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Day fourteen of our Community Mock Draft saw the Dallas Cowboys select Stanford guard David DeCastro by a fairly overwhelming majority.

Up next is the “Dream Team” from Philadelphia.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Looks like we signed a CB. This was on rotoworld.

    Vikings signed CB Zackary Bowman to a one-year contract.
    Bowman has been signed away from the rival Bears, though he made just one start in 2011, where the majority of his snaps came on special teams. He was a 12-game starter in 2009, however, and provides veteran insurance for a Vikings’ secondary that was decimated by injury and suspension last season.

    1. Hope he’s better than the last 2 Bears we signed. Wonder if they’ll try him out at fullback?

  2. Mark Barron. With the acquisition of Ryans LB isn’t as pressing; but Eagles LB coach, Mike Caldwell, ran the drills at Kuechly’s proday, so maybe it is; I don’t know. From what I remember from highlights during the season the secondary seemed to have problems. They put a lot of money into CB’s, so that makes me think maybe S is a position of need.I could be way out in left field with this one, as no mock I saw had them taking a S; and I’ve slept since seeing those highlights, so maybe it isn’t even the Eagles I’m remembering. I could just still be in shock from watching our secondary’s play from last season.