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Vikings 2012 Roster Cuts

Today, the Vikings have the always difficult task of trimming their roster down to 53 players. A week or so ago, the Vikings made the jump from 90 to 75. The players cut in the first round are listed below. Today, though, we are focused on the final cuts that will fit the roster within the NFL’s roster requirements.

I’ll do my best to keep up with the cuts as they come. Keep checking back for more.

(Edit: The official announcement of cuts has been made by the Vikings. See the list below for the players who were released/waived today)

First round:

  • Bridger Buche, Guard
  • Derrick Coleman, Running Back,
  • Grant Cook, Guard
  • Solomon Elimimian, Linebacker
  • Corey Gatewood, Cornerback
  • Levi Horn, Offensive Tackle
  • Anthony Jacobs, Defensive Tackle
  • Kamar Jorden, Wide Receiver
  • A.J. Love, Wide Receiver
  • Tyler Nielsen, Linebacker
  • Ernest Owusu, Defensive End
  • Tydreke Powell, Defensive Tackle
  • Chris Stroud, Cornerback
  • Kerry Taylor, Wide Receiver
  • Bryan Walters, Wide Receiver

Today’s Cuts:

  • Ryan D’Imperio, Fullback
  • Chris DeGeare, Offensive Guard
  • Emmanuel Arceneaux, Wide Receiver
  • Nick Reed, Defensive End
  • Jeff Charleston, Defensive End
  • Trevor Guyton, Defensive Tackle (rookie)
  • Lex Hilliard, Running Back
  • Kevin Murphy, Offensive Tackle
  • Sage Rosenfels, Quarterback
  • Jordan Todman, Running Back
  • Chris Carr, Cornerback
  • Eric Frampton, Safety
  • Chase Baker, Defensive Tackle
  • Bobby Felder, Cornerback
  • Tyler Holmes, Offensive Guard
  • Reggie Jones, Cornerback
  • Corey Parades, Linebacker
  • Austin Pasztor, Offensive Guard
  • Quentin Saulsberrry, Center
  • Mickey Shuler, Tight End

Placed on IR:

  • DeMarcus Love, Offensive Tackle
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Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson (Founder) is a passionate Viking fan hailing from Sin City, Las Vegas. He can remember, as a child, scraping his knee on the playground and his friends being completely shocked by the purple blood trickling from the wound. When Brett isn't scouring the Internet for some semblance of Vikings news, he enjoys blindly putting money on them to beat whoever their opponent may be, and daydreams about being their next Tight End. Brett graduated from UNLV with a degree in Architecture and specializes in web/graphic design; he hopes to provide this site’s visitors with the best Vikings experience on the net.

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  1. Vontaze Burfict made the Bengals… Guess I wasn’t so far off saying we should take a 7th round flyer on him!

  2. I am surprised they released Sage. I think he could have really helped Ponder a lot.

  3. Norse, I’m with you on Sage. Bad cut in my mind. Also surprised at Arceneaux being cut.

  4. AJ Jefferson traded to us. Replaces Carr, and apparently a great tackler who struggles in deep coverage. Sounds like a Minnesota guy to me lol.

  5. Rosencopter and Todman are huge surprises to me. If Ponder goes down we are screwed, Webb is not a good qb and the lawyer firm guy is way to raw. I thought Todman showed enough to make the roster, that dude can flat out fly. Two really boneheaded cuts that could come back to haunt them IMHO.

    1. I totally agree Johnny. One thing that’s even scarier than the lack of depth at QB is the lack of depth on the O-line.

      1. Yeah Norse and I see they kept Patrick Brown? That dude is the worst olineman I’ve ever seen, he gets blownup against other teams third stringers. And I’d sure like to know what they see in Felton?

        1. No idea. I thought when Hilliard got the axe, Todman really had a good chance to stick. If Asiata is a RB/RB hybrid, then why keep Felton? I hope Ricky is scouring the waiver wire for some o-line help. I would rather them make a trade for o-line help than another CB IMHO . Todman will be picked up by somebody.

