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Vikings Will Release Remi Ayodele

The decision to re-sign defensive tackles Letroy Guion and Fred Evans will make more sense to those that thought the moves made no sense at all (of which I was not one).

In light of the punishments being handed down by the NFL to those involved with the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, the Vikings are expected to be in the process of releasing nose tackle Remi Ayodele.

No players, including Ayodele, have been punished individually yet, but the NFL is expected to do so relatively soon.

Just last week it appeared like the Vikings had every intention to keep Ayodele around when they paid a deferred portion of his $3.6 million signing bonus.  It is not known if the actions taken by Ayodele in the past could result in the Vikings recovering any of the money they spent on what essentially turned out to be a horrible post-lockout free agent signing.

On the plus side, this move could be the first one the Vikings have made this offseason that won’t be met with criticism from the masses.

UPDATE:  The Vikings have made the move official.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. What I dont get is why they waited? Should’ve cut him before free agency so they could’ve had more cap room. What is his cap hit gonna be now? Probably doesnt matter cause Ricky would just go looking for another FB.

    1. I’ve thought about that, too, Johnny, and I can only come up with two theories:

      1. They actually think he is a good player that just happened to suck last year. They wanted to hold onto him, but they may have gotten word that he will be suspended and decided to bail.

      2. They think by waiting there is more proof of guilt, and the team thinks maybe they can recoup some of the money (and cap space) paid out to him.

      Either of those make sense to you guys?

  2. Cutting Remi only gives them about $1 million in cap space because the signing bonus kicks in dead money, so it really wouldn’t have helped the salary cap much. The only thing I can come up with is they wanted to make sure they had a couple bodies on the line to take his place, so they waited until both Guion and Evans were back under contract before making the release official and the timing is pure coincidence. I almost hope this is just related to his crappy play last year, because if the team has actually learned something new about Remi’s involvement in the bounty scandal that made them release him it shows they did a pretty piss poor job of checking him out last year. Both Spielman and Frazier were around to see him hit Favre low and celebrate like a jackass, so I really don’t understand why they signed him in the first place, especially if the Vikes were already asking the league to look into the situation. Either way, it was a tremendous waste of Zygi’s money and a wasted compensation pick for us because he’s counting against that formula.

  3. its bout time to cut this worthless piece of trash…but y the wait? He sucked last year..why give him the signing bonus? I hope we can get some of it back..and why sign the duche in the first place…but i suppose theyll sign another worthless fb now instead of fixing the roster