Peterson Done With #28?

On a silly little side note (hey, Vikings news is pretty slow right now), yesterday via Twitter, Adrian Peterson announced, “So I’m thinking about changing my number! #28 has been good to me, but I think its time [to] switch it up!” Peterson then went further to think aloud, “I was thinking 21 or 23!”

No one is quite sure what sparked Peterson to come out and say such a silly thing. Maybe rehab has him going stir crazy… Regardless, Peterson immediately received tons of responses from fans exclaiming that he should definitely not change his number (not that the Vikings or the NFL would allow such a thing considering #28 is definitely the Vikings best selling jersey).

Personally, if Peterson, for some ridiculous reason, did happen to change his number, I think it would definitely have to be #24. What better number for someone who is known as “All-Day?”