Minneapolis Joins In On Stadium Fun

A contentious stadium debate took place Tuesday night at a Minneapolis City Council meeting.

The symbolic vote is used as a signal to the State Legislature that the City of Minneapolis has enough support for the bill to make it worth passing at the State level.  The plan calls to use $150 million for the initial construction of the stadium and calls for them to kick in another $198 million for operations.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak’s proposal uses an existing sales tax to fund the City’s portion of the costs, and this point was of particular controversy Tuesday night as many feel strongly that a financial decision like this has to be decided by a public vote.  Rybak’s plan bypasses that vote.

The plan was voted on and passed by a count of seven to six.

The Vikings have now cleared yet another hurdle on their way to getting this thing done.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. This feels like we are Charlie Brown and trying to kick the football that Lucy is holding. In other words, I’m not ready to claim victory yet.

  2. Wow,
    7-6 That’s close, I’m not ready to start hold my breath yet.
    1 step closer…

  3. Now they are saying the racino is being added again, which many say will kill the bill. People speaking of the situation on the outlets say the racino is the best funding source without raising taxes, but the senate or house won’t pass it. ???! I’m not convinced this thing gets done, sadly.

  4. Winnipeg rebuilt their 40,000 seat outdoor professional football this year for $ 180 milllion. The footprint is larger to accommodate the CFL field. Its a fully equipped modern stadium, equipped with high tech features.

    So why are Viking Stadium costs estimated at ten times this amount? Capital cost estimates are ridiculously inflated. This is followed by talk of Personal Seat Licenses. There appears to be good reason for cautious appraisal of the proposed deal.