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Another Viking Will Play On Sunday

One of the, umm, “benefits” of not playing in the Super Bowl is that you might just qualify for a free trip to Hawaii to play in the season’s most meaningless football game.

The Vikings will be well represented during Sunday’s Pro Bowl.  We have already noted that Adrian Peterson, Jerome Felton, Jared Allen, and Chad Greenway will be playing.

Another alternate has made the final cut, however.  Tight end Tony Gonzalez played a hard fought game, possibly his last ever, on Sunday and will not be filling his roster spot on the NFC’s all-star squad in Honolulu.

Instead, alternate Kyle Rudolph will be suiting up.

The second-year tight end recorded 53 catches for 493 yards in his second season, doubling the number of catches from his rookie season.  He was also second among NFL tight ends with nine touchdowns, tripling his total from last year.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Glad to see him go, he is a young guy who will enjoy it much more than a grizzled vet like Gonzalez.

  2. Good for Kyle…
    Did you see the commissioner Goodell said if the players don’t play harder he might do away with the Pro bowl…
    Think i saw it on Espn.

    1. they need to build in an incentive to win the game, like they did in baseball’s all star game

      1. Cal,
        Its like a vacation. Its been like that as long as i can remember watching it…

  3. Well glad for kyle he’s going.. Sure is deserving and that guy could become even better if we actually threw his way a bit more

  4. ponder improved so much at the end of the season, that only about 13 other nfc QBs would hafta drop out for him to make the pro bowl

    that’s encouraging, isn’t it?

  5. Rudolph is the rat bastard occcupying Dugan’s rightful position on the Viking’s roster and now he’s stealing his Pro Bowl spot too?

    That’s just …………… Perfect