By Beating The Redskins, Vikings Lost To The Rams

Prior to a number of late-season games in 2011, fans of this blog and countless others argued passionately about whether or not it was acceptable to root for their team to lose in an effort to secure better Draft position.

Both sides made good arguments, and now Minnesota’s local media is going nuts for a topic they refused to touch back in December.

Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press says that the Christmas victory over Washington “cost Vikings dearly.”  Dan Wiederer of Access Vikings calls it the win the “costliest in Vikings’ history.”

With reports surfacing that indicate the St. Louis Rams could be on the verge of striking a Herschel-type deal that lands them multiple high Draft picks, and possibly some talented players, it is hard to argue that the Vikings would rather have the second overall pick than the third.

Oh, and don’t forget, that was the game in which Adrian Peterson suffered his devastating knee injury.

These writers aren’t throwing blame at anyone (Joe the Draft Killer!), and are simply pointing out the obvious, but I still find it difficult to sign off on the throwing of an NFL game just to enhance their Draft position.  Besides, the Vikings are still in pretty good position, and may soon find themselves in an even better one.

It is tough, however, to think of any win in Vikings history that led to the team losing so much.