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Vikings Release Statement On Cook

Following the news that cornerback Chris Cook was found “not guilty” on all charges he faced, the Vikings released the following statement.

We respect the legal process and the decision regarding Chris Cook. We have also thoroughly considered Chris’ situation and how he has approached this matter.  We will meet with Chris in the near future and believe he deserves the opportunity to rejoin our organization.

The team seems to be saying that the verdict is not their sole basis for making a decision regarding Cook’s future with the team, but they also seem to indicate that he will be welcomed back.

One can’t help but wonder what the referenced meeting will entail.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I say based what is left on the FA market for CB’s, the Vikes will welcome him back with open arms. Hopefully, being on the wrong side of a jail cell, will make him grow up and realize how lucky he really is.

  2. He didn’t seem to learn from the gun charge he had on him last year, no reason to think he will grow up from this either. His lesson learned was that if you have money, you don’t have to follow rules…or laws for that matter.

    Time will tell about Cook,

    We learned a great deal about the Vikes today. They lowered the bar of right and wrong for the organizaiton , this will come back to bite them.

    1. I don’t know how much lower the bar can be lowered. Since 2000, the Vikings are the most arrested team in the NFL. 1 more arrest than the Bengals. Got stats to prove it:

      NFL Player Arrests by Team

      36 – Minnesota
      35 – Cincinnati
      32 – Denver
      30 – Tennessee
      26 – Kansas City
      25 – Chargers
      25 – Jacksonville
      25 – Miami
      24 – Tampa Bay
      22 – Cleveland
      22 – Indianapolis
      19 – Chicago
      19 – New Orleans
      17 – Pittsburgh
      17 – Washington
      16 – Baltimore
      16 – Carolina
      16 – Green Bay
      16 – Seattle
      15 – Oakland
      14 – Atlanta
      14 – Buffalo
      12 – New England
      11 – Dallas
      11 – N.Y. Giants
      10 – Philadelphia
      9 – Arizona
      9 – Houston
      9 – San Francisco
      8 – N.Y. Jets
      7 – Detroit
      7 – St. Louis

      Vikings players now have twice as many as many arrests as the league average over this time frame.

  3. So none of you have ever done anything wrong?????? And we need a shutdown CB. Remember how he shit down those big receivers before this happened. He was becoming a stud corner. This pro sports, not your next door neighbor.