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Vikings Get Third Rounder In The Fold

I don’t know how many times I have typed this sentence, but here it goes one more time:  The Vikings always seem to be behind the rest of the league when it comes to signing their own free agents and their own draft classes.

I’ve also said before that we have no reason to worry about any holdouts now that the rookie wage scale is in place.

On one hand, it might appear as there is no reason to worry because the Vikings reportedly agreed to terms today with third round cornerback (and fastest man at the Combine) Josh Robinson.  The deal, as usual, is for four years.

On the other hand, however, there is a growing sense that the Vikings are taking a firm stance on the issue of “offset language” in these rookie contracts so Matt Kalil’s contract remains to be finalized with training camp beginning tomorrow.

The offset clause being referenced has to do with how the contract is handled should the player be cut prior to the contract expiring and then have the player sign with another team.  The Vikings want the contract to be worded in such a way that any money they still owe the player is offset by the new contract awarded.    The players, of course, would rather see themselves in a situation where they are being paid by two teams for a year or two in the event that they are cut by the team that drafted them.

Rick Spielman has indicated that he is confident that Kalil’s deal will be done without any major hiccups. 

Here is hoping he is correct.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Fine, both sides can work on it until the beginning of training camp. However dude better not miss one second of training camp because he wants to double dip if he turns out to be a bust. All other teams who signed higher picks folded on this issue. The Vikes should stand firm.

    Get your ass to camp rookie.

  2. Looking like Kalil will be a hold out. When the player before him and three players drafted after him, didn’t have offset language in there contracts there is noway he signs this contract. NFLPA won’t let him sign the contract with offset language in it.

  3. Seriously Vikings? You drafted him to be the LT for the next ten years and are afraid of paying him the last year of his rookie deal. All the other top players have the wording. Seriously only the Vikings can mess up a rookie wage scale. Hes a rookie get his ass in camp. Tomorrow when it opens, give him the wording and have him go against Allen.

    1. ” and have him go against Allen”
      I forgot about THAT little aspect of training camp. Maybe that explains Kalil trying hold out a couple days of training camp; He KNOWS he’s going to get his ass handed to him on a regular basis by Jared Allen.

    2. July 1776. we have a “roll call” going on in the formum section. We are asking where everybody is from. So if you would like to join in, just go to the forum section.

  4. It would appear that the primary focus of the comments here is Matt Kalil’s rear end. One feels it is the Vikings’ job to get it in camp and another feels it is Kalil’s job to get it there. Then, regardless of how it gets there, Matt will apparently have it handed to him by Mr. Jared Allen. Interesting.

    Personally, I have no problem with both sides being good business people. Nothing wrong with either side getting what works best for them, so long as they keep working. As far as Jared Allen’s delivery of Mr. Kalil’s ass, I suggest we wait and see on that. Certainly, there will be a learning curve here, and Mr. Allen is an exceptional DE. However, he has struggled with the skills of some OLinemen as well, and walked away with his tail in his hand. I think this situation will be good for both of them