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Playoff Game #1: Open Thread

Well, Brett and I are still trying to figure things out with our live chat problems (something other than, you know, parting with money), so we’re going to bank on having a playoff game to live chat during and provide you with an open thread for this “playoff” game.

Enjoy the game everyone.  Stay calm, don’t overreact, don’t cuss, don’t throw things, don’t call for people to lose their jobs, and don’t hurt your back jumping up and down.

Oh, and do as I say, not as I do.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Win our lose we went farther than 99% of people expected this year, so congrats to the players and coaches(even Ponder Frazier and Musgrave). Speilman knocked this draft out of the park. That said, Go Vikings!

  2. Walsh! What a difference 10 yards of added range can make… Vikings offense has benefited so much from having this guy lining up instead of Longwell.

    1. Regardless of what these jokers on TV think, moving Ponder around so much is a bad move. He loses vision and accuracy, and the O-Line isn’t built to protect him while sliding… they do alright protecting the pocket.

      Nice Toby!

  3. What an animal. Gives me goosebumps watching this guy run. Keep feeding him… the lead is built.

  4. For all you negative nellies…yeah boy. How do you like Ponder now? That boy can REALLY hand it off!

  5. Another three and out! Wow… the D is playing great football and are keeping themselves fresh by getting off the field.

  6. Anyone else notice that Ponder was busy checking on Peterson there instead of worrying about the 3rd down pass coming up? He knows his priorities, haha.

    Another third down pass short of the chains.

  7. Second week in a row that Rudolph is behind the LOS… running the wrong way… and gets the target. Glad he dropped it.

  8. Ugh, that was a pair of bad throws from Ponder… I really do root for the guy.

    This special teams coverage unit is killing us today.

  9. Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. Hey at least we can now look forward to a two minute drill… which has been SO successful for us this year.

  10. Someone told me just as I got to town that it looked like Fox was going to have the game on TV afterall, so I drove all the way back home and it’s not on, so here I am watching it on a live feed here at home. Pretty good feed so far.
    AND HOW ABOUT THOSE VIKINGS! As I type, it’s 20-10 halftime.
    What a game, what a defense, what a RB, what a QB.. . . . . .What?! Did I just say that?

    I’m going to go back to the game afterhalf time and not be here much during the game cuz it’s just so hard to watch it on my computer and keep flipping back and forth, so see you guys after the BLOWOUT!

  11. Who else’s stomach is in a knot?! Good first half but can’t help but feel they got the momentum. Let’s go Vikes!

  12. McCarthy complaining about the offficials at the half. Do you think he could spot the ball quicker?

  13. Gotta stop running that slant where 7 stares down the WR from the moment the ball is snapped.

  14. Nevermind, I would rather be on here than watch them walk up and down the field on us. So annoyed.

  15. He can’t throw that challege flag! Should be a penalty and result in no review!

  16. win or lose, it’s a shame to have so little cofidence in your QB after 2 yrs to have no plays to call other than that…

  17. Wow… I can’t remember the last time I saw so many balls bounce the Vikings way. That is awesome!

  18. Woo Hoo! What a freakin’ nailbiter…the 9 yards short is too bad, but I’ll most definitely take the victory.

    Serve me up some crow, I deserve it…congrats to you optimists in the bunch…=>

  19. Unreal. we’re in the freaking playoffs. Too bad AD didn’t get the record. I was almost hoping it would go to OT, so AD would have another set of downs.
    Worried about losing Winfield cuz Shearls may be a heck of a ST player but he sucks at Corner.

    Ponder, how do you feel about him? Clean game, no INT’s but still looks awful at times.

    1. very good for ponder. no TOs, we had to have at least that, and he had his best game in a long time

      winfield might just need more time to heal, like a week and some cortizone

      1. I sure like that perfectly thrown long ball to Wright. I think it was the only deep ball he threw but it was right on the money. Hopefully he gets it going because if not, Packers will eat us alive in Lambeau. We need Ponder to have not just a decent, well managed game, but for the first time in his career, a GREAT game. Haven’t seen one yet. Next weekend would be good timing for one.

    2. I would say Ponder was less sucky than normal, even made some key plays.

      Progress? I sure hope so, but am not even close to sold on the guy.

      1. Man I sure hope so. If Winfield is a no-go and Smith too, Rodgers will tear us a new one.

  20. By the way, I predicted Watt and Smith would both break the sack record. They didn’t.

    I predicted we wouldn’t make the playoffs. We did.

    So I’ll take some credit for helping, as clearly the gods like it when I’m wrong. You’re welcome!

          1. Oh… that’s right. Silly me… I had completely forgotten about that prediction that “… we will not, I repeat NOT, make the playoffs…” or something like that. And what was that nickname you had for me again? … let’s see… oh, yeah… Pollyanna. Nice.

