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It Is Official, A Mock Draft Has Been Posted

Yup, it is getting to be that time of the year.  We are hoping it is many weeks from now before we, as Vikings fans, cast our gaze completely towards 2013 but I couldn’t hold off any longer.

As many of you know, my mock Drafts often times go against the grain and can cause some passionate fans to either disagree or (on rare occasions) agree with enthusiasm.  I ended up getting more picks correct than your average bear last year (you can view 2012’s right here) and never wavered from my Vikings pick of Matt Kalil.

This year, with the Vikings picking somewhere in the neighborhood of the late-teens and early-twenties makes things far more unpredictable, and my choice is likely to change a number of times between now and April.

Heck, we are still waiting to hear exactly which players will elect to enter 2013’s NFL Draft.

Right now, however, I picked Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson in an attempt to bolster a defensive middle that has fallen from the elite category over the last couple of years.

Richardson strikes me as the perfect complement to Everson Griffen, both being incredibly fast and athletic defensive lineman, providing the Vikings with an exciting youth movement along their defensive line.  We saw the Vikings struggle greatly with mobile quarterbacks in 2012 so Richardson’s sideline-to-sideline abilities would be a welcomed addition to the defensive tackle position.

At 6’ 4” and only 295 pounds, and plenty of college experience playing end, Richardson wouldn’t be the run stuffing nose that the Vikings really need Letroy Guion to become, but he would provide a very disruptive force in the middle of the line regardless.  After all, Kevin Williams isn’t getting any younger and the Vikings could decide he is no longer worth the large salary as soon as this coming offseason.

Richardson was suspended for one game this year for refusing to show up to one of his classes, and also refusing the punishment given to him for that, so teams will certainly want to explore this kid’s attitude and character to see if he is worthy of such an early pick.

Please, view the rest of my first 2013 Mock Draft by clicking right here.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. 1-10 I’m not seeing Tyler Bray up there, I think if he declares he will be number 1. I also think Tyler Wilson will leapfrog Geno Smith by draft time. and Barkley will fall leinart-esque. Joeckel to the Eagles is as sure as Kalil to the Vikings was last year. I may also be going blind but I dont see Jake Matthews up there and he should be in the top 10. There is no way Jarvis Jones goes AFTER te’o even tho I love Te’o JJ will go higher.
    11-20 This part of the draft is impossible to predict this early as many teams will be moving spots and players will too. I will be furious if the Vikings take Sheldon Richardson as WR,OG,OLB,MLB,CB, and SS are bigger needs than DT right now. K Will is still above AVG, and Ballard is close to becoming a solid starter. Ideally I’d like Jonathan Banks to fall to us if not I would go with Keenan Allen. Chance Warmack would be good but I don’t see much change between round 1-2-3 guards like there is in tackles.
    21-32 Not sure I agree with the order as I don’t think the Texans or Falcons will make the superbowl but for the most part the players look good other then Keenan Allen who won’t fall that far.

      1. Other than the QB’s and Vikings I like it. I think the playoffs will shake out different but yeah its pretty close to where I’d put mine this time of year. Swap Te’o and JJ and throw Jake Matthews in somewhere and its golden… 25/32 picks is somewhat the same page.

    1. SKOL, a lot of very good critiques. In fact, almost every single one of your comments were something that went through my mind while writing it. You make a lot of good, fair points and I could very easily end up agreeing with you more depending on how things shake out down the stretch here.

      A couple of things: The order in my mock was based off of nothing more than today’s records and standings. There isn’t any sort of prediction in there as to who wins the Super Bowl from me.

      We’ll probably have fun arguing this lots this offseason, but I really don’t view MLB, CB, or SS as a bigger need than DT.

      1. I know I am the minority here but I believe Ballard will be good and a solid starter, K Will is still a good DT, I don’t think we need one for another season or 2. I wouldn’t mind if Jesse Williams falls to us in the 2nd round because of his recent injury I like him. But yes if Ballard doesn’t pan out then DT is above those positions.

    1. thanks to your heads up on the broadcast I did catch it and it was a great game (ND native and all)…on that last 4th down play my heart was pounding…..seemed like they had less talent on the field but played as a team with the heart of a champion…..may the Vikes get there some day…..

    1. Lol, you a NDSU Alum? After the 4th post I figured you have to have some kinda connection.

  2. Te-o could be the guy that’s a top 10 pick on everyone’s mock this time of year but falls into the late teens or twenties. His 40 is going to be one of the most talked about work-out events of this off-season. I think he’ll be a great player regardless of how he runs but we all know how a workout can damage a guys stock. That will be one to watch for sure as it could have some Viking ramifications if he starts to slide.

    1. I watched his last two games and pictured him in Purple….long time since we had a real impact LB….ahhhh, the age old question, should we go offense or defense? yeah, yeah, BPA right?

      1. I’m not sure I’d want him in purple. He could be great but his speed worries me a little. Haven’t seen enough tape on him to judge his speed but as a mlb he can’t be slow.

        1. SKOL…..hear ya…..ever since Tice passed on Merriman and took Williamson I’ve longed for a LB that can “make a difference”…..always balancing slow and smart vs fast and stupid…..if ya can’t pick fast AND smart, I’d take the player with the best instincts…..kickoff time!

  3. sorry, but this in-depth draft stuff is way too early for me. i’ll be more interested after the season ends. besides, watching college football is like watching minor leaguers, and it’s such a crap shoot for how good these guys can be in the pros

  4. I see us picking at #13…..lucky or unlucky 13, we will see….probably lose last three to pick there….why so negative, krug? because last week I noticed something I can’t get out of my head…early to mid 4th quarter we had 3rd and 10, deep in our territory, and Ponder threw an 11 yd completion for a first down…..he then ran to the receiver with this big grin on his face and celebrated the first down…..CELEBRATED THE FIRST DOWN…..that image stuck with me all week as the Ponder talk swirled….say what you will…only time will tell….promise land and all that…