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Loadholt Has 25 Million Reasons To Be Happy

I mentioned that newly re-signed right tackle Phil Loadholt had some very kind and gracious words about Minnesota shortly after his new deal was announced.  Now we know he had plenty of reasons to say such nice things.

Loadholt’s deal is reportedly good for up to $25 million over the next four seasons.  Tom Pelissero says it included a $7 million signing bonus and that Loadholt will now count $4.75 million against the 2013 salary cap.  The cap hit will increase by $1 million through every season of the contract.

That means Loadholt’s new contract will see him paid an average of $6.25 million per year, which is very high end money for a right tackle.  Those numbers are particularly impressive considering that there are a number of other right tackle options, such as Sebastian Vollmer and Andre Smith, still on the open market.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. That’s too much. Goddamn Bears did their job driving up the price.

    Don’t suppose there’s a clause reducing the contract amount by a $100k for every false start?

    1. good idea, tomb, like a hundred grand traffic ticket. no big deal, that’s a bar tab for mckinnie

      so, this is the price of continuity, and it shows how much we have to value our running game. give the bears some discredit, but we kept loadholt at a premium, and felton, to help AD, because we don’t know that ponder will improve much. i’m finding that i don’t have much faith in ponder

      1. Careful, Cal. Talking about Ponder that way might get you shipped to your neighbor in the north.

        1. Well, considering it’s impossible to avoid the barrage of Seahawks games out here, it’s almost like watching the Vikings Part II. So I got that going for me.

            1. northern san diego county is a pretty damn nice place to live. i was just half-joking with my wife today that even though the calendar says it’s still winter, the daylight savings time change says it’s summer to me. it’s forecast to be a high of 78 and sunny here tomorrow

              1. I brought the kidlet to Anaheim a couple years ago for a cheer competition she was in, and we spent a free day driving down to San Dog for that SeaWorld deal. Weather was definitely pleasant, but you f**kers drive like madmen. What’s with the motorcycles flying between cars on a stopped highway???

                Nuts, the whole damn bunch of you. Nuts.

                1. ha! tourists are required to stay over to the right in the loser lane, or didn’t you know thaw? it’s legal for bikes to do that

      2. We can draft Barkley!!! Or Jones. One talking head on tv has the Vikings drafting both QB’s.

  2. Yeah, that’s a little more than I was expecting too. At least they are keeping together the key components of AD’s big season.

    1. One thing I will say though, I feel much better about overpaying to keep your own players who you already know fit the schemes and locker room than overspending to get an outside player to switch uniforms. Interesting that Loadholt’s deal will expire the same year they will need to make a long term committment to Kalil. If you look at in in terms of how much total money they’ll have invested in the OT position over the next four years they will probably be sitting pretty for the starting tandem they’ll have.

      1. I agree Dan, keeping the o-line together had to the first priority. Glad to see we got to keep Phil. Sounds like he is happy to stay also. There is something to be said about stability.

  3. I like the build through the draft idea…but I was hoping for somthing. Yeah…it’s early. Here’s hoping tricky Rick pulls a rabbit out of his hat! Nuttin up my slleebe!

  4. We drafted 2 Wrs from Arkasas last year, so the Vikings got a chance to see a lot of tape on QB Tyler Wilson… IMO, the Vikings may have an eye on Tyler Wilson if he falls to pick #52.

  5. Adam, Do you have an updated cap number for the Vikings?
    Do we have enough money to re-sign Winfield, a MLB, WR or a quality backup QB?

    1. Not really, a lot happened yesterday. If I had to guess, I’d say we’re still around $13 mil or so.

      I’ll tell you one thing, though, after reading the Stribs article on how Winfield was cut (a MUST read) Spielman better not go into this season with more than $7mil of cap space. He’ll be lynched.

      I’ll be offline for most of the morning and afternoon, but will be back at it tonight.

  6. According to Winfield, the Vikings didn’t even try to re-structure his contract before cutting him, and they did it by summoning him upstairs to the office of general manager Rick Speilman while Winfield was in the team facility, working out.

    That sucks….

    1. I think Winfield earned that bump in pay, but he probably won’t find $7.5 million on the open market for a soon to be 36 year old corner. He’s a smart guy and I think he probably would realize that and restructure if they had asked him…but he didn’t say he would, he just said they didn’t ask him too. After 9 years of service, it was a pretty crappy way of handling it. They probably won’t need that $7.5 million until they need to sign their draft picks, so unless they sign one of the bigger name corners in the next day or two I really don’t get the timing of the move. Paying a little more for Loadholt shouldn’t have caused this type of knee jerk reaction. If they already knew they were going to cut him they should have done it last week to give him a head start. That would have been a more respectful way to go about things if they wanted a chance at bringing him back.

    2. At least they did it to his face – Spielman’s gut had to be churning hearing those footsteps coming up the stairs. I have a feeling GB will end up signing him to a one year contract for around 5 million

  7. Question… Henderson finished the year playing Middle Linebacker in the Nickle.
    Could the Vikings be thinking about making him a 3 down Middle Linebacker?

    I think Henerson and Audie Cole could get the job done in the middle.

    The Vikings could then draft any of these 3 guys on the outside:
    Arthur Brown
    Khaseem Greene
    Sio Moore

  8. My best quess at an up dated cap space number is less tha 7.2 million.
    Here is the Math.
    I saw a report that had the Vikings at 13.5 before Harvin deal.
    Harvin freed up 2.5 M
    Winfield freed up 7.25 M
    restucturing Carlson freed about 1 to 1.5M ( not sure, just a guess based on the fact he was guaranteed 1.5 but had a cap hit of 4 m).

    So the new total was 24.2 to 24.7 before they started signing guys:
    Loadholt – 6.25M
    Simpson -2 M
    Felton 2.5 M
    Henderson 2 M (just a guess)
    Sanford, Jefferson, Sherels and Berger I will guess at 1M each

    FA total -16.75 M(just a guess)
    Updated cap number “guess” is $24.2 M-$16.75M = $7.45 M

    $7.45 million cap room is just under what Winfield was making.

    We will need room to sign our draft picks.

    1. Nah, that’s too low. 2013 salaries are not accurate reflections of the cap hit due to the spread of bonuses.

      For example, Loadholts cap hit is only 4.75 mil as mentioned in this post.

  9. Freds believes we will be seeing Des Trufant wearing purple in the not to distant future.

  10. Very quiet day so far for the Vikes. I hear nothing but crickets. They could make 2 signings that would help them immensely, They could sign Denario Alexander and Sean Smith,

  11. so wtf is going on are we gunna sign a wr? Or is the plan to have a even worse wr core then last year?