            1. OH fine, you can call me Mrs. Habadasher for the rest of the week if it makes you feel better.

                1. I cracked out my RARELY worn Joey Browner jersey just for today, by the way. So you know I meant business.

        1. Ya think!? That’s the best you can do Coach.
          Gee AD had a decent year running the ball too.

          1. Here’s what amazes me, Fran. By the time this game ended, we had no Harvin, no Winfield, no Robinson. We have GOT to give some credit to this coaching staff for finishing this season with two wins over highly seeded playoff teams. Amazing.

            1. Absolutely, no question Coach. The coaching staff has now coached 2 great games in row and I have renewed confidence in Frazier. Hopefully Ponder will get some help in the off season in the way of a legit #1WR and Musgrave can up his ante a bit on play calling.
              Yep, we may have a QB and coaching staff. No matter what happens next weekend, I’m real excited about next year.
              Our defense took a hit with Winfield today and I sure hope Harrison is ok.
              But Man, I AM STOKED!

            2. Agreed that the coaching is improving. Frazier is, for all intents and purposes, a rookie at his position. Nice to see he is improving.

      1. Oh heavens no. You got that thing in the bag. You have Tomb’s guarantee you win it.

        (misery loves company)

  21. partly cloudy, high of 25 sunday in gb

    what a gift after last year


    1. Hope that forecast holds up but it’s goingto be real tough getting a win there even if it was 70 degrees and played on turf.

  22. Even tho AD didnt break the rushing record I’ll bet he broke the record for most broken tackles and yards after contact. This game may have won AD the MVP which would be a little consolation at least.

    1. I never looked it up, but I’d be REAL surprised if AD didn’t have the YAC record. What a privelage to be able to watch him play the game of football.

      1. Where do find something like that?
        I wish that ahole Williams of the Pack would have been ejected after that cheap shot to Simpsons head, Simpson had just come back in from concussion test and the bastard punches him in the head. Hope he gets a HUGE fine.

        1. Don’t know about the final stats, but BEFORE this weekend’s games, it looked like this (which is freaking amazing for Peterson):

          In at least one regard, Tampa Bay rookie running back Doug Martin is the closest thing to Adrian Peterson.

          According to ESPN Stats & Information, Martin ranks No. 2 in the league in yards after contact with 614. Peterson, who is being talked about as a Most Valuable Player candidate, leads the league with 932 yards after contact.

          Washington’s Alfred Morris is third with 576 yards, Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch is fourth with 525 yards, and St. Louis’ Steven Jackson is fifth with 476 yards.

          The other NFC South running backs haven’t fared well in this category. Atlanta’s Michael Turner has 370 yards. New Orleans’ Mark Ingram has 276 and Carolina’s DeAngelo Williams has 214.

        2. I’m not sure where you find those records but I’ll bet Brett or Adam know. . .

    2. He had to have Johnny. Yep Fran I am all worn out just watchin him. And the game goin down to the last second didn’t help. CRAZY. Never would have thought Vikes could win a game like that. This ranks very hi on the best games I’ve ever seen.

      1. Definately one of the best Viking/Packer games I’ve seen (And I’ve seen them ALL)
        I’m wore out but pumped for next weekend. When do we play by the way, Saturday or Sunday?

                1. Come to Oregon, and look for the 10 foot TV! (projector) I’ll be crackin’ it out next weekend.

        1. I suspect alot of hangovers from a whole bunch of us Monday morning.
          Poor Freds and ABV have to be worn out these last few weeks of happy dances.

  23. Off topic, but did anybody else see this today? The never before seen Hynocerus TD celebration. It’s similar to how I imagine Coach celebrated today’s victory.

    1. Lol Tomb that’s pretty awsome. Now if you can find the video of Coach doing that, priceless.

      1. Let me save you the trouble – it ain’t out there. When you score a touchdown, you hand the football to the nearest referee and return to your sideline. If you would like to thank a lineman for the block that sprung you, a pat to their back is OK.

        1. Oh come on Coach be honest there had to be a few times today you felt like dancing the jig?

          1. Yes, I was pleased. Very happy for Leslie, AD, Ponder, Musgrave. This is a team, and an offense, to be reckoned with. Green Bay has the edge next week, but the Packer defense now has it firmly planted in their minds that they did very little to stop the Vikings today, including the final drive.

            I didn’t notice… was Raji waving his finger at anyone on that last run by AD? What a hot dog.

            1. Wasn’t that awesome? Raji celebrating that they held AD to just over 400 yards on the ground in two games.

              Since he started it, I’ll say that his head is too small for his body, and he looks weird. Take that Raji…and by the way, why do they call you BJ? Joe Buck wants to know.

    2. I think he was just clearing his nose. If not, that was the weirdest celebration I’ve ever seen.
      (The best was Moss mooning the Pucker fans)

        1. I hope so. Of course if it was Troy clearing his nose, Joe would be right there, saving it on his hanky.
          The guy creeps me out with those long, loving looks he gives Troy, while Troy is speaking. Always seems to be looking at his lips. . .Creepy dude.

