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Jury Finds Chris Cook…

The jury deciding the case as whether or not Chris Cook is guilty of assaulting, and trying to strangle his girlfriend, has arrived at a decision.

Not guilty.

The NFL can still punish Cook under their personal conduct policy, and it is possible he receives a suspension from this incident.  He was also involved in a prior incident in which he went to court for allegedly pulling a handgun on a family neighbor, but the case was dismissed quickly.

Cook appeared to be an up-and-coming cornerback for the Vikings following an injury plagued rookie season, but this incident caused the Vikings to essentially put him on paid leave.

His future with the Vikings seems a little more stable, however, as long as he can stay out of trouble moving forward.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. And this just in………….

    Wells Fargo just tweeted that Chandeldo just deposited a check for 5.2 million dollars.

    What a joke. If Leslie and Ziggy keep this guy, let us please never hear that the Viking say anything about drafting “quality” guys or having a code of conduct.

    1. They’ll definitely keep him. If they weren’t going to, they wouldn’t have paid him not to play.

      Torn about it myself. The guy is an idiot… but er really, REALLY need secondary help.

  2. 3 strikes your out. At least i hope so with this clown !
    Man , we sure have trouble with CB’s … Injuries or in trouble…

  3. Could be the wake up call he needs. Hopefully he turns things around now. He certainly can’t say anything negative about the Vikings after they kept him paid throughout this whole deal.