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Let’s Open This Thing Up Again

Alright… let’s do this thing.

Once again, I would like to open the floor up to you all.  Post some questions in the comments section of this post and I will do my best to hit as many as possible sometime this weekend.

Preference will be given to questions regarding the upcoming matchup against the Vikings, the Vikings quarterback situation, and what it is like to work with the great Brett Anderson.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Adam, to what degree do you think poor offensive line play and a weak receiving corps are having on the performance of Christian Ponder?

  2. I read everyday about the Vikings running the ball and the opponent about how they’re going to stop it. Why don’t the Vikings come up with pass play down the field to catch the defense off guard and score some points?

  3. Adam do you think any of our coaches should be back next year? Musgrave is well you all know already. I liked Alan Williams until I realized he never blitzes. Ever. We couldn’t dent the Chicago line that was shredded a week ago, not to mention the fact that the announcers figured out whichever way lance Lewis pulled Chicago ran while Williams couldn’t.
    As for Frazier he put this staff together and has been pulling for all the wrong players. He has not shown a desire to win important games or rivalry games(no Detroit isn’t our rival they’re our B!+©h)

  4. Adam, what would be more likely to happen the Vikes winning, or Peterson rushing for 175+ yards? See what I’m sayin?

  5. slightly off requested subject line, but would you give me an update on the contract status of Spielman and Frazier?

  6. if we’re down by 24 in the 4th quarter sunday, which would you rather see on 3rd and 11, from anywhere on the field, a 2 yd swing pass, or a 50 yd interception?

  7. as far as Ponder throwing to a receiver who drops the ball and Frazier calling that “unacceptable”………what does that mean, “unacceptable”? I really need to know…..

  8. what would get brett anderson more street cred in the nfl, a well-disguised suh kick to the crotch, a season-ending allen blindside block, a blatant stomp on a downed opponent, or a pre-warned punch to the jewels?

  9. i was wandering if theres ne chance the vikings will look into bringing rolondo mcclain? I know theres some trouble with him, but he could be good competion for our linebacker core…im sure with spielman its slim…but just was wandering ur take…

  10. Adam, after you answer Coaches question (“to what degree do you think poor offensive line play and a weak receiving corps are having on the performance of Christian Ponder?”)
    (Answer; to the nth degree) and then start to realize that Ponder may not be the answer, do you think we may want to take a look at Alex Smith and possibly work out a trade?
    What would you think about trading AD for A. Smith, Frank Gore and Randy Moss?

  11. What is up with AD missing the team bus last Sunday? He is suppose to be a leader.

  12. Any comment on Brandon Marshall’s statement about players using Viagra to enhance performance?

  13. Well AK today is your lucky day! Ziggy Wilf just called you and made you GM of the Minneapolis Vikings!

    Your first conversation with Zig goes like this :

    Ziggy – Adam, you know who Chris Ponder is right?
    Adam – Yes
    Ziggy – You know we finished last year 7- 9?
    Adam – Actually it was 6 -10
    Ziggy – Really? Just so you know, we are keeping Leslie as head coach and the rest of the staff as we had it last year, so if you think you’re going to make changes there, you’re not.
    Adam – Fine
    Ziggy – Crap, I just spilled gefilte fish on my white shirt. Would you call my son Mark and ask him to bring me a new shirt when he peddles his bike to work today?
    Adam – ahhh, what is gefilte fish? Sure, I’ll call him.
    Ziggy – As I was saying, I need a smart guy like you to figure out what the hell we should do with Ponder. I don’t want any of those long winded 4,000 word non answers that one of your plaid wearing old bloggers likes to give. I want a short plan on what you recommend we do or don’t do with Ponder before the start of training camp.
    Adam – How much do I make for this job anyway?
    Ziggy – Shut the hell up and just fix the problem we have at QB. Should we stay the course and hope Ponder develops? Do you think we should spend a first rounder this year and cut Ponder? Where the hell is Mark with my new shirt? Do you think we should sign a free agent QB for next year? Do you think Joe Webb….ha ha ha…never mind Joe Webb. I just want your plan for next year and I want it now.
    Adam – I’ll have a my plan to you in 5 days.
    Ziggy – Cut Erin Henderson and Chris Kluwe. I don’t give a rats ass what else you do. One other thing…do you like my hair cut?

    So AK…. what’s your plan for QB assuming we no more from Ponder this year. We’ve seen some good we’ve seen some bad?

  14. Adam, in your conversation with Zygmund (adroitly summarized by Freds) was Mr. Wilf wearng really tight shorts? Ya know, tight enough to showcase his …..uh ….religion. Asking that on behalf of Johnny’s bigger sister.

    Jarius Wright – flash in the pan or for real?

    Which future FA QB is most likely the one year fill in when the Vikings unload Ponder to the Cardinals for a seventh round draft pick. I’m guessing Flynn.

    What are you getting the kids for Christmas?

    Better singer, angry Brett or William Hung?

    Swartz or Fusco?

    Allens last year? Trade him for value then turn Everson Griffin loose?

    In the future, will Pfizer drop their NFL sponsorship if the Bears ever come up short in a fourth and inches situation?

  15. Am I the only one that thinks Matt Schaub bears a striking resemblance to Vladimir Putin?

    Am I the only one that thinks Alex Smith bears a striking resemblance to Aaron Rodgers?

    When will Joe Buck finally succumb to his unbridled passions and slam an open mouth kiss on Troy Aikman on national TV?

    I’m guessing Rodgers starts fast, levels out, then finishes with a complete destruction of the Vikes. I think we lose by at least 20 points, and The Big Reach looks awful. What say you, prediction of our next game?

  16. two pointed question:
    when is a safe time to look beyond ponder at qb? besides barkley, what other options in the draft provide something better than a reach?