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Week 3, 2012: Niners at Vikings Game Thread

Happy Sunday morning, fellow Vikings fans. Today, we host, what many people believe to be, the number one team in the NFL at the Metrodome. It will be a tough game for the Vikings but there is never an impossible game to win in the NFL. That’s something that’s great about waking up on a Sunday morning before a game. You just know that anything is possible. (Or at least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself…)

Here are the inactives for today’s game:

Vikings: QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson, LB Erin Henderson, WR Jarius Wright, S Brandon Burton, S Robert Blanton, OL Mark Asper, DE D”Aundre Reed

49ers: WR A.J. Jenkins, RB LaMichael James, WR Ted Ginn, G Joe Looney, QB Scott Tolzien, DT Ian Williams, RB Brandon Jacobs

Enjoy the game, everyone. Still no live-chat this week but it should be coming soon as I finally got myself Sunday Ticket (Wooo!) and will no longer have to trek myself every Sunday morning across town to the “Blue Ox.” (A local Vikings bar.) Feel free to post your thoughts on the game as they come here.

Skol Vikes!

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Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson (Founder) is a passionate Viking fan hailing from Sin City, Las Vegas. He can remember, as a child, scraping his knee on the playground and his friends being completely shocked by the purple blood trickling from the wound. When Brett isn't scouring the Internet for some semblance of Vikings news, he enjoys blindly putting money on them to beat whoever their opponent may be, and daydreams about being their next Tight End. Brett graduated from UNLV with a degree in Architecture and specializes in web/graphic design; he hopes to provide this site’s visitors with the best Vikings experience on the net.

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  1. good measuring stick for our vikes and a big challenge for ponder today against a good defense

  2. Watch this game as a team in rebuilding mode vs. a team who started doing the same thing about three years ago. Alex Smith is gaining some respect, but he was no where near respected a couple years back. It takes time.

    1. And you can add Jared Allen to that description, Brett. They need to talk less and worry about their game. Uh oh. Raymond looks VERY hurt.

  3. This has been fun so far! 🙂 Look at Ponder summoning his inner Jumpin’ Joe Webb.

  4. Greg Zuerlin is perfect on the year. If you guys remember, I was pretty high on getting that guy in the draft. Was slightly disappointed when we took Walsh instead but, needless to say, BOTH rookie kickers have looked amazing. Definitely not second guessing the pick. Love me some Walsh.

    1. Hey Brett, agree with you 100% here. I haven’t followed Zuerlin so I didn’t know he was perfect, but like you said; definitely not second guessing Walsh. Rams took Janoris Jenkins in the 2nd, who I was hoping the Vikings would get. Without looking up the draft again, it seemed the Rams were picking, if not the player, then the position I wanted Minnesota to choose in most of the rounds.

  5. Man I wish they would have ran it there for a third time right up the gut on third and 2. Good punt by Kluwe there. Can’t let them get back in this one.

  6. Beautiful. This fumble should be ours… Really hoping the refs don’t screw this particular one up.

    1. Although I guess they already did by calling it ‘down by contact’ int he first place.

  7. Coach,
    Im so glad you were right! I will be so Glad to eat CROW all this week! lol…

  8. …………………There’s blood everywhere

    especially Jim Harbaugh’s rectum. What a dick, I am soooo happy he f***** himself.

    1. Well, umm, Ole I believe I at least suggested the possibility, which would technically mean I thought about it… in the technical sense, I mean.

  9. Superbowl homies!! Just kidding. This should give the boys some confidence going forward. Unlikely wins are sooo sweet.

  10. Great win, I really wasn’t giving them a chance in this one so I’m pretty pumped right now. The first fumble play by Gerhart was so ridiculous. To me there was three errors by the officials. The first obviously that Harbaugh called the timeout before trying to challenge the play so it shouldn’t have been allowed to be challenged on basis of them being out of timeouts. The second is that it was a forward progress situation which I believe is still not a challengable play which leads into the third, the whistle clearly blew before the ball was out, so even if you could review forward progress it still isn’t a fumble because the play was blown dead….then they let Harbaugh do the same thing a few minutes later on Toby’s first real fumble…they called timeout then changed their mind and were allowed to challenge. Officiating aside, I thought this was Ponder’s best game of the year. His decision making was great today, Michael Jenkins appeared to fall down on that pass that a 49er dropped towards the end of the 4th quarter and I think that was the only time he had one close to being picked off. Greenway had his best game in the last couple years too.

  11. Let’s be sure Leslie and the coaching staff get plenty of kudos for great game plans on both sides of the ball. To score 24 points on the 49ers with the wide receiving corps we have is really quite an accomplishment. 2-1 with Simpson now joining the team.