  6. yeah, sage is a bit of a surprise, but they do want a young team, and let’s face it, sage is more like grampa grant…hehe

    don’t know about jefferson, guess he’s movin’ on up

    1. Damn that was funny Cal, LMFAO!

      Gotta agree with Norse that oline is bigger need than cb at the moment. Did I mention how awful Patrick Brown is? lol!

      1. I heard that Patrick Brown is not a very good lineman. Have you heard anything about that Johnny?

        1. Just what I’ve seen with my own two eyes Norse. I think Ricky and Denzel both need a trip to the eye doctor. Must be some kryptonite at Winter Park blurring their vision, just a guess tho.

          1. Just thought I’d try to make light of a bad situation. Guess addressing the o-line will be still a priority again next year during the draft. (seems like we’ve been saying that forever)

            1. Norse I do like the starters with the biggest ? being Loadbutt and Berger being a top notch backup but after that we’re in deep doggy dodo

              1. Concur completely. I think Ricky Steamboat knows that so hopefully he’s crack’in some Colt 45’s and scouring the wire.

            2. can we check the waiver wire for GMs and coaches???

              seriously, rick had a good draft, and i like frazier, but he’s gotta improve this year. seeing that some people are really surprised at carr’s getting cut, guess they didn’t watch him play. we’re in a good spot for the waiver wire, so maybe a back-up o-lineman or a MLB or WR will fall into our laps. maybe jefferson is good, but i saw that he got burnt a lot, so why trade for him when a wire guy might pop up?

  7. Todman and Sage are the two big surprises to me. I think cutting Todman was a mistake, I’m crossing my fingers he’ll make it through waivers and onto the P-Squad. I hope they didn’t give away too much for Jefferson. Also pretty surprised Dean made the roster over a pass rusher like Nick Reed. There are a few head scratchers here, for instance if your going to cut Sage for JBT, then why keep Berger over Saulsberry? Maybe Sage will be back with the team as a QB assistant coach.

    1. I really like the idea of bringing back Sage as a assistant QB coach. I really thought they would keep him to help mentor Ponder. I get the whole youth movement thing however you still need some veterans to teach the young’ins.

  8. Adam or Brent, what is up with the trade for AJ Jefferson? Some reports say draft picks from Vikings( why would Vikings give up multiple picks?). Cards fans on some sites are saying Webb was traded(which I would be fine with, but don’t believe). Read AJ Jefferson isn’t very good, get burned all the time. Why did Vikings trade for a guy they could have picked up on waivers?

  9. our 2012 vikes (so far) – this has spielman written all over it

    frazier seems more conservative and was OK with guys like old McSlab
    i know i’m reading into things here, but anyway…
    spielman has taken more of a gambler’s view, with a shotgun approach to this roster
    blast a bunch of guys out there and see how many hit it big

    i like it. hope it works. if it doesn’t, i’ll hate it. and spielman

  10. This is all so exciting! All of these men, wearing tight white pants! Even more delish are those special days when they wear tight Purple Pants! *whew* It feels hot in here. I must be getting the vapors.

    The player I am most anxious to finally meet is Blair Walsh.
    Everyone says he has a “big leg”. Can’t wait to see that!

    1. Oh no not Pat Brown, say it isn’t so Norse. I see they signed some dude from the Bills named Asper, anybody know his story?

      1. Just that he is big dude and is 27 years old despite just being drafted this year. I read he is pretty mobile.

  11. I would have cut Dean over Bowman. I really don’t understand how that guy still has a job after last weeks game. Bowman has actually had success playing in a base defense, Dean didn’t show me anything in the Pre-season to indicate he could step into a starting role if needed.

