NFL Draft 2012Transaction

Trade Done Deal

The Vikings have reportedly moved out of the third overall spot, but not very far.

According Rich Eisen on NFL Network, the Vikings swapped picks with the Browns (#4) in exchange for a Browns 4th, 5th, and 7th round selections.

This is a good move for the Vikings, as they can still land whomever they target as it is expected that the Browns will select running back Trent Richardson.

Will the Vikings trade down yet again?  The drama continues.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Chris Doleman just said on KFAN, Vikings need to draft best offensive skills player available. He gave names RGIII, Richardson, or Blackmon. He said look at Miami drafting Long, they didn’t win anymore games drafting him.

  2. did the vikings get an innsure that they won’t take kalil? – or trade it to someone who will take kalil?

  3. They will take Richardson, Kalil and Claiborne will still both be there…Excellent start to things, the only negative is the 4th rounder is Atlanta’s, not Clevelands, but I won’t complain about scoring 3 additional draft picks.