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Kalil’s Wonderlic Not Impressive

If you read our comments section and have done so recently, you have surely noticed that a new Vikings site called Vikings Draft Card has a very staunch supporter (highly unlikely to be the writer of the site, right?  Right.) that loves dumping links from that site onto ours.

The site appears to have just been started this month and, by all appearances, has a main purpose of persuading Vikings fans that Matt Kalil is not worth being drafted in the three spot that the Vikings currently hold and should instead draft Morris Claiborne.  I am all about opposing views and going against the grain, so I really do recommend checking out the site.  However, we won’t be adding them to our blogroll until/unless the site owner decides to put his or her name (or any name) to the words they write.

Still, I have to give that site credit (and the person posting links in our comments section) for pointing us towards a report coming out of Green Bay that essentially leaks Wonderlic scores of a number of top prospects in this Draft class.

Much has been made of the reports that Claiborne scored an astonishingly low Wonderlic grade of “4” which would assuredly rank him amongst the lowest scores ever.  Even Vince Young did better.

However, the latest leaks suggest that maybe Kalil isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree either.

The score is lowest amongst the reported scores for offensive tackles, and second lowest of all offensive linemen reported on.  He scored 11 points less than the average score for offensive tackles, but is still 11 points ahead of Claiborne’s score which can allegedly be written off to a learning disability.

So, there you have it, some evidence that might suggest the Vikings should pass on the USC left tackle that yours truly rates as the second best player (yes, including quarterbacks) in this class.  For me, this just more evidence that the Vikings instead should take any trade offers very seriously.

A Wonderlic score may or may not be any sort of indicator of a prospect’s future as a football player, but I still think the Vikings must take Kalil if they remain at the three spot.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. If they’re gonna use Kalil’s wonderlic against him wouldnt they have to do the same with Claiborne? Wouldn’t make much sense to pass on Kalil with a 15 and take Claiborne with a 4?

  2. Thats a good point, but I wouldn’t make that assumption. Intelligence on the offensive line is extremely important, you need to be able to process the blocking assignments of not only the other lineman but also any TE’s, HB’s, or FB’s and understand how those assignments change based on whatever the defense is throwing at you in a split second. I would guess it’s a little less complex on the defensive side of the ball for Claiborne, especially in our scheme. I still think Kalil is the pick if they stay at three, but Spielman and the rest of his crew are really doing a good job making people doubt the pick which should help them get some trade offers. The tidbit about Schwartz is real interesting but I remember reading about a potential back issue with him that was expected to drop his stock a bit. If the Vikes are clearing him medically it sure would make sense to bring him on board. It would be pretty sweet to have two brothers lining up next to each other on the O-line.

  3. Isn’t Silatulo the other offensive lineman they reportedly brought in on for the top 30 event?

  4. Adam, as I already stated in a previous post, I left the link and no it is not my blog nor do I know whose it is. So, I hardly see how that qualifies me as a “staunch supporter” of it. If you have a problem with me referring your readers to articles they might find interesting, feel free to say so. If you have a problem with people commenting in general on your site then why bother opening it to comments? You don’t see anybody else on here complaining about the link I provided, do you? And you yourself have even admitted that the link was worth your time, so why are you villifying me for having provided it?

    Yes, I do think the Vikings should draft Mo’… so it goes without saying that I’m probably going to provide links that support my view. That’s not because I have anything against your guy Kalil… it just makes more sense to me to draft a potential shutdown corner while you can get one over a left-tackle when the Vikings primarily use a 2 TE-set, power-rush offense and Kalil is not considered that great of a run-blocker. If they take him, fine (better than Blackmon in my opinion). But, I fail to see why Viking fans, and more importantly adults, can’t express an opinion different from yours without being targeted by your childish aspersions. How old are you anyhow?

    Frankly, we all want to see the Vikes do well and no matter who we prefer they draft we all probably share the same impediment to being satisfied next weekend–R. Spielman. I do think you have a good site and I have linked to your articles as well while commenting on some of the other sites. But, aside from yourself, I doubt that your website means so much to others to justify them using it for anything more than leaving a comment on.

    1. would have to agree a bit with JS there Adam.. You did go a little offensive against the site, and it looks like they really put some work into their articles.. great with some other opinions as well

    2. Well, then, I must apologize for being wrong. I just hadn’t seen anyone but you (or Detour Junction, or Smedley) post links to that site here and noticed that yourself and the writer of Vikings Draft Card had the same odd habit of misspelling “Wonderlich” in the exact same way.

      All viewpoints are welcome and I am always very supportive of other Vikings blogs. Especially when they go about the business of networking in a respectable way. Me mistakenly assuming that you (and Detour Junction, and Smedley) were the writer at Draft Card made me think that the author was trying to get views by boasting about his/her own work, posting links here and elsewhere, and not even bothering to ask the site owner for collaboration. I guess I assumed that because the site writer doesn’t even put their name to their work, that they wouldn’t be above pulling stuff like that.

      But, you know what they say about assuming, so again, I apologize.

      They ARE a good read, and once they give their readers the respect they deserve by putting a name to their work then I will give them the respect they deserve by adding them to our blogroll and referencing them whenever applicable.

  5. I don’t think asking that the creator of a site put his name on his work is out of line, especially at this time of year when phantom rumors run rampant. Not putting your name on something like that is going to make folks who are willing to put their name on their work doubt you. It was a good link and I’m enjoying reading the stuff that’s over there, but I don’t think you can blame the folks that have a stake in this site for asking questions.

    1. Yes, I also felt a need to express to the readers here that I have no idea as to the validity of things over there. I guess Is hould have been more tactful.

  6. The question I have is are people just putting out bogus wonderlic scores for disinformation? I don’t think any of the scores has been verified. It is the lying season ya know.