  12. Packers cut a WR from SD State named Dale Moss. Don’t laugh…the kid’s a beast! Tall-very athletic! Good BB player–only played FB his last year in college. Might be worth a look if our receivers don’t pan out. Just sayin’. Everyone have a safe and relaxing weekend. We’re headed to the lake…

  13. They did bring in a Packer receiver, but it’s Gurley to the practice squad. They also added Chris Summers, the big 6-5 receiver who was with the Bears. Two really good additions to the practice squad that could pay some dividends at some point this year or in the future. I would be really surprised if Moss doesn’t get an opportunity somewhere, GB hadn’t put him on their squad yet from what I have read.

  14. Sniff…Sniff…Sniff…

    Anyone else smell that? Your old pal is smellin’ 5 victories in the air. Take a good hard look at that 53 man roster. Holy cow, it’s got a ton of question marks.

    Areas improved since last year:

    QB, O line, D line ( as a result of star cap guy being around and presumably free of injury). Corner. Only as a result of Tony Winfield and the bitch choker back on the field.

    Areas worse than last year:

    Running back (until we see if Adrian is sound, it sure isn’t better than last year, even though Tony Geahart looks good). Linebacker

    Areas with too many question marks:

    Every other damn position on the field. Freds has heard how great our tight ends are, well, let’s see it shall we? By the way where is the big outcry for Don Shula’s grandson getting cut from the Vikes for the second time? It was a good call the first time Mickey was cut and just as correct this time. Just because his old grand dad won a superbowl in Miami doesn’t make him a good tight end.

    There is no depth on this defense and our wide receivers excluding Cheech are just plan weak.

    They are on the right track, better than last year, but until Ponder shows he can score touchdowns inside the red zone we will rack up plenty of yards and rely on the leg of a rookie kicker. That ain’t no way to run a program.

    Let’s hope Artie Cole hits the weight room and learns the defense, perhaps this kid will help that dog ass linebacker crew.

    1. safety is better, too, freds. we’ll be very inconsistent due to youth. we’ll surprisingly win one or two we didn’t expect, and lose some we should’ve won, too. just hope we’re better at the end of the season than the beginning

      1. Freds hopes your right Cals. The play in the pre season didn’t show us anything yet. I think the kid from ND will be an upgrade, but we shall see. He kind of looks like a character from Deliverance, but that’s all well and good.

        We are moving in the right direction, you’re right, inconsistency will be seen a great deal this year.

  15. Cutting Rosenfels in favor of Bethel Thompson an interesting Spielman move. What did we miss?
    Certainly I liked Arceneaux with jury still out on Stephan Burton. Is Burton really a KR option?

    Mark Asper an interesting pickup. He wasn’t expected to be drafted out of Oregon (Scouts rank 455).
    Best attribute – he’s large. Could work as guard given time & conditioning. Throw in some dance lessons.

    DeMarcus Love was impressive backing up LT. Injured reserve not a bad spot for him. Austin Pasztor may be picked up by Eskimo. Plays better as guard.

    Nick Reed played well as DE. What happened there?

    Lastly, when will we lose Loeffler?

  16. I don’t agree with the big fine levied against Harrison Smith ($21,000), I really think the league just picked out a play to make a point. Frankly, its just what the Viking defensive backfield needs – someone who says you better be thinking about what might happen if you come over the middle. He’s a player.

    Letting Sage go was the right thing. This is what Chili should have been doing when he was filling his basket full of Tavarius (Tyler Thigpen). Denzel knows this isn’t the year, and if Ponder disappoints we may need that hyphenated QB as the guy of the future. And if Ponder is hurt, well, we roll the dice with Webb. Its not like its going to cost us a season.

  17. What the…? It’s one week before the season opener and no one has posted or commented for 24 HOURS? C’mon folks, let’s get smack talkin’ here! I say Jacksonville is going DOWN! We got replacement refs, we got QB’s with no experience, we got our #1 runner as a game time decision, we got our safety gettin’ fined, we got a rookie kicker, we got our second best receiver out for the next three weeks, we got former Packers on our practice squad, we gotta build a stadium…, there’s a lot to sort out here!!!

