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I Couldn’t Help Myself… Mock Draft 2.0

If your team loses early in the postseason, and you have your own blog, then the reward is being able to turn your gaze towards the NFL Draft.  So, with the Vikings getting a slap upside the head from Green Bay last weekend, I couldn’t help but update my mock.

Last time around I assigned Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson to the Vikings.  Since then, however, the Vikings success meant they worked themselves all the way down to the 23rd selection and the more I looked at Richardson the more I am convinced he will be long gone by that point.

I ended up taking Richardson off the board at the 11th spot (Chargers) and had to see how things worked themselves out by the time the Vikings were “on the clock” in my mock.

A number of interesting option still existed at 23, which is a good sign for when the real deal actually rolls around, and I was awfully tempted to consider North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon.  While I think some quarterback-needy team might trade up to this point and try to grab Glennon, I just don’t see the Vikings realistically spending their first rounder on the quarterback position unless the coaching staff is suddenly and surprisingly dismissed… which won’t happen.

The Vikings will likely target a quarterback at some point in the Draft, but I highly doubt it’ll be that early, as they remain committed to developing Christian Ponder.

I did select someone on the offensive side of the football, however, and could help Ponder in his efforts to improve what has been a very lackluster passing game.

At #23, with USC’s Robert Woods the only other receiver selected prior, I assigned Tennessee product Cordarrelle Patterson to the Vikings.  The rest of the mock can be looked over by clicking here.

He has great size at 6’ 3” and 205 pounds and impressive elusiveness and has helped quarterback Tyler Bray lead an impressive passing game.  He has also contributed significantly by taking handoffs, returning punts, and returning kicks.  Sound familiar?

He is a physical receiver capable of out jumping most defenders, and possesses the ability to consistently make any catch he can get his hands on.  The only knock on Patterson is that he is still raw and needs to work on his route running, which is completely coachable.

For those unfamiliar with Patterson, here is a nice little highlight reel to get you familiarized.  At the very least, take note of how his legs never stop churning… despite the ridiculously long strides this guy take:

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Idk too much about the actual college players but I think the browns and jets both go with offense and the peckers go offensive line. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Cordarelle Patterson, eh?

    The original Patterson film showed a subject with a long stride too (finally, my interests in cryptozoology a long, long time ago come into fashion!).

    1. I don’t know, Tomb, I think I lean toward the kid from Tennessee, myself. But of course, you are entitled to your opinion, which I always value highly.

    2. I dont know Coach, I think he would make a great MLB. Look at the size of that dude! And his agility…did you see the flexibility when he made that turn. Would like to know his 40 time tho…

  3. Looks like the kind of player we are looking for, Adam. I could live with that pick, I think, (unless, of course, Tomb tells us he is a Reach. Then, absolutely not.)

    1. Don’t worry coach, Tomb will just agree with me and disagree with you, no matter what 🙂

      He’s like a flock/herd of sheep… Just follows!

  4. The later stages of the season tell me we need to look at the linebacker position as a higher priority than I had first thought. I gotta believe we head into next training camp with only one linebacker position nailed down (Greenway), and will see wide open competition from current roster guys as well as FA’s and rookies. If Brinkley and/or Henderson want to stay on the field, they will have to show it (if they are still around).

      1. Is this some sort of new year’s resolution, Adam? That’s more “agrees” from you than I usually get in a week.

  5. I’ve read many places that woods won’t go that high and possible could be there in the middle of the 2nd round. Keene Allen is a different story though, and i have often seen him being taken as high as the 12 pick (dolphins)

    1. I have these guys stacked in a certain order, Malte, and it often isn’t a popular opinion. And I’m ok with that.

      With 2011 being the big exception, I have had decent accuracy (relative) in my mocks. Not tooting my own horn, just saying there is usually a method to my madness.

      About this time last year I had the only mock I could find on the net that had RGIII going second overall. Everyone thought the Vikes had missed out on Kalil.

      1. Griffin expected to have surgery to repair a torn LCL this week and that doctors will examine the ACL

  6. The kid does some Nice cuts, He reminds me of Sidney Rice with more speed…
    Seems like a good pick…
    But if Tomb doesn’t like it, Count me out!

    1. Agreed…and no worries, You all can feel free to speculate and prognosticate and elaborate and dictate and promulgate to your hearts’ contents.

      I don’t intend on bringing out the Reach-O-Meter until after Free Agency. Right now it’s getting calibrated, so it’ll be balls-on accurate for draft day.

