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Vikings Poach A CFL Cornerback

It seems like it has been forever since the Vikings had an offseason where they didn’t sign a CFL player quickly after the new league year began.

This offseason is no different.

Edmonton Eskimos cornerback Rod Williams was released as a courtesy (his contract was expiring in February anyways) so that he could catch on with an NFL team as soon as possible.  The Vikings wasted no time scooping up the three-year CFL player and signed him to a contract on Monday.

Williams is 25 years old, stands at 5’ 11”, weighs 180 pounds, and is a product out of Alcorn State.  In three years with the Eskimos he registered 111 tackles and 11 interceptions.

He will surely have an uphill battle making the final Vikings roster, with an already decent depth chart set to get a boost from free agency and the draft, but it is nice to see the Vikings getting a jump start on lining up the training camp competition.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I love these signings. The Vikes haven’t really hit on one of these like Miami with Wake or Seattle with Browner, but there isn’t much of a downside to bringing in a 25 year old who has 3 years of professional experience. He probably has a better chance of making the team than some of the rookie free agents they’ll probably bring in.

  2. this is perhaps just a training camp body but as dan says. there isn’t really much of a downside. He will most likely be as good as an undrafted free agent in this years draft so why not take a chance