  24. Did you guys hear all the subtle little jabs Buck taking at the Vikes? One time he said “if the Vikings make the playoffs it would be their 4th in 12 years…”
    Why put it like that? How bout 3 in last 5….

      1. Look up douchepickle on the internet, and I’m guessing you’ll see pictures of Joe Buck doing much more disgusting acts than a fake moon.

  25. Well I gotta’ go fire up the Kubota and get some snow/slush off the driveway so the Misses can get to work in the morning. Talk with you guys later.

    1. Yeah, Kubota that sucker Fran. I gotta get busy too. Get things done and watch the Cowbutts Skins sweat it out. I will be up late tho, will have to have that celebratory beer. Maybe two or three……hahahahaha.

  26. And the slopper fest over Rodgers and the whole GB organization….”2nd and twenty doesn’t scare them.”….
    Blah, blah BS! Glad he won’t be there next week.

    1. It cracked me up, when we were in the redzone, and were penalized, one of the retard twins said “no longer Adrian Peterson territory here now,” or something like that.

      Yeah, Peterson never rips off 15 yard runs, huh? Those knob goblins are insufferable to listen to.

  27. The frustrating aspect of this game was the return to the dumb penalties. Brinkley, Loadholt, those could have been game-changing events. It was clearly costly to us trying to maintain the momentum in the game. They will be having extensive conversations with Leslie, I have no doubt.

    And what is the final verdict? Should the review of the goal line play have been allowed or not? It sure cost Rodgers his composure, wow.

    1. The whole “not being allowed to be reviewed” thing is absolutely absurd. HOWEVER, if you strictly follow the rules, it should not have been able to be reviewed. Vikings ball.

      1. Ref said he couldn’t tell which came 1st, the Mcarthys challenge or the replay buzz….
        I don’t get it, and ain’t buying that BS. I’m thinking…What the hell difference does it make? The play gets reviewed no matter what, it was ruled a turnover. It does not matter when the coach throws the flag! It should’ve been Viking ball.
        Love Denzels comment when asked if he believed the explanation-
        … Did I believe it? It is what it is. Vikings won. That’s all that counts. We’re in the playoffs.”
        BOOM baby!

      1. Beautiful. Norv Turner out. Andy Ried out. Leslie Frazier will get Coach of the Year votes. How would that prediction have looked in September?

        1. Would have been laughable at best, but now, yeah…plausible.

          Having said that, without AD, where would we be?

          1. Where would we be without AD? Oh, about the same place as the Patriots without Brady, the Packers without Rodgers, the Redskins without RG III, the Colts without Luck… It just so happens that our “ace” is a RB instead of a QB.

            1. True, without Brady, with Cassell at QB, they were a paltry 11-5…thank goodness Brady came back the following year and boosted them to 10-6.

              Yeah I’m being a smartass…=>

              Frasier deserves props, and I gave him some.

              1. Duly noted, thanks Tomb. Did you notice how Leslie “lost it” after the game? Big smile… two arms in the air… one of his hands clinched into a fist… he needs to get himself under control. The smile is fine, but the rest of that stuff…. no.

                1. …agreed. No place in the game for that kind of outburst. A slight up-curling of the corners of the lips is more than enough.

                  1. Exactly. Can you see Leslie doing Allen’s “calf rope”?

                    Speaking of Jared, where was he today? One sack and take the day off?

                  2. with about four minutes left in the second qtr., they had a shot of les and he looked intense. that’s about all ya get with him. it’s cool

    1. The writing has been on the wall for a long time. Andy really seems like one of the good guys to me. Best of luck to him in his next gig.

        1. Yeah, WTF…WTF! I don’t think there are any idiots here. At least in there current stage of life.

            1. Welcome to the club, apparently. The guy who hates Speilman said so. Understandable, though…what a horrid draft for him last year, huh?

      1. Ha! No…please.
        WTF is right though, Ponder played pretty well. That 3rd and 11…the long pass to J.Wright (who looks like a good little player) , the TD to Jenkins….3 TD passes.
        Deserves some love. Just not from Buck, from Tomb maybe….

        1. yeah, well, that’s called a joke, albeit not a very good one, and ya hafta have a sense of humor to appreciate it
          i’ve given ponder credit all along when he’s deserved it

    1. what an amazing season. congrats vikes!

      it’s so good to see ponder play like this, hope for the future

      1. Cal,
        Who even thought Adrian would be going for the record! Let alone play the way he did. Or to lose Percy and still make it to the playoffs…
        Agreed Way to go Vikings!

  28. All in all a great day, Vikes beat Pack, knock Bears out and Dallas goes home crying in their beer. Doesnt get much better than that.