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No Trades For The Vikings

Well, the trade deadline came and went and was predictably uneventful for Vikings fans.

Despite speculation and hopes that the team would spring for a new toy before facing the second half of the 2012 season, the Vikings did not make any last minute trades on Thursday.

As of right now, Chris Cook’s roster spot remains vacant, and which ever player fills it will have to come off of the street or the practice squad.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Aqib Talib is now a Patriot. That was the only trade at the deadline, Pats sent a 4th rounder to the Bucs for Talib and a 7th rounder. The Lions got Mike Thomas from the Jags earlier in the week. Jags than grabbed Armstrong off waviers from Miami, so there were a couple receivers out there the Vikes could have looked into. I do wonder if the Vikes may have been checking into Talib and that’s why Frasier was a little coy at his last press conference.

  2. “Aqib Talib is now a Patriot.” Political irony anyone?

    (I’m sorry, but being old and all… was that inappropriate in any way? No ill will wished upon anyone.)

    1. No irony here Coach.
      With the roster so stacked at all positions why would they want to trade? Sarcasm intended. It was a long shot that they would do anything, dont want to give draft picks away at this point.

  3. Makes my “political irony” comment suddenly seem much less offensive. Perhaps “not an upgrade” would have sufficed as a position to take on the matter.

  4. Coulda been worse…if he’ld been traded to New Orleans I would have been calling the guy a Saint while he was still serving a suspension….

  5. big surprise our idiotic gm, didnt try to pull something…god forbid we try to strengthen our roster….we must have the strongest roster in the league…for him to never do anything pathetic..

  6. nfl trade deadline, even moved back, is still a non-event. 2 trades, pffft

    be a tough and loyal vikings fan. 8 games left. enjoy them. maybe we can beat the bears or the phackers

  7. I’ll get killed for this but the way Emerson Griffin plays when he gets on the field, just think what we could have gotten for Jared Allen in a trade.
    (And none of those WR’s with the funny sounding names)

    1. Fran, was it you that was also saying we should trade Peterson, or was that someone else?

      I have four words for you: That’s crazy.

      1. Yep, just call me crazy.
        How many times have you heard in the last 2-3 seasons that the NFL is now a “Passing League”?
        And we have no QB (Apparently) and other than Harvin, no WR’s.

        Call me crazy but I’d like to see us catch up with the rest of the league, sooner than later, and get competitive. We’re not going to do it thru the draft or FA, so let’s trade!

        I’ll admit my age probaby has more to do with this crazy thinkng than anything else, as I’ve been along on this ride since it’s inception, 1961. I would support ANYTHING that gets us a championship, even trading our best palyers if needed.

  8. I talked to some folks at Winter Park regarding the fact that we made no moves to upgrade the roster prior to the trade deadline. Turns out ,no other GM was interested in downgrading their roster.