Vikings fill practice squad spot, sign WR LaMark Brown

After trying out three wide receivers last week, the Minnesota Vikings have made their decision, signing former Minnesota State pass-catcher LaMark Brown to their practice squad.

This move comes within a week of electrifying wide receiver Percy Harvin getting the IR stamp. Offensive tackle Troy Kropog was elevated from the practice squad to the active roster to fill the void, which allowed for the Vikings to add a new receiver, Brown, to the mix.

After going undrafted this past April, the 6’3’’, 225-pound Brown enjoyed short stints with the Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills and, most recently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who released him from their practice squad on Nov. 13.

Brown began his college career at Kansas State, where he spent three years playing running back before transferring to the DII Minnesota State. While with the Mavericks, he made the transition to wide receiver, hauling in 31 passes for 405 yards and five touchdowns. He still received some work out of the backfield as well, amassing 98 yards and four touchdowns on 31 carries.

The Vikings have Brown listed as a tight end, but he will likely be used at both positions while working with the scout team. During his pre-draft pro day, Brown clocked a 4.5 40-yard dash time.

It’s not the impact wide receiver signing that some were hoping for, but who knows what type of player Brown could develop into given the proper time and coaching. The Vikings have never been bashful about giving a homegrown player an opportunity, either.

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  1. hey, do you know anything about our other scout team wide receivers? chris summers should have all the measurables to be a down field target

  2. Forget these undrafted FA TE/WR. We need Larry Fitzgerald. As I said on another thread; “How cool would it be to somehow get a trade worked out with Arizona for Larry Fitzgerald? The poor guy went thru his whole young life dreaming of playing for the Vikes (he was raised in Minnesota and at one time was ballboy for the team.) What are the chances?”

    1. Not sure he dreamed of playing for the Vikings, he wanted to win a superbowl. It would be nice to get him but unrealistic, plus why would he want to leave Arizonas qb mess to come to Minnesotas? Bowe is a more realistic wish

      1. No, it’s true. As a young boy, growing up in Minnesota, he’d lie in his Viking-shaped bed, with his Purple Pajamas and dream, night after night, of playing for the Minnesota Vikings. He actually moved that same bed to Arizona and still sleeps in it, with his purple pajamas and dreams, to this day, of playing for the Minnesota Vikings. He even wears those purple pajamas under his Arizona Cardinal uniform when he plays on Sundays. We were sitting around his pool a couple months ago at his mansion in Arizona and he said to me, “Fran the Man, as a young boy I used to dream of playing for the Minnesota Vikings. I’d even give up winning a Super Bowl to just play for the Vikings”
        So see Skol?, once again, you got it wrong.
        And by the way, Larry refers to Adrian Peterson as “AD” and thinks that people who call him “AP” are just dumb. He really told me that.

        1. That’s a great story Fran…it sounds crazy, but for some reason I believe you. Must’ve been how you said it…

          1. No really, true story. (Well at least the part about him growing up in Minnesota)

          1. Seriously? Again with the “BD” reference?
            You obviously didn’t have the misfortune of viewing the actual photos, or the “B” wouldn’t be part of your acronym. More like “L” if you get my drift.
            Plus, who the hell cares what that Pucker thinks?

            1. Your correct i choose not to look at Favres photo shoot. We should care what he thinks, i hope we hire him as a coach to replace musjoke and eventually mr Freeman.

  3. Would love to see Fitzgerald play for the Vikings and would like to see Bethyl-Thomas play as QB

    1. I Wanna see what mjbbt has too but he should still be a backup plan, i wouldn’t wanna start a season with him and BR at qb.

    1. I think Fran wants to unload Jared Allen in the worst way, maybe he can shoehorn the mullet-man into a trade for the Fitz man.

      Fitzgerald, AD and Harvin on the same field? It’s a beautiful thought.

      1. NOW you’re talkin’ man! Seriously tho, It’s not that I dislike Jared, I actually really dig the guy but we have his replacement in Everson Griffin and Jared could be some serious trade material. I’d trade him in heart beat for Fitzgerald.

        1. No, now ya made me mad Fran, trying to trade my favorite Viking. I like Jared more than AP

  4. I can’t get too excited about a guy thats been dumped off 3 practice squads already. I know there’s slim pickings this time of year but really?

        1. Oh, so now you’re trying to take over my job?
          One of those rare instances Carter, where Skol is right. Chad has gone back to just being Chad. Which is really not a good thing, just ask his girlfriend.

            1. Slacking? Hell I was probably sleeping. Seems like I’ve done more drugs in the last 48 hours than I did in all of 1969.

      1. Hey CC and a big negative on those two clowns. We got what we got at wr and we’re gonna have to live with it the rest of the year. I think Wright might step up and make some plays but our current qb has a weak arm and cant throw the deep ball very well anyway.

  5. hey! it’s a gil! ok, riddle me this, gilman. are we about to get Norv’d, and see the peter principle reversed, as he will apparently soon be looking for an OC job?

    1. Ugh. I don’t think I could handle the brutal effects of a Norving. I think you’d have to have a string of demotions before the Peter Principle was finally reversed.

      1. doubt it’ll happen. he’s got a year left at $3 mil. on his contract to sit around and do nothing

  6. Gil, you’re talking about our lack of WR depth and it got me thinking, what the hell are we ever going to do with Joe Webb. I think the consensus is that its not in the cards for him to be our starting QB, so why are we not playing him at WR on occasion? The best athlete on our entire team and we NEVER seehim on the field. Seems very strange to me.

  7. Frans,

    Let your old pal Fragile explain why the Vike don’t use JJ Jumpin Joe Webb as a receiver. It’s because he can’t run routes and he can’t catch. As side from that, he’s probably better than Jerry Rice.

    Watch some of Joe’s college videos. He catches the ball against his body like a Pop Warner star. This just doesn’t work in the nfl.

    He’s fast, he’s big, he can jump…. He simply can’t throw with accuracy, run routes or catch the ball. In short he is a gimmick. Use him from time to time when someone gets hurt. As a regular player….never.

    1. Geez Freds, two thirds of our WR’s can’t catch. At least he’s fast. Stick him in there, whats to lose?

  8. Sorry Frans, in all of Freds ramblings he never did answer your question… “what the hell are we ever going to do with Joe Webb?”

    1) Give him a ball cap and let him roam the sidelines and collect mad cash for carrying a clipboard as 3rd string QB.
    2) Cut him next year (as they should have this year) and move in a real QB prospect into that spot.
    3) Have him teach Erin Henderstone how to play linebacker. Hell, no one else is doing it.

    1. I wonder if that film of him jumping over that 26′ pile of blue mats hadn’t been seen by any of us, we wouldn’t had such high hope for the guy. What a disappointment