Vintage Video Of Vikings – Steelers From 1972

A week or so ago, some vintage video surfaced of an old school game between the Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1972. It’s an absolute blast to watch and I thought some of you guys here might enjoy to check it out yourself.

It’s particularly cool to me because this isn’t the first class game I’ve watched between the Vikings and the Steelers despite the fact that they took place many, many years before I was born. You see, my stepdad is an avid Steelers fan who has always tried to convert me. He attempted to remind me who the superior team was by obtaining an old filming of Superbowl IX in 1975 where the Vikings lost by 10 points and watching it together. He got to gloat in the ancient victory of his team while I finally got to put a face to terms like the “Purple People Eaters” and some guy named Fran Tarkenton.

This footage is especially unique though because it even includes the commercials that aired during the broadcast. Some of them are just too good to miss.

So, during this slow time of the year for our favorite football team, sit back and enjoy this gem of a game (despite it’s outcome which I’m sure you could guess).

Part 1:

Part 2: