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Childs Sent To Waivers

The Vikings had 10 draft picks in April, and before a preseason game has even been played, 10% of them are no longer on the team.

Two torn patella tendons have already ended rookie receiver Greg Childs’ season with the Vikings, and it may have already ended his career with the team as well.

On Monday morning, the Vikings waived their fourth round pick, according to PFT.  This is an extremely disappointing turn of events for the young receiver who was beginning to flash in training camp and was an option to be a starter in week one.

If Childs makes it through waivers, which is not a guarantee, then the Vikings may be able and willing to stash him on the injured reserve and give him another chance at success a year from now.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Now I’m not an expert here but why couldn’t we just place him on the ir right away without putting him through waivers.

  2. Because he hasn’t been in the league for 4 years. Anyone who isn’t a vested veteran needs to pass through waivers before being put on IR for a few more weeks. It’s a stupid rule but it’s still in the books. It’s pretty unlikely that someone will claim an unproven rookie who just tore both patella tendons in his knees.

  3. …especially with his history of injuries. You have to wonder if this young man has a football body. Vikes rolled the dice on that, doubt that anyone else will.

  4. This is terrible, what a dagger for the Vikes. This is not good for the moral of this team, they needed a wide out. Freds doesn’t know if he will EVER get over this.

    Hey, look at that!! Quicker than Freds thought, he’s already over it!

    NEXT !

    1. You recovered nicely, Freds.

      One slight correction, if I may. If Tomb were allowed to address the Vikings as a team, that would not be good for their moral(s). The injury to Childs, however, is more likely to adversely affect their morale. I know you appreciate me offering that clarification, so you are welcome.

      1. Speaking of morality, I’ve never understood people riding off into the sunset. Seems to me riding off into the sunrise is much more productive, gives you the whole day to ride. But, bouncing at sunset? You get, what, a mile or two out of town and you have to make camp? Might as well stay in town an extra night. Get a couple drinks at the saloon, sleep in a bed, and take off the next morning.

        I hate that I have to do all the thinkin’ work. Little help would be nice, Coach.

        1. Thinking? That next morning you are two miles behind where you would have been the night before, hungover, and down the money for the booze, the room and the livery costs for your horse. Thats when you know you should have ridden off into the sunset the night before. Honestly Tomb, how do you survive on your own? But its ok, I’m here for ya.

  5. At least we didn’t overpay/commit, I guess. Hey Seattle, how’s Squid Rice workin’ out for ya? Shocker:

    Peter King of reports that Rice “might not be ready to start the season” as a result of his shoulder issues and/or concussions.

  6. According to some Sports guy that was on KFAN’s morning show yesterday Ponder looks terrible and Webb. Then on dailynorseman, they say Ponder looks very good and is progressing nicely and that Webb doesn’t look good at all.
    There are many different websites saying the same thing( one website say Ponder looks good the other says Webb looks good).
    I wish they would just let the players play the game and we will see which is better.

      1. People need to get over joe webb. He is not a starting caliber nfl quarterback and will never be one all our eggs are in ponders basket, if he bombs we could have another USC alum on our offense next year in barkley.

        1. You are correct Skols. Some think there is still a QB competition, and that Joe Webb can win the job with a good camp. JJ Webb can throw 120 touchdowns, run for 60 and jump over 19 blue tackling dummies during spring training, it isn’t going to help. Webb is not now, nor EVER going to be the long term answer for this ball club at QB. He will come in as a relief pitcher from time to time as needed, but there is NO QB competition. Gardy does not view him as a starter, nor should he.

          If Chris Ponder poops himself, they will draft his replacement, not elevate Jumpin Joe Webb as the starter next year.

  7. Hey Buds –

    Are you spending most of your evenings with your bride watching the Summer Olympic Games from London? Your old pal loves the games, most of the watching is very entertaining. Freds would have to pass on beach volleyball, and anything that starts with synchronized. Freds loves the gymnastic freaks. They are clearly the best athletes in the world. Buds did you know your old pal Fragile used to be an accomplished gymnast? It’s true Buds. It really really is, no honestly, it’s true. I know what you’re thinking, that this is just Fragile somehow connecting himself to the greatest athletes in the world. Well, because you are such a skeptic, and Freds knows you are a doubting Thomas, I have attached a short video of one of Freds old floor routines. If Freds hadn’t made this very slight error, there is a good chance he would have made the games himself.

        1. That’s absolutely unacceptable and disgusting. I can’t even decide how many push-ups I would need from him for that kind of conduct. Freds, what’s becoming of things these days? I’m gettin’ darned tired of reading about this stuff.

            1. Well, yeah, but to be fair, you think stale chips, el nino, crabgrass, foot odor, murderous clowns, oily discharge, Roy Scheider’s oddly shiny face, erectile dysfunction, ingrown hairs, unsolicited crisp farts in a crowded elevator, the superfluous “p” in pneumonia, corpulent women wearing halter tops in public, the inexplicable success of Tyler Perry, the irritatingly pretentious and aloof nature of cats, Donald Trump’s unseemly combover, that stupid Canadian quarter ending up in your pocket, tramp stamps, hairy moles, single-ply toilet paper, Coach’s horrible puns, decaffeinated coffee, Mel Kiper, the introduction of Scrappy Doo to Scooby Doo (thusly watering down and destroying a fine cartoon), O’Doul’s, Justin Bieber, the Sham-Wow guy, and people using the word “emolients” in a conversational setting on Obama and Twitter.

              1. Let’s be fair. Freds never blamed “tramp stamps” or “ass antlers” on on Obama or Twitter. That, Freds blames BJohnny.

    1. Yeah, Olympics, and of course, those red-hot Twins of ours, Freds. Another big rally tonight!

      If I’m not mistaken Freds, it appears in the video that you were attempting a “double flip twisted head whammy”, and you nailed it. Sorry, but count me as still in the skeptic camp, Freds. I still visualize you finishing about fifth in that thing where the lumberjacks climb to the top of the pole, and then let go to come back down like a brick.

  8. As you can see here, Freds, on the left, did not advance to the finals, as his early lead quickly disappeared in the home stretch. He was not a particularily good sport about it, either. His pre-race trash talking came back to haunt him.

    1. By the way Buds, if Freds could climb a pole like that dude, he would be very pleased.

      Even before Freds hits the “submit comment” button, he is sorry he said anything about pole climbing.


      1. Nope, no elaboration from me.

        What a man does with his pole, is between him and his pole.

  9. The points I made were quite basic, Tomb…
    Childs may be injury prone
    Freds misused the word moral
    Freds is no gymnast
    I’m tired of athletes turning to crime

    From that I get riding into the sunset and an exhaustive list of despicableness? If it were Freds I would chalk it up to Colt 45’s. You didn’ go to work today did you Tomb. Called on “sick” I bet.