  18. Hey guys. I’ll try and get some new stuff up soon. Sorry for the delay… I’m actually headed to Minnesota right now to deal with some family issues. Thanks!

    1. No need for apology, Brett. We know you guys have lives, and if you’re not posting, we know something’s up. Take care of you and yours first, Adam too. We’ll be fine, and we’ll be here when you do get some time.

  19. Less than five days away! Yeah Coach those Jaguars are going down! We’re gonna win.

    Hey, just now saw this-
    Check it out! We are not on this list, that’s a good thing. Did you know Vikes were 2-9 in games decided by 7 points or less. That means we were a very good 3-13 team…
    I’m sayin 8-8…but we gotta win that 1st game. If we don’t…well then we might not win 5. Confidence is a big deal, especially with a young team. And even more so with a young QB.

    1. Yeah, cart, I’ve always felt last year’s record was seriously misleading, although the only thing that matters is the win, and we didn’t get it done very often. Even so, I felt some of the pieces were there. It’s gonna be a tough year again, but I think this team can entertain, and show real improvement in their record. Freds says 5 wins, you say 8. Both have some validity (which is not something I say very often about Freds’ views.)

      I really like the rookies we have put in two VERY key positions, LT and Safety. Their gonna make some mistakes this year, but I really thing these guys are players for years to come.

      Should Peterson play Sunday? This is a chance to win, and we may not always be able to say that. On the other hand, we don’t want to lose him to a re-injury in an AFC game, that’s for sure. I think he gets a few carries in very generic situations, but I get the impression Leslie would not be afraid to sit him for the day.

      1. I think it would be wise to sit AP. Lets be honest, if he plays and gets that knee re injured, that would likely be his career. Even if he hurts something else from overcompensating, it would be a huge setback.
        We all wanna see him play again…but the risk is too great. I say week 4, but that’ll be tough to do…he’s chompin at the bit. I think you’re right, he plays…5-10 carries.

        1. they’d be stupid to not reward him and let him play some after all the work he’s put into rehabbing, the progress he’s made, and how much it means to him, not to mention what kind of message that would send to the rest of the team if they didn’t give him some plays. i’m sure they already know what they’re gonna do, just no reason to completely tip our hand to the jags, even though they know he’ll probably only see limited action, too

          AP can accomplish his goal of playing in this first game, but he won’t be AD for a while

  20. Im thinking 6-7 carries……let him accomplish the goal, and let Gerhart carry the load for a couple… (few) …weeks. I believe that Gerhart is more than capable of doing what needs to be done.

    I like the youth at safety….Im a big fan of both Raymond and Smith. CB always worries me. LB hasnt improved……DLine Im almost encouraged by.

    OLine should be vastly improved, even if the depth is very thin….WR? I like Simpson, and the youth.This could be a decent unit by midseason. Who knows about these TE’s…if they can help keep Ponder upright…and make a catch or two when thrown at, I will be happy. The whole thing comes down to Ponder and his development. I hope for big improvement.

    Love Kluwe….hope Walsh can be a long term answer.

    Vikings will finish 8-8….will surprise some with their grit…

    1. Norse, I’m guessing Adam is in the middle of his move to Ohio.

      I think the Vikes will be a better team this year but it’s hard to tell how many wins that translates into. I’ll say 7 wins is what I’m seeing.

      1. Johnny
        We play a few tough teams plus our Division 6 maybe 7..
        I hope the Giants are 1-0 after tonight…t

  21. I would like to officially request that Chris Kluwe be required to shut up. Make him put his twitter away and just be our punter. There was a day when a kicker was required to end every sentence with “sir”. Now, they think they can tell us about reffing. What does a kicker know about the rules of football anyway? You know the old saying, kickers should be seen and not heard.

