB is MVP and the Super Bowl QB’s are Joe Flaaco and a rookie name Collin.


  12. Niners talking too much. Beating their chests too much, showing zero respect for their opponent. Ravens will win this game.

  13. Real happy for AD. He deserves it, no doubt.
    And yeah CC, Harbaugh is the biggest baby I’ve seen in a long time.

    1. Jim is just one of those coaches who asks only one thing of the referees… that all close calls go his way. His play calling on first and goal from the five was a far bigger issue than the holding call/no call. Even Musgrave would have run the ball at least once. 🙂

      1. Even though I was rooting for the 9er’s simply because Ray Lewis plays for the Ravens, Jim Harbaugh makes it hard to be a fan of his team. He’s Just WAY too demonstrative.
        And by the way Coach, don’t think I didn’t notice your use of the acronym “ap” but I realized you were just trying to get me to rise to the bait. Ain’t gonna happen. Nope, no way I get riled up over that. I’m past that crap. I’m WAY past that CRAP. YOU HEAR ME??!! I”M WAY PAST THAT CRAP. . .Damn, I just punched a hole thru my keyboard. . .

  14. Easy Fran easy. C’mon man, we can talk about this, can’t we. Really, I thought I typed D but I guess I hit P instead. (They’re right next to each other on my keyboard.). So, see it was an honest mistake, that’s all. Hehe, you believe me right Fran? Right? Fran?

    1. I was with you right up until you lied about your P and D being next to each other on your keyboard but now, I’m just not too sure about you. . .