        1. Coach,
          Looking forward to Jerome joining the team,Ponder really played a smart game. Did a nice job.

    1. i’m just happy that they were running the clock out at the end of the game. les has shown some improvement so far this year, as expected

  12. YES! YES! YES!
    Important victory for the morale.
    Okey some error, but we were against SF, no?
    Ponder is awesome, Ponder+Rudolph=Stockton+Malone <3
    C'mon, next week go to Ford Field!
    (Sorry my english)

  13. Now the head referee admits he mistakenly awarded those challenges. What have I been saying about the replacement ref situation? What if that had turned this game? This multi-billion dollar operation better get their guys back on the field very, very soon. Its just a matter of time before even bigger problems surface.

    1. The regular refs screw up just as much, the only reason the backups are being scrutinized so much is because they are replacements.

  14. I have to say Frazier out coached Harbaugh in this game. This is a good sign I hope.

  15. Ponder is turning into a very, very good QB!!! Can’t wait to see what happens with Simpson back. Where is John Calsen, our free agent pickup?

  16. Linebackers looked much better without Henderson today. Josh Robinson is getting better each week.

  17. Coach this game is going to be one of those band wagon jumping on weeks. Young team, could see a lot of up and down weeks.

  18. Where the heck is ABV today?

    ………….. oh yeah …………. happy dance time ………………. nevermind

  19. The Good – Vikings win, Ponder, blocked FG, Harrison Smith, play calling by Musgrave

    The Bad – Kick off coverage, Toby’s fumbles

    The Ugly – replacement Refs, Big Johnny’s bigger sister,

    1. you do know she can twist your head off with three fingers. yup, like a bottle cap. and nope, the one with shoulders

      1. That whole “hates gay men with unicorn tattoos” thing should put the fear of god into certain bloggers who post here in Vikings Territory

      1. Harbaugh still owes him money from their days at Stanford, Charlie. I’m guessin’ it’s some bass ackwards attempt to collect on a debt owed by his former coach.

        FYI – Gerhart did not pass any of his collegiate Logic courses. Pretty sure he failed at Finance too. Still no word on the outcome of his date with Big Johnny’s bigger sister.

            1. Hey, hey, hey quit dissing big sis she has feelings you know. Ole struck out with her and feels jilted I guess, you have to get over it Ole.

              Btw what a way for Jared to break out of his slump at the end of the game. Hope that gets him back on track.

              1. I still have the scars Big Johnny. Emotionally healed. Physically? Nope.

                Thanks goodness I don’t have a Unicorn tattoo, I might be a goner

                1. Ole, she still thinks about you often but she just can’t get past the purple thong thingy. Then that Fragile guy dazzles her with sweet nothings and poisons her mind against you but he wasnt man enough for her as he couldnt cover her or tackle her. Now Fred and Toby? She needs to go hunting with Gerald Allen and see what happens

  20. Colt 45s all around!

    The boys played well today:

    Stars of the game:
    * Chad Greenways
    * Chris Ponders
    * Cheech Harvins
    * Erin Henderson ( never played better)
    * Jasper Krinkley – very active, today.

    Richards of the game:
    * Refs. Good golly man.
    * Jim Harbaugh (guy is a prick)
    * Leslie Frazier going for it on 4th and goal on the first drive. Freds knows it worked out well, but it is a bad bad call at that point in the game. Buds, you know damn well you agree.
    * Kluwe – guy is a corn hole.
    * Tony Gehrart – Huh? Come on now Tony. Freds love you man, but come on!

    Freds still thinks 5 wins. Hope he’s wrong.

      1. ha! C. Carter! Remember the old AV days. Reading peoples posts, sometimes you couldn’t tell if the Vikings won or lost.

        1. Yeah Ole…the good old days. My first blogging days, I thought a win was always a good thing back then, I was so wrong!

    1. Wow freds, I normally agree with you but I couldn’t disagree with this post much more. I’ll look at some of your players:
      Erin Henderson is still our 2nd best LB, your just upset he blew one play last week(grant it a huge play, but still 1 play)
      Jasper Brinkley: Guy is awful. I didn’t notice him much this game I’ll be honest but I did see him miss 2 tackles that is all I remember from him, so he is on my Richard list.

      Ref’s: I think they did an excellent job up until the challenge situation which they acknowledged. They were wrong but you cant change your mind in the middle of a decision so they stuck with their mistake knowing it was I commend them. (regular refs are just as bad and we will see when they come back)
      Jim Harbaugh: The guy is animated and wants to win I cant blame him too much. He comes off as a prick to opposing teams but if he were my coach I’d love him.
      Leslie Frazier: I hate the guy I think he is a hack of a coach. That said I loved the fact that he went for it on the first drive, this is 2012 not 1960 football, you need cojones to win now a days.

      Toby Gerhart: I love the guy. But CMON TOBY wtf was that. That was ridiculous he should be embarrassed. I hope he just fumbled the first time and couldnt get it out of his head and this never happens again.

      I said 3-5 wins at the start of the year now Ill give us 5-6(bears will be 1-2 wins, they suck)

      1. Brinkley played ok, not great but good. Saw him make a hell of a stop on 3rd and short, him and mighty mouse stuck Gore in his tracks.
        The scab refs sucked…all day long!!!!! From opening kickoff, when they called a block in the back on the kicking team!!!!!!! Harbaugh had to tell them they were wrong! They did an excellent job? Really? They damn near cost us the game!!!!!!!!!!! You commend them? WOW. Niners called their last time out and they gave them a challenge!!!! Twice! That is unacceptable , they are a joke!!! Have they ever read the rule book? Absolute joke.
        Harbaugh is a weenie, I’m glad he’s not our coach.
        We will win at least 8!
        Good call Coach! I wanted to agree with you…but I didn’t want to jinx us, no…really….

        Oh yeah…Saints lost…they’re 0-3, hahahahahahahahaha!

      2. I’m not alone here-

        Does the NFL even care how livid coaches, players and fans are about the situation with the officials. This has become over the top ugly.- Chip Scoggins

        Tom Pelissero-
        Well, guess what? I love the NFL. I love it. But I don’t know what I’m watching right now. My god, we’re calling technical fouls now?

        Tom Pelissero-
        The NFL’s real mistake was filling so many replacement ref spots with Russian figure skating judges.

        chip scoggins-
        I’ve actually reached the point where I feel bad for these officials. They’re completely overmatched for this stage. This is on the NFL.

        Tom Pelissero-
        The NFL’s real mistake was filling so many replacement ref spots with Russian figure skating judges.

        1. Two of the same post’s…sorry. But you get my point. It’s across the board out of hand!

  21. It was only when a light mist descended upon my arm did I then realize my window was open on my tow truck. Lost in my thoughts as I sat idling in the Players Personal Lot at the Metrodome. Big decisions do not come easily to a ma….. uh… girl in love. Was it only last week that I played “Hide the Pickle” with Fred Evans? It seems like a lifetime ago. Last night, I told a lie. Fred wanted to get together but unbeknownst to him, a new light was shining brightly upon my carefully maintained manscaping. It was love at first sight when I laid my jaundiced eyes upon his hips. I knew instantly, “He had a wide stance”. Toby!

    Whirlwind romance? What exactly does that mean? Skinny dipping in Stillwater, streaking through Loring Park, fishing for Sunnies at Ham Lake (god I love that name), then yes. I have been afflicted and have fallen for Tony. I was pleasantly surprised to discovery that the “White Rhino” is more than a nick name.

    Meanwhile, I’m waiting here in my tow truck, in the rain, hoping not to be stood up by Toby.

    BTW, who won the game?

  22. Ponder played a great game! Wonder what Trent Dilfer has to say about that?

    Who the heck is Joe Webb?

  23. Well, finnaly got internet service back. Was out all day yesterday.
    First things; SKOAL Vikings!!!!

    Second thing: I was very wrong about the Niners “Steam rolling the Vikes.
    I’m now firmly back on the band wagon.

    What a great game. I came back from an early morning bird hunt with a brace of Ptarmigan and some great work out of my new retreiver just in time to catch the game.

    I’m saying we’re going to the Superbowl… er … I mean going to win 9 games this year!

    Man! Those replacement guys looked awful.

  24. What did Antoine say to these guys this week? He channeled his inner Lombardi; I mean Grant. It seems like whatever he said the team responded. Way to go Antoine in getting this team fired up and taking some pride in your performance. Seems like whenever Antoine gets fired up they can beat any odds ( think Philly on a Tues. night). I’m really going to miss him when he retires. Hard to believe this is the same offensive line as last week. Also the same Ponder. My complaints last week: holding the ball to long, happy feet, not throwing the ball away, taking unnecessary hits most seemed corrected. I’m convinced he could be a really good quarterback. It’s a young team, so we’ll have our highs and lows this year. I thought it was a great team effort. Our draft class is stepping up as well; Kalil, Robinson, Smith, Walsh all contributed in the win. Today’s game gave me confidence in the organization. From Speilman’s draft, to the coaches, to the players. Trying not to make to much of one game, but I think it shows the organization is making strides. This year I have hope we can beat a good team (at the dome). I didn’t have that feeling last year. Here’s to what’s probably going to be a very up and down year. Skol Vikings.

  25. Stars of the game were Ponder, Rudolph, and Greenway. Check out their hairstyles. Poor performances by Allen and Gerhart. Coincidence? I dont think so. Both need to get a haircut!

    1. OK, settle down, flat top. You were right about us matching up well with the 9ers, but don’t go getting all cocky and demanding bowl cuts for everyone.

      1. Ok, if you’re not going to recognize the obvious, I’ll just let it go. Maybe Raymond’s injury was just a coincidence… or maybe he’ll come back properly shaven like Mr. Cook. We’ll see. Either way, Leslie is setting a nice example in these regards.

        1. Raymonds’s injury was hair related, eh? Yer killin’ me coach, yer killin’ me.

          …and yes, for one week, I’m not completely disgusted with Leslie…tho how much blame can be heaped upon him for putting albino rhino out so he could complete his fumble hat trick?

          I warned you that Gerhart kid was trouble from the get-go.

  26. …and if Peterson had gotten hurt in those pile-ups, Denzel would have been tarred and feathered. Thats on the player not the coach, regardless of what Daryl Johnston says.

    1. So, were YOU making the calls, you would have still thrown Gerhart in there after the 2nd fumble? This isn’t preseason. Wins actually matter.

      I’m not saying it had to be Peterson, seems like we have more than two RB’s…or even fullbacks?

  27. I didn’t have much of a problem with them keeping Toby in there. Adrian doesn’t know when to go down and the 49ers were doing everything possible to keep the ball carrier up and strip it. Coming off the injury that he is I think it was a good idea to keep him out. I was hoping he’ld get a couple more carries to see if he could pop one to get over 100 yds, but there was nothing there for running lanes. They had no reason to think Toby would fumble the ball 3 times in 4 carries (and lets keep in mind the first one was complete bullshit)…I mean seriously, who the hell fumbles the ball that many times? He hasn’t been the most sure handed ball carrier in the past, but in that situation I never would have dreamed he’ld let one get away from him. Now that it’s happened and he’s shown that he can let the first one get into his head I’ld be hesitant to throw him out there in the future, but I don’t blame Frazier for sticking with him after AD had 25 carries worth of pounding on his body already.

    1. …but, again, is there anybody else on the team besides those two who could’ve been handed the rock, and who’s job was basically DON’T FUMBLE. I didn’t say it should be AD…but after fumble number 2, there isn’t a prayer I would have put him back on the field.

      1. Hey Charlie!
        The Seattle D-Line is just abusing Mr.Rodgers….8 sacks in the 1st half!

  28. The fact the the phockers totally got jobbed makes it that much sweeter…much happy!

  29. Ha! The replacement refs didn’t know that the packers are supposed to get those calls

    It was inevitable that the Vikes would sooner or later benefit from these jokers.

  30. Un-freakin-believable! Hahahahaha….
    Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of people!!!

    Wow…this is crazy.

  31. This is crazy, they are interviewing Pete Carroll and the game isn’t officially over.

    Guess who’s gonna settle with the real refs? Suck on this Goodell

  32. This is a great way to get the real refs back. Packers go back to last place. They were screwed…big time!

  33. That was an interception Ole. All you can do is laugh, unless of course you’re a Packer…


    packers – LAST PLACE NFC NORTH

    gotta enjoy it while we can

  35. The only way that ‘Hawk/Packer game could have ended any better is if the Cowboys would have been on the receiving end. Packers get robbed! Priceless!

    1. I can top that Fran

      packers play the cowboys ………………………………………………………………. no survivors ………..

      …… “ever again”

      Drew Pearson Pushed Off – Never Forget

  36. I wasn’t going to have a beer tonight…now…oh yeah!

    Colt 45’s all around! Or maybe scotch for you Fran…

        1. it’s six, the sun is going down. It’s 1 p.m tomorrow in Japan if that counts

          What part of Cali are you from? Mrs Ole grew up there.

  37. i said this about a month ago on another site, but it’s coming true, 2012 phackers = 2010 vikings

  38. I was still working, what happened earlier? Did one of the packer WR get kicked out?

    I missed it, but the announcers mentioned something. Can anyone clue me in?

    1. Don’t remember anyone gettin’ the boot. G.Jennings and some Hawk DB got into it tho. Offsetting penalties…

  39. this was inevitable. they gotta settle it now. if they don’t it’ll just happen again. regular refs suck, too, but this is baaaaaaad