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Bears’ Brandon Marshall says Vikings’ Harrison Smith is NFL’s hardest hitting safety

Vikings safety Harrison Smith is the hardest hitting safety in the NFL.

At least, according to Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

On Monday, free agent safety Hamza Abdullah (brother of former Vikings safety Husain Abdullah) posed the question, “Who’s the hardest hitting safety in the #NFL?” via twitter. Marshall responded “Minnesota’s 22.”

Smith, of course, wears No. 22 for the Vikings.

Chicago defeated Minnesota 31-30 on Sunday.

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  1. this last lion’s game, maybe it was reggie bush, but some lion had just gotten pasted by smith and after the play ended the guy kept looking back at whoever had hit him and smith was just walking away like he did that all the time, hehe

    1. …and that is what is known as “class”. When you do your job right, you don’t gyrate all over the place like a circus clown.

  2. Might be the first good dback drafted and produced by this organization since Joey Browner.

  3. I think we got a good one with this kid…it’s also cool he wears #22. Mr. Krause should be proud. Nice job Ricky…

    1. Funny, I have a signed Krause jersey headed my way as we speak. He needs to take his rightful place on the Vikes wall of fame at Casa de Tomb.

    2. BTW, Krause was before my time. He was obviously the INT king, but did he actually bring the lumber, or was he the original Primetime?

      1. Krause brought no lumber. Have you ever seen a cowboy run alongside a calf and drag him down? That’s how Paul brought down a running back.

        1. Pretty sure he was a QB in HS or college, and was a holder for place kickers as well.

        1. Well, a good share of them anyway, yeah FOZZ. And keep in mind it was a far different position then from what it is now. The safeties back then had almost no role in stopping the run.

  4. …and I wish he had arrived a few steps sooner on a particular pass to Drew Pearson!

    1. A lot of people don’t realize that it was that play that coined the term “Hail Mary Pass”
      Drew Pearson definately pushed off Nate Wright and made the catch for a TD. Krause (My favorite all-time player) was several steps away from the play and never had a chance.
      That game had all kinds of drama; The guy throwing the whiskey bottle from the stands and hitting the Ref right in the head and knocking him stone cold OUT!

      And I lost my first 24″ color TV set when a can of “Brew 102” slipped out of my hand and went flying across the room, right into the TV.
      I’ve HATED the Cowgirls ever since.

      Hey Tomb, trade you a Winfield sewn jersey for the the signed Krause. . .

      1. i distinctly remember watching that game at that moment, and immediately saying that he pushed off, it was so clear. i could not believe that they didn’t call that. and yes, hate them cheatin’ cowporkers

        1. Up until the NFC championship game with the ‘Ain’ts, that was my alltime worst memory of a Vikings game. (Although I’d still like to fist fight Drew Pearson)

      2. Think I’ll keep the Krause, but I’ll trade you a sewn Harvin jersey for your Winfield.

  5. Yup, we were all pretty much celebrating a win, and then…. Krause tried to help the ref, but he had already decided that he dare not flag a Cowboy when the game is on the line. Later that evening Fran’s father died of a heart attack, if I recall correctly.

  6. Yeah it really was. (You guys DO know we’re talking about Fran Tarkenton’s Father, right?)

    1. And of course, I’m NOT Fran Tarkenton. (I can just run and throw a football just like he used to)