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Spagnuolo, Tucker, and Singletary To Interview

It looks like Raheem Morris is not the only guy the Vikings are interested in talking to about their Defensive Coordinator position, according to this report from Clark Judge at CBS Sports.

The report goes on to say that Steve Spagnuolo, the recently fired head coach of the St. Louis Rams, appears to be the front runner at this point.  Of course, Spagnuolo is well respected in the NFL as a defensive strategist, so it would not be surprising to see the Vikings getting stiff competition for his services.  It is somewhat expected that he will rejoin Andy Reid and the Eagles.

Mel Tucker, the interim head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is another name mentioned along with Mike Singletary.

Morris is the only guy that is really known for running the Tampa-2 defense that Frazier holds in high esteem.  Both Singletary and Tucker could possibly be the first step towards a 3-4 defense, should one of them get the job.

Fred Pagac still is employed as the current Defensive Coordinator.  It is unknown if he will rejoin the team in a lesser role.

Morris interviewed for the position on Friday, but left Minnesota without a contract.

Leslie Frazier will want to have his coaching staff solidified soon, as it is now official that they will be coaching the Senior Bowl’s North Team starting about January 23rd.  The Redskins will coach the South team.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Would love the Vikes to land Spags, but I don’t think that will happen. By the way, is anyone watching the Texans v Bengals? Look at the holes Arian Foster Runs through! He gets about 5 yards before he is even touched, I hope the vikes significantly upgrade their Oline next year!

  2. They need to lock the door and not let Spags leave until he signs on the bottom line. That dude knows how to run a defense. I would hope Denzel would let Spags run his own defense, my understanding is Spags 4-3 defense is not the Tampa-2.

      1. What’s your address Charlie? lol! This Lions/Saints game is builing up to be a barn burner.

    1. Hey Fran this is off topic but a question for you. I saw some animal tracks that I couldnt identify and the only conclusion I could find is that they were timber wolf but we’ve never had wolfs in my neck of the woods. Very strange that the tracks were in a straight line, no stagger or offset to them, does that sound like wolf tracks to you?

      1. Hey Johnny… the wolves being reintroduced to Minnesota/Wisconsin have been thought to be making their way south pretty steadily, but that would be way farther south than anyone would expect at this point. Was it the size of the paws that makes you think it was wolf instead of coyote? Definetly canine?

        Were the tracks in snow or mud?

        1. Hey Adam, they were too big to be coyote and definately not a dog. Tracks were in the mud and we took pictures and looked online for answers and timber wolf was the only answer. I’ve never seen tracks that were in a straight line.

          1. BJohny where you from? They have shot timber wolves in north dakota. One was shot by Ashely a couple years back. What state you in?

          2. Do you know if they travel in pairs or are loners? I know some cattle guys that wont be happy if the wolves move in. Also had a mountain lion sighting about 5 miles from me. Never had them around either.

  3. can’t see morris wanting to coach too much with $2 mil. remaining on his contract for next year

  4. Johnny, if they look like dog tracks but bigger, what else could they be?
    Wolves normally occur in packs but loners are not unheard of. Maybe a youngtser that wandered off from a pack or an old one that got run off. Who knows. Could be a large dog.

    1. Definately not dog tracks Fran. What puzzled me is the pattern, they arent side by side or staggered just one print in a straight line.

      1. Johnny, I know you know the outdoors, so this isn’t meant as an insult…

        Is ther a chance that it is a rabbit or jackrabbit whose rear end happened to be making “track like” prints in the snow on that particular day? I have been fooled by this in the past, and I am sure Fran could vouch for the fact that a rabbit’s butt can often trick you into thinking there is a much larger animal around?

        I have a hard time believing there is a one-legged wolf hanging out in Iowa… but stranger things have happened.

  5. Tracks were in the mudd Adam and about two inches deep so the rabbit theory doesnt jive. The video I found looks like wolves walk in a pattern where their paws go in front of one another which would show a single line of tracks. If you email me your cell number I’ll have my son forward you the pics of the tracks.