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Adrian Peterson’s Mom Never Taught Him To Never Bring Up Politics During Dinner

Social media has made it nearly impossible for us to know an NFL player simply for being just an NFL player.

Long gone are the days of cheering for a player when they are on the field.  Listening to some badass sound bites on the evening news in which the player is talking about football.  Then, waiting until next weekend before thinking about (or caring about) what that player will say next.

Now, players have the choice of about six thousand different outlets that will allow them to express themselves, and that can sometimes be good and can sometimes make us cringe.

I won’t comment too much about Adrian Peterson’s recent Twitter adventure, as outlined by Deadspin, but I will make a couple of quick comments after you read through his back-and-forths with readers from an inspired trip to Whataburger.

First:  Did Adrian really try to argue that our country was not founded on, in part, the separation of church and state?

Second:  Many historians would not think twice about telling us that, at least economically, this country was founded on slavery.  I can’t imagine that Peterson, of all people, would argue that every philosophy America was founded on should still be a part of the institution.

Third:  Want to make a gazillion dollars?  Invent a spell-check for Twitter.

Four:  Like Tim Tebow, I have a lot of respect for people that do as they preach, and I think Peterson has proven to be a guy that actually walks the walk.  I’m not sure that he is very gifted in making strong arguments or stating things real well, but if he keeps doing the things he does, then he is a good step or two in front of most of his Twitter followers I bet.

Five:  People should chill out.  If the whole separation of church and state issue were an easily solved one, then it wouldn’t be an issue.  People are entitled to their opinions, people also have the rights to express those opinions, and that is what makes America such a great place to be.

At the very least, this should spark some interesting conversation in the comments sections of many websites… including this one.  Play nice, though.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. love AD, but he’s paid to run the ball, not to run his mouth. what he does on his own time is his business, free speech and all that. wonder what a conversation between george bush and AD would be like…

    bush: an oak stands on it’s own merits, with roots firmly enraged and fed from bottom’s up!

    AD: yeah, george, a agree, and that tree shouldn’t hafta work so hard for it’s plantationer without getting paid for it

  2. Since I’m not fluid in jibberish I cannot make an honest reply. I have no idea what he’s trying to say.

    1. Don’t sell yourself short there, johnny. I’ve seen some excellent jibberish in a few of your comments!

  3. Note to self: “If you are ever tempted to tweet… Don’t!” Freds and I will be tweetless forever! Anyone else wanna join our pact?

    1. I’m there with ya Coach! I do not own a twitter account or this Farcebook thing. I intend to stay that way.

      1. I’m in, tweetless to the end! I’m not sure I’ve ever joined in a pact. Can’t wait for the day I’m tempted to tweet…I shall yell out NO!!!! And then dance a jig.

  4. Ahhh yeah!!! There it is. There’s nothing ol’ Tomb likes better than getting a history lesson from people who’ve clearly never studied it in any serious context. It’s right up there with truckers pontificating on global macroeconomics–and America’s role on said world stage– in an aggressive manner, on account of they heard it on the radio. It’s awesome.

    I for one, when pondering on the socioeconomic and political clime of our times often look to professional athletes to help me form my opinion. Saves me the time of muddling through a bunch of stupid facts and information.

    Count me on board with the anti-twitter coalition…though you have to admit it provides some pretty sweet amusement.

  5. Not sure how twitter is, I dont know if @adrianpeteron XXXXXXXX is him saying XXXXXXX or someone telling him XXXXXXX but I agree with most of the statements. This country was founded with religion-more specifically christianity- in mind, and the seperation of church and state was meant to be literal not figurative; It was meant so the church couldn’t work with and control the government like in europe(pope could tell king what to do and he had to follow).

    I believe this country was much better off when we were more worried about our problems(crazy president spending like the world is ending in 2012, 15 trillion dollar debt, everyone hating us, unemployment, border issues, drug trade, social security ect…) instead of this politically correct BS. We need the mentality of the olden days not this “oh that’s offensive so I cant say/do that”.