Webb Excited To Focus On One Position

Joe Webb will focus solely on playing the quarterback position for the first time in his young NFL career.

He is currently number two on the Vikings depth chart, sandwiched between starter Christian Ponder and veteran backup Sage Rosenfels.  The Vikings hope that Webb will improve on his already impressive resume as a surprise NFL quarterback after being drafted as, and receiving reps as, a wide out.

“It’s a great role to have,” Webb recently said. “Any time you can concentrate on one position, that’s always a positive.”

“I want to be able to do whatever I can to help the team win,” Webb continued. “Any chance I can get on the field, I want to help the offense move the chains and score points. But right now, I’m just focusing on quarterback.”

A recent survey of five NFL analysts in a recent NFL.com article, two of the five predict it will be the Vikings that “beat out” the other 31 NFL teams for 2013’s first overall selection in the NFL Draft.  That means, of course, that the Vikings have earned a horrible record under the leadership of Christian Ponder.

Those analysts forget one thing, however.

If the Vikings go down a path towards being the worst team in 2012, Joe Webb will likely be making an appearance or two throughout the season.

If Webb plays, we all know what that means for our Draft position.