  7. Did both Patterson and Hunter have problems with drops for Tennessee this year? I know Hunter did and thought I saw Patterson drop a few as well. I’m wondering if Te-o and other Notre Dame defenders are going to be hurt on draft day by that performance last night. I can’t believe how many tackles that team missed last night.

  8. Hes not even the number 1 WR coming out of Tennessee. I like DaRick Rogers in the 2nd, first I will be furious(I could insert some other not as nice words there) if we pass over Jesse Williams. Rebuild the Williams wall at DT.

    PS: Where is williams in your mock? There is no way he slides out of the first most mocks have him as the #2 or 3 DT, I have seen him mocked as high as 4th and never lower than 28.

    1. He wasn’t even the #2 at the start of this season… And I don’t care. He is raw, yes, but I would argue he is a top three WR until forever.

    2. Williams is an interesting case. I’m not as high on him as you are I guess. I’ll try to reevaluate soon just for you skol

      1. Yeah I’m very high on Williams, I like that he’s a former rugby player, can bench over 600, is big (330), and played for ‘bama who has a great record with top picks. I just don’t like any wr this year in the first… Patterson physically is probably the best?

        And thanks for the reevaluation!

  9. I was reading a mock the other day and it seemed very true. This years crop of Receivers is solid but has no top receivers. The difference between the top WR(Allen would be my guess) and a WR going at the end of round 2 is very minimal. The same goes with 4-3 LB. Id like to see DT(Williams)-WR(Rodgers if Frazier can fix him)-LB(Skov)

  10. WR is first priority, but not necessarily in the first round if it’s a reach, cuz those dudes bust too often. approach of bpa within a few positions, like WR, LB, NT, CB, later rounds WR again (childs is more than likely gone)

    no QB at all, unless a ridiculous drop falls into our lap, and develop mbt

    i know love is coming back, but i’d like to improve the guard spot, too

    1. I think WR may be approached in free agency, and we have too many holes to make anything a number 1 priority. We need BPA unless its a C/DE/FS. I think the draft is topheavy in DT talent, after the 2nd round there will be no decent DT’s left, so we have to get one early. WR is always a crap shoot so I would rather take a 2nd or 3rd rounder, they pan out as often as first rounders.

      1. it’s not ricky’s style, but a WR in fa would be worth it. WR is a priority, if not no. one, close to it, because the team lacks good WRs and we need to give ponder every chance to succeed right away to see if he’s capable of being a good long term QB. just balancing our killer running game with a decent passing game is so important, we were like 30th or something in passing

    2. Agree on a lot of points made here, especially the part about BPA.

      Disagree on QB though… Should draft one every year… And we already skipped last year.

        1. Yeah… the sad part is that Childress once said this exact thing and I, ahem, had to agree with him.

          I’m not one to cling to too many steadfast principles, or doing things just for the sake of doing them, or never saying never… but, yes, I think it is important to draft a quarterback in every single year of an NFL franchise’s existence… at least in today’s NFL.

          1. Yikes agreeing with Childo, I’ll never admit to that. I agree Vikes should have drafted a qb every year for about the last 10 years or so but that’s not the ideal position to be in. Under normal circumstances I would say to draft a qb every 3 or 4 years.

            1. I’m not saying a 1st rounder every time… just saying to add the competition… with hopes of not having to choose between an undrafted dude and a 6th round receiver when your starter goes down prior to a playoff game.

              And… to provide a high level of competition every year… which I see you agree with Johnny in my post about Frazier already naming Ponder the starter 🙂

              1. I agree in theory Adam but lets say last year in the 6th round they take a qb just to draft a qb and pass on Walsh? But hey I would have been happy to at least gotten a decent backup qb there too.

                1. Yup… you have to target players that you actually want and draft them where you feel comfortable drafting them… can’t force it too much. Absolutely.

              2. Well if you draft a QB every year, The odds are you could find a diamond in the rough or a Capable backup…

  11. There is no way I would takes a WR from USC in the 1st round. USC receivers are normally over rated and bust continually. I would take a DT with the first pick.

  12. Uhhhhh.. Uhhhhh, ” well, the kids got a little wiggle.” “uhhhhh, “we’ll take the best player available”, “We flew down to Florida to look Percy in the eyes and see….. you know, sniff the car for some weeds.”

    Freds misses “the coach of the year”.

  13. Freds,
    You will get over it.
    Nice shirt ! ( I personally would’nt wear it )

  14. I’m uncomfortable with this guy in the 1st. It was hard to see clearly, but it looked like he uses his body to catch too much. And, if he dances around like that in the NFL he’s not going to last even one complete season.