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Congratulations To Hall Of Famer Cris Carter

It should never have taken this long, but we now have confirmation that former Vikings receiver Cris Carter is one of the game’s best of all time, as he has finally been voted into the Hall of Fame.

Carter’s sixteen year career ended with him having compiled 1,101 catches for 13,899 yards and 130 touchdowns.  He is still fourth of all time in both catches and touchdown reception, while he is tied for second with his eight Pro Bowl appearances.  For over a decade, Vikings fans got to enjoy seeing Carter wear purple during the best seasons of his career, where his name became synonymous with breath-taking one-handed catches and spectacularly improbable touchdowns.

10 years ago the Vikings inducted Carter into their Ring of Honor and retired his jersey number.  This should surprise anyone as he still owns a boatload of franchise records including all of the major records for receivers.  He will be the 12th Minnesota Viking to be inducted into the Hall.

Carter’s personal struggles as a young NFL player in Philadelphia, and perhaps his post-player career as an analyst, have been thought to postpone his induction.  We all knew, however, that it was only a matter of time.

I, for one, cannot wait to hear his speech in Canton.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Congrats to Carter but I still find it hard to like the guy because he’s such a tool on espn.

  2. It Is about time…Great player. Never seen anyone before or since make the catches he made week in and week out. Unbelievable stuff, seriously. And this guy put it all out there, all heart. Well deserved…even if a little late.
    And a big congratulations to AD! NFL MVP! Wow….Loved his speech. -Next year wants to win it again…just not be able to be there to accept…preparing to play instead!- Love that kid!

  3. I was watching the CBS NFL today guys, earlier today. And every one of them picked Peyton Manning. They said a running back can’t win the MVP, because he doesn’t touch the ball on every play. And Peyton Manning is a coach on the field. Peyton even made Bronco’s defense better according to them. I am so glad AD won the MVP award!!! Maybe these talking heads will think before they speak in the future.

  4. this is so cool. great day for vikings fans

    huge congrats to carter! very well deserved, was just a matter of time

    watching nfl honors here on the west coast now, but of course i know AD won his mvp, and the offensive player of the year award. big congrats to AD!
    interesting seeing favre sitting next to frazier
    just saw AD got the fantasy player, too, hadn’t seen that

    1. Yeah Cal, noticed that. Peterson was seated right in front of them…seems he was in the Vikes corner. Must still have something against Packers.

    2. yea i saw that too, kind of funny. Well congratulation to both AD and Cris Carter!!!

  5. Congratulations Cris Carter.. WELL deserved, hands down the best hands in NFL and the # 2 receiver at the time he retired.. A shame he had to wait that long before getting into the Hall.. Well deserving

  6. Good the hear Cris finally made it into the H o f !
    Well deserved no doubt!
    Ps: C.C.
    Your full name finally happened 😀