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Gerhart Has Torn MCL

Newly appointed Genreal Manager Rick Spielman and Head Coach Leslie Frazier are underway with their press conferences announcing various offseason plans, but before we dissect their various statements, I wanted to pass along one very important piece of information from the pressers.

Toby Gerhart, contrary to previous reports, actually did tear his MCL in the season finale.

The team will evaluate the running back over the next few weeks to determine whether or not surgery will be required.

Adrian Peterson has already gone under the knife, so the Vikings running game in 2012 is suddenly a very big question mark.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Hopefully this will be the last of the bad news for a while. Sounds like Caleb King will get more of a chance to play… Booker is not the answer..
    Do you guys think we will pick up a Vet or As Malte said, Probably use a 6th round or later on a RB???

  2. Boy, the hits just keep coming.
    That’s some bad news there. When AD went down and we got the chance to give Gerhart some playing time, he looked good. I was thinking maybe good enough to get us through the first couple of games next season, if AD wasn’t ready. Now what? PC is right, Booker doesn’t seem to be the answer and who knopws about King.
    You’ve got be a really stout-hearted individule to be a Viking Fan.

  3. I think the Vikings are going to expect both Peterson and Gerhart to return near the beginning of 2012. That really only leaves 1 (2 at most) spots open for RB’s on the roster. I think King and Todman are quality competition, and one or two late round or undrafted guys are probably the direction they go. Maybe MAYBE an older vet to fill in if need-be, but I doubt it.

  4. Thankfully an MCL tear isn’t anywhere near as severe as an ACL tear, typically an MCL tear, unless it is a grade 3 (which is uncommon on its own) will take 4-6 week to heal and the functional recovery is good. I’m sure Gerhart will be absolutely fine for the start of the season, I must say despite earlier doubts he was actually looking pretty good towards the end of the season!

    On another note, after looking around at a few mock drafts, I’m thinking the 3rd overall pick won’t actually be that bad a spot to be in! It seems with Luck going number one, we will either get Kalil or if the Rams take him, be in position to field trade offers for RGIII, which could be quite substantial. If we don’t get Kalil, I would love for the Vikes to trade back a few spots and grab a Claiborne or another left tackle who is better value at that point.

    1. I agree SB. My new mock will be coming very soon, but I think Luck goes to the Colts and RGIII goes to the Rams. I’ll explain more soon, but I think there is a good chance Kalil is there if we want him given Spags was fired in St. Louis.

  5. RGIII to the Rams! That would be interesting, if we managed to draft Kalil, I would love to see the Vikes trade for Bradford!

  6. I don’t think the Rams will be able to trade Bradford unless he agrees to a huge paycut. His ridiculous rookie contract is a thing of the past… the Rams will soon be admitting that to themselves and Bradford will be forced to figure that out the hard way, but he still holds all the cards. I think he may be outright dropped.

  7. It shows what a huge difference good protection can make for a QB. Last year, when Saffold and Smith were healthy, Bradford looked like he was on his way to stardom, but this year with both tackles on IR, he seemed to regress quite a bit. One has to wonder how Luck would cope behind the Colts’ abysmal Oline after spending his college career with 2 first round linemen protecting him.

    I still think the Rams persist with Bradford, especially after a great rookie season. They suffered a significant number of season ending injuries this year and they still have a number of holes on their roster to fill. Even with a new GM and head coach I think they would be more than happy to keep Bradford and either add a Kalil/Blackmon/Claiborne or trade down.

    What do the Vikes do if the Rams take Kalil and they can’t get a reasonable offer for RGIII? Who is the ‘next best’ prospect? I would like a left tackle, but I don’t think there are any that stand out at number 3, an elite CB like Claiborne would be nice too, especially in a division with Rodgers and Stafford…

    1. If would line the best possible scenarios like this: (all scenarios is andrew luck being the first pick)
      1. rams take Griffen / trade pick with someone for griffen – Vikings pick kalil.
      2. Rams take kalil – vikings trade down with either Wash / Dolphins / another QB needy team, to get more picks and then take after best player available, whether that be a CB, OL, WR, Safety, DT, LB.
      3. Rams take kalil – No trade partner – vikings take Claiborne