Plenty More Stadium Twists In Our Near Future

Last week was supposed to be a week in which we wrote articles strictly pertaining to the upcoming NFL Draft.

Instead, we were bombarded with news surrounding the Vikings quest for a new stadium in Minneapolis and this week looks to be no different.

After a late Friday revival of the stadium bill there are plenty of hurdles left to clear and much of that work is expected to take place on Monday and Tuesday.

In the Senate, the bill will need to travel through the Senate Rules Committee and then the Jobs and Economic Growth Committee.  The Vikings are hoping to see both hearings concluded by Tuesday.

Things are a little more sketchy in the House.  Somehow, the Vikings need to see the bill revived in the House and it is unclear as to how exactly that can happen.

The end goal is for the entire thing to culminate in a general vote, forcing legislators to put their vote on record, and to see where exactly the team stands.

The State’s decision is expected to essentially make the Vikings decision for them as to whether or not they will remain where they are or move elsewhere.