    1. Coach, I am not in to that twitty bird stuff, but Kluwe is awesome for speaking his mind!!!

      1. …and when someone “bumps into” Kluwe during a punt and the ref has to decide if that is a foul or not, any chance this article might come to mind? (Sorry funny boy, that was “incidental contact”). Once this guy retires, he can become a journalist if he wants. Just count me as a coach who doesn’t want his players doing stuff like this. Old school? Yup.

        By the way, eight yard penalties do often happen on spot fouls. Like I said, what does a punter know abut rules?

  22. Hopefully the cowboys will start and fizzle as the season goes on…
    Just like last year.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking Charlie! Romo did play well, always thought he could be dangerous if he didn’t get rattled so easy…

  23. C.C.
    I Agree, If he over could get a handle on that…He would be right up there on the QB list!

  24. Remember in ’98 when we embarrassed the Cowbuts on Thanksgiving Day? And remember when Romo and Co. came to the dome in 2009 to demonstrate their “resurgance”? Smacked! They’re just good enough to raise expectations, and then bad enough to break Jimmy John’s heart… again!

    1. Yes Sir, I enjoyed them games to the Fullest! I Honestly think I dislike them more than the Packers, That”s Bad…

    2. I was there in Texas Stadium on that Thanksgiving Day, never will forget. I called that Moss would get 3 TD’s. He had 3 catches….all for touchdowns. Spilled my beer on a Cowboy fan in front of me….good times!

    1. Cals…

      Please no more crazy ass links like that one. Your old pal’s s sick to his stomach.

      Freds was glad to see the Giant take it in the shorts the other night.

      Sunday Vike 24 – Jackson – 21.

      Peeps, if we lose this one or game #2 against the Colt there will be a ton of people jumping off the Viking band wagon. After two games we should be 2-0, let’s get it going!

      1. Optimism from Freds? I like it… but wait a minute, what’s the catch here…?

        Lets face a bit of reality here… With a third of our starters being first or second year players, jeez, it could get ugly at times. And I’m afraid when it comes down to winning a close one… I can just see Harrison taking a shot for 15 yards or Christian laying one on a CB’s hands. Don’t get me wrong, I like the direction, but don’t throw any bricks through your TV this year, cuz you may feel like it at times.

      2. freds, watch out for a creepy post now from big johnny’s bigger sister, something about duracells…

        if we’re 2-0, like we should be, the naive will be claiming we’re headed for the playoffs, but the band wagon will need a revolving door by the end of the season

      3. Freds, Could you dig around and see if you have a couple pairs of Rose colored glasses. If you do , Send me a pair before week 3 !

  25. Don’t believe all the hype over the bounty gate ruling today. Sounds like in the end it might be a win for Goodell, and everybody will still be suspended.

  26. surprise, surprise…..Vikes are game one on TV tomorrow in Billings, MT….battle of the 2nd yr QBs…..please, new coordinators, show me something DIFFERENT …..agree with those who have said we have to start season with some wins……

    1. Hey! Look at this!!! It must be near opening day!! Freds old pal Krugs is here.

      How are you Krugs?

      1. doin’ well, freds, especially after getting a call from HI this morning….got my Purple blood stirred up…..gonna try to make it all the way to the third quarter before I start goin’ negative…that’ll be progress for me! good to hear from you!

  27. Krugs,
    Good to see ya posting, I’m with you on show me something DIFFERENT…

    1. Charlie…..yeah, I’m back, just couldn’t stay away from “the gang”…..the highlight of my football year was getting the stadium deal done…gonna make plans to see one of the last games in the dome and one of the first games in the new stadium…..has any team ever won the superbowl on their home turf? Probably check in tomorrow! Thanks for sayin’ hello!

  28. 2011 draft…..#8 Locker…..#10 Jacksonville trades with Wash, jumps in front of us and takes Gabbert…..#12 Ponder to us…..spose we’ll ever really know who we would’ve taken if all three would have been on the board at #12? this is one BIG reason I hope we bury those guys tomorrow!