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Love And Childs Look Forward To Finally Playing Their Rookie Seasons… Next Year

This preseason, the Vikings lost two young offensive players to injury that have yet to play in a regular season NFL game.

Offensive tackle DeMarcus Love has to have a torn pectoral muscle operated on last month and only recently regained full motion and will soon begin his rehabilitation.  Love was a sixth round selection from Arkansas in 2011.

“This is my last week in my sling,” Love said on Thursday. “So, now, it’s just basically starting the rehab and getting everything back stronger.”

“It’s frustrating, but I can’t dwell on it,” Love continued. “Got to go ahead and move forward. It is what it is.”

Fourth round 2012 selection Greg Childs, also out of Arkansas, tore the patellar tendons in both knees on the same play this preseason.  He was spotted this week rehabbing his knees at Winter Park, and by all accounts was walking well with a positive attitude.

“I like to do things that people think other people can’t do,” Childs told reporters. “I’ve got a strong head. You can ask any of the players in here. I come in here attitude good every day and trying to get right, trying to get back on the field. I’m going to do everything I can to step back on the field for next season.”

The Vikings will certainly welcome that added competition that Love and Childs would bring to their respective positions next preseason, and if their rehabs go as well as these two hope they will then the two might be ready to legitimately compete for roster spots next August.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I believe Diana Ross was prophetic when she sung “Love Childs, never meant to be.”

    Boom goes the dynamite…bitches. (am I allowed to taunt on here with the term bitches? I hope so. It amuses me. Bitches.)

        1. Oh come one now…from the guy who thinks puns are the cat’s meow? You know I just spun comedy GOLD!

          Yeah baby, YEAH!!

  2. Its really a shame these guys have lost this year. The year of experience would have been nice to have come next year. On the other hand, should make camp pretty competitive next summer, mixing them in with the new draftees.

    1. It’s sad, but I bet he’s done. I was looking forward to seeing what he had. I think his NFL career is done before it ever started.

      1. i think he made a couple of nice catches in camp, too. i don’t see WRs wearing knee pads and their pants don’t always even cover down below their knees. how much of a hindrance would it be? they prolly don’t wear any pads in their pants and a girdle won’t help your knees, either. fewer pads help your speed and agility some, but it might have cost childs his career, and this wasn’t his first time