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Gil Alcaraz IV: An Introduction to VT

To the readers of Vikings Territory,

I, Gil Alcaraz IV, would like to formally introduce myself to the VT community as one of the new contributors.

Although a few of you may already know me from my other sites TheVikingDen.com or RantSports.com, I’ll give you a quick rundown of my credentials as a Vikings writer and NFL analyst. After playing football for seven years, including a brief stint at Occidental College (D3), I took my football prowess to the written word. Including work with Yahoo! Sports and USA Today, I’ve spent the last four years honing my skills as a sports journalist and football expert.

Enough about the writing experience, though. What matters is my standing as a Vikings faithful.

My love for the purple and gold started when I was much younger, around the age of 10. While watching a Vikings-Panthers game with my dad, I witnessed a phenomenal play courtesy of then-Minnesota quarterback Daunte Culpepper. I immediately told myself that I wanted to make plays like that, and I joined my local Pop Warner team shortly after. At that point, I was hooked.

Since that day, I’ve possessed an unwavering passion for the Vikings. From the years that they flirted with the playoffs, to the huge letdowns via Brett Favre and everything in between, I’ve worn my horns with pride.

I started The Viking Den a year ago in hopes of sharing my purple thoughts with the public, but have since seen it suffer with my ever-growing role with Rant Sports as a Network Manager. Still, I’ve decided to join Brett and Adam, and am ready to begin spilling my Vikings knowledge out onto the pages of VT.

My presence on VT might be sporadic at times, but I’m always available via email ([email protected]) or Twitter. If you have any questions or just want to talk Vikings, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m excited to be a part of the VT team and can’t wait to help this site become one of the best Vikings blogs on the Web.

No matter the end result of this 2012 season for the Vikings, always remember: SKOL!

Gil Alcaraz IV

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  1. Gil Alcaraz IV?

    Hmmm…that name sounds made up.

    Welcome, “Gil,” but I’ll be keeping a wary eye on you…no shenanigans. We’ve got lots of “oldz” here, and they don’t tolerate shenanigans. You should see them get worked up (after their naps and meds, that is), a formidable lot, to be sure.

  2. GAIV ? Well it’s not exactly RGIII or for that matter Titus Young SR, but it will do. Glad to have you here. Glad to hear you tweet. Freds recommends you follow Brett. Dude has a tendency to get a little drunk and alot angry when the Vikings aren’t doing well.

    Look forward to seeing your stuff. Well, not like that… but, you know.

  3. Welcome Gil! Sounds like we might finally have a real writer here, the two guys we have are…really great guys and all, buy you know…

    1. Ahem!!!!! Okay, a written clearing of the throat was the only retort I could generate. I surrender, CC. 🙂

  4. Good to have you aboard, Gil. Look forward to your observations.

    We may as well get this cleared up right away. There are some rather unusual people who post on this site. Looks like a few have already introduced themselves. I, on the other hand, am normal. Hope that helps.

  5. Appreciate all of the comments and I’m really excited to join Adam and Brett as a part of VT.

    TOMB: I can assure you that “Gil Alcaraz IV” is my real, birth-given name. I even have the records to prove it. And there will be plenty of shenanigans from me, so get ready. But what else would you expect from a guy named “Gil Alcaraz IV.” The “IV” says it all.

    BIG JOHNNY’S BIG SISTER: I liked the movie “The Gladiator.” Unfortunately my name isn’t as cool as half of the characters in it.

    B. Grant: No worries. Writing for Yahoo, I had plenty of time to get feedback from readers who were 10x worse than anyone on VT. You have to have thick skin to be a sports journalist.

    Everyone else: Thanks for the warm welcome. Glad to be here and hope to provide some real writing around here unlike those two clowns… I mean great guys that I can now call partners. SKOL

  6. You had readers that were “10x worse than anyone on VT”
    Sounds like a challenge, you snot-nosed little. . .oops, games coming on, we’ll be in touch.

    1. little does he know, the last guy to “join Adam and Brett as a part of VT” needed several shots of penicillin