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Joe Webb Officially Moved to WR

We all knew it was coming.

After his lackluster performance in the Vikings’ Wild Card loss to the Cheeseheads, Joe Webb knew that his only chance of making the 53-man roster in 2013 was at a different position.

Well, now it’s official. The Vikings have moved Webb to wide receiver.

“We had been talking about it for a while, and we made the decision that this was the way to go after we had our draft,” Frazier told the Star Tribune.

With Webb now at wide receiver, he’s facing an uphill battle to stick with the Vikings this upcoming season. He’ll duke it out with Jerome Simpson, Jarius Wright and the rest of the receiver depth chart for snaps behind Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson. Considering the few glimpses we’ve gotten of him as a pass-catcher, it’s not promising to say the least.

Still, you can never discount an athlete of Webb’s caliber. He’s been working to improve his pass-catching skills all offseason long and could surprise during training camp and the preseason.

For now, we wait and speculate on something we knew was inevitable.

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  1. The only chance of him making the roster is a WR…. WRONG!

    If he makes the roster, he will not only be a WR but he could also be the #3 emergency QB and a primary returner.

    If MBT or James Vandenburg struggle as the #3 QB.. or if they look very sharp… that will play a very big roll in Webb making the roster.

    Jerome Simpson and S Burton didn’t do much last year to impress me. I think a raw Joe Webb can beat out those 2 guys as a WR. Webb may not have silky smooth hands but Harvin didn’t either.

    Webb will also get a shot as a return guy! His only NFL kick off return went for 30 yards. I wouldn’t be suprise if Webb was used more than C Patterson in preseason games as a returner. If Webb can prove he can catch kickoffs and punts and be a playmaker in the return game… that is what will ultimately earn his roster spot.

    Some teams only keep 2 QBs on the roster… With Webb as a returner, WR and emergency QB, the Viking could go with 2 QBs on the roster.

  2. Well, this should be an interesting year. Kind of a put up or shut up year for Ponder, and now Webb.

    1. Why does everybody give up on a qb so fast these days? Give ponder a chance to be a qb.

      1. So fast? It’s his third year, not his rookie season.

        …and who has given up? Saying “prove it” is a far cry from “I’m done with him.”

  3. Webb grew up playing football, baseball and basketball. 6-3 220 can run a 4.4 forty with a 42 inch vertical jump. 32 receptions for 471 yards and 4 TD at UAB as a WR. Drafted as a 6th round talent as a WR. 52 total offensive TDs and 8,545 total offesive yards at UAB.

    This will be fun to keep an eye on in camp.

  4. vikings’ reporters who’ve watched him practice say webb can’t catch. so, can’t throw, can’t catch…? i used to really like him, too. say it ain’t so, joe!

  5. I will be shocked if Spider makers the final roster as a WR. Just because he is a very good athelete, it doesn’t mean he can play football. I think his games speak for themselves.

  6. Apparently he accepts the premise that he can’t play QB in the NFL. Otherwise he would have asked for his release so as to be able to sign with another team as a QB. The calls for that would not have been forthcoming.

    I hope he makes the team so he can carry AD off the field when he BREAKS the rushing record this season.