Did Ron Yary Spill The Beans?

Let me start that I really recommend reading this interview at the Pioneer Press of which Hall of Fame lineman Rony Yary is the subject.

In the interview, Yary talks about the “hocus pocus” that is this idea that protecting a quarterback’s blind side is somehow more important than protecting his front.  He calls Matt Kalil a future Hall of Famer, slams Bryant McKinnie, and talks about the stadium position.

I’ll let you click that link and read about that stuff, but I want to highlight on specific line penned by Charley Walters.

“The Vikings asked Yary, 65, to fly to Minnesota for the draft, but he can’t because of the health of his middle son, Grant, 7, whose leukemia has resurfaced.”

First off, it is so sad to hear about the misfortune that has fallen upon the Yary family and we wish young Grant (nice choice of name) a speedy and permanent recovery.

Secondly, are the Vikings simply extending a courtesy invite to one of their most decorated former players or is there more motive behind the invite?  After all, why would they specifically invite Yary if they planned on selecting a cornerback from LSU?

Yary played for USC prior to his 14 seasons playing right tackle for the Vikings.  He was 6’ 5” and 262 pounds in his playing days.

USC left tackle weighs in at 295 pounds (give or take) and stands at 6’ 7”.

Simple invite?

Or hoping for an excellent P.R. opportunity and photo shoot?