New Kicker Delivers A Zinger

I don’t have much to say about this other than it is one the best things I have read at Access Vikings in about two years, and one of the better quotes from training camp so far.

Here is what Mark Craig wrote in a recent notebook-style post on the first day in Mankato:

Rookie kicker Blair Walsh has yet to prove his confidence on the field. But he’s nailing it when it comes to answering pesky reporters who want to nag him about replacing a steady longtime NFL veteran (Ryan Longwell) a year after missing 14 of 35 field goal attempts at the University of Georgia. “[Longwell] was a big part of the organization and I wish him the best in the future. But I’m here to work and get better each and every day … and move on.” Yeah, but what about the nerves? “I can’t think of it that way. I just have to think about having fun out there and doing what I’ve been doing since my freshman year in high school.” Yeah, but what about all the pesky reporters and possibly teammates who will be judging your every move? “It’s not that big a deal,” Walsh said. “You’re an NFL player and if people want to look at you and see how you’re doing, that’s fine with me. That’s part of the job description. I’m looking forward to it.” Yeah, but what’s the biggest adjustment for you? “Getting used to questions from you guys,” said Walsh, calmly and with a smile.

Well done, young